Polka Dots & Cardigans

In a shocking change of pace, I’m blogging the outfit that I wore today.  In the ongoing bid to get stuff done in the month before the term starts, I’m apparently also including “take outfit photos” and “blog about them in a timely fashion.”  We’ll see how long THIS lasts.

In fact, this is an outfit chosen in direct response to the exigencies of coffee shop work marathons: ie. they’re freezing, so bring a cardi.  I felt a bit strange pulling one out this morning given the blazing heat, but, after a week of work-related hypothermia, I learned my lesson.  I can only explain the length of time I needed to learn this particular lesson by the fact that I’m generally overheated in most situations so I was in a state of disbelief.

Cardi: Old Navy; Dress & leggings: Target; Birkenstocks

I got this dress on sale just before I left on my trip and I’m kind of in love with it.  It’s hard to see in the pictures (the following one is a little better on this front) but it’s got a faux wrap panel on the bottom half which jazzes the whole thing up a bit.  It’s a touch short for sitting around, working, but leggings fix that pretty readily.  And, in a different context, the length would be fine.  I’m planning, also, to stitch together the top about an inch higher so I’ll fidget with it less.

Also in this picture, which features a new photo location: my bedroom, is the chair I painted months ago and made wild promises about pictures.  It’s a pretty basic Ikea chair I bought through Craigslist.  The frame was initially a light birch but, as a team Color member, that seemed a bit dull.  So it’s coral now!  Thrilling story, no?  This picture is also a touch misleading as the chair is generally covered in clothes, with a small smooth dog burrowed underneath them.

Any new (to you or otherwise) and fun house decor purchases that provide excellent photo posing possibilities?  (To be clear, the poses above are the extent to which I’m making use of the chair as a prop.  Pictures taken while seated seem far too unflattering for my degree of vanity.)


12 thoughts on “Polka Dots & Cardigans

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  2. Ooh I love this dress! I kept seeing it at Target, but was under a slight shopping ban so I never let myself buy it. So I’ll envy it from afar. Love it with the cardi and leggings!

    I’m still excited about my new-ish porch for photo posing, so I haven’t even considered indoor locations. I think the inside of my apartment might be a bit too cluttered and oddly lit for that. But nice work with the coral chair!

    • I had been doing the same thing with the dress and then it was $10 so I couldn’t resist it any longer! I’m looking forward to it with tights in the fall.

      You’ve got such a great location in that porch so it would be hard to change it up! My outdoor space is pretty unphotogenic and my indoors is reasonably bright so that makes the choice easy for me.

  3. Coolest new home decor item? The Geography Department was throwing out a bunch of old classroom maps and I scored a German map of the world showing atmospheric perils (atmospharische gefahren). It’s hanging in my kitchen so I can learn German and geography while I eat breakfast. It’s awesome. Plus I stole it from the garbage.

    And I too love your chair–nice DIY, Team Colour. And your polka dots. That wrap neckline is so flattering and so perilous at the same time. Love this outfit. You do casual-professional so well.

    • Ohmigod. Add that map to the (long) list of home decor items you have that I covet. Though I’ve got dibs on this map from the 50s that my dad has in his office, so, someday, I’ll have a cool map of my own.

      Thanks! Again, once I actually get around to that very, very small amount of sewing, the neckline should be significantly less perilous. Though, really, it’s not that bad — it’s only perilous when I’m hunched over a table, editing.

  4. wooHOO! That chair is fantastic! I am excited to learn more about decorating under your able tutelage. (p.s. I seriously love the decorating savvy of all of our key players.)

    Also, I am loving the chair as photo-prop for your sweet dotted dress. Polka dots are the new/old awesome, no? As they’re a great neutral for big splashes of colour, I am not surprised that you have embraced them.

    • The key (you might even say only) technique I have to offer is painting. But, I agree, the key players are certainly a decorating savvy crew.

      Polka dots are pretty awesome. I also just bought a rad polka dot cardi that I’m looking forward to wearing the crap out of in the fall. Plus, they help break up the ridiculous amount of stripes I own.

  5. As I am moving, everything will be (sort of) new, in that I am moving back to a place that the blog already knows. But it will have some new color and furniture!

    • When I moved down here, I had a six week period between packing up my stuff and receiving it, so it was like a fun discovery when I opened my boxes and remembered that I liked the things that I had. So hopefully it’s the same experience for you!! But, also, yay for some new color & furniture to add some novelty!

    • Thanks Terri! The remodel was pretty straightforward but packed a big punch. In the future I might try my hand at recovering the cushions.

      I quite like a faux wrap panel, as it has the pizzazz of a wrap dress but with little of the streaker possibilities.

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