The Return

You know what’s awesome?  Being away from the Southern heat for ten days.  After a brief respite where I wore both pants and long-sleeved things (though, don’t worry, I didn’t take a single outfit picture to commemorate this), I’m back in the trenches of the blazing North American heat that many of you are currently “enjoying.”  Though I do derive some small comfort from others suffering through just a few days of that which I get for five months out of the year.  Schadenfreude over.

These outfit pictures today come from before my trip.

Cardi: Gap Outlet; Cement-colored tank: Loft Outlet; Blue mullet skirt: Target; Black patent Birkenstocks

This is the blue version of my mullet skirt.  It was way too hot for a cardigan but this tank is both a touch of a neckline offender and, because it’s basically the same color as me, can appear pretty naked-y up top.  I believe I was going on campus that day so the cardi helped make the outfit less of a problem.  Because, clearly, just changing my shirt wasn’t an option.

I’m not usually a wearer of multiple different tones of the same color but, I have to say, I liked this pairing.  The light dove grey between the two certainly helped too.

Like I said above, I didn’t take any outfit photos while on my travels but I do have the following partial, not-super-flattering-when-cropped photos that give a reasonable snapshot of my trip.  Not coincidentally, both are wine-related.

Sweater: Gap; Jeans: Old Navy; Tan striped & be-sequined shirt: Joe Fresh; Sneakers: Grey Chucks; Faux-leather messenger bag: Jo’s Totes (it’s also a camera bag); Giant bottle of wine: sadly not brought home with me. Also, it’s made of stone.

This one’s in Oslo.

Shirt: Old Navy; Awesome infinity scarf with birds on it: somewhere in Berlin that I can’t remember

This is from Paris, right before some fabulous steak frites and, even later, a pretty amazing pistachio creme brulee.

How’re your summers going so far?

14 thoughts on “The Return

  1. I’m surprised that a big Team Color supporter like yourself hasn’t done tonal color blocking before! I love the look of it, in blues like you’ve done, and also with pinks/reds.

    The wine shots are nice, but I’m confused – where’s the box that it came out of?

    And I think the difference between your ridiculously hot summer (spring/fall, whatevs) weather and ours is that the south is equipped with much more central a/c than we have up here. I haven’t had central air in 6 years, which is not so fun when it gets crazy hot here.

    • I’m surprised too! Though I think it’s that my brain is convinced that two, non-identical versions of the same color don’t quite match. Clearly, it’s not fully indoctrinated by the Clinton & Stacy mantra of things “going,” rather than “matching.”

      Europeans are fancy like that — no boxes for their wine! And your totally right about the hot weather infrastructure. Here, everything is geared towards insane-o heat so it makes it way more workable!

  2. I love the blue-on-blue action you’ve got going on here. Plus it’s important not to appear naked at work. I’m pretty sure that’s why we started this blog: to make sure professors don’t appear naked at work. Kudos.

    • The weird thing about the tank is that it’s not particularly naked — but because of its color on me (and, seriously?, why is a human the same color as cement?? Stupid Northern European genes) it looks like less than it is. But, I agree, it is important not to appear naked at work.

  3. Looking good, wine-drinking-globe-trotting-E-Jo! I, too, enjoy the mixing of blue tones in the first ensemble.

    Also, I am consumed with envy over your Paris/Oslo jaunt.

    Finally, excellent use of “Schadenfreude” and “naked-y” in a single post.

    • I do what I can! Also, thanks! Clearly, the tone-on-tone color blocking is working for everyone and I should probably try to do such a thing again.

      • It really is an excellent use of both of those terms. Also of the blue. And I understand your naked pain. I found a dress. I love the dress. I did not buy the dress because it was the exact same color as my skin. But you know, if it did not make me look like I was trying to get cast as, say, Eve, it would have been so flattering. So nice job with your cardigan work around!

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