I don’t have much to offer you lovely people today as summer continues apace here with its pattern of working and complaining about the heat moving along nicely.  As I mentioned in my last post, I’ve gotten into a nice little work routine where I meet up with friends to work in coffee shops in the afternoon.  Working with other people helpfully shames me into getting far more work done than I do on my own.  Shame, as always, continues to be my greatest and most effective motivator.

Alongside this work routine, I’ve developed a bit of a uniform.  See if you can tell its constituent parts in the following:

Exhibit A:

White t: Old Navy; Brown shorts: Target; Striped scarf: Joe; Black patent Birkenstocks

Exhibit B:

top and shoes: as above; Brown pants & scarf: Old Navy

These shirts are the Old Navy ones that Ally at Wardrobe Oxygen mentioned a couple of months ago and I’m, more or less, obsessed with them.  I think I’ve got six in a pretty regular rotation right now.  I’ve been wearing them A LOT with the cotton pants in the bottom picture — you guys know how much I love an Old Navy cotton casual pant — which I also have in a khaki color.  The pants are good for the freezing coffee shops but light enough that I don’t collapse from heat stroke the minute I go outside.  This makes for comfortable outfits, but not exactly the most visually thrilling ones.  And, if I’m being honest, the outfit is frequently sans scarf.  It’s a thrilling life I lead here.

Anyone else got a style uniform they develop in extreme temperatures?  Or during periods of non-stop work?

22 thoughts on “Repetition

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  3. Clean, crisp, chic, awesome hot-hot uniform.

    I recently went through a two-week uniform phase that combined hot weather with a need to cover both my lower legs and uppermost back. Yeah. Sweaty.

    If we call a uniform a capsule wardrobe, does that change its vibe?

  4. Hmmm, something looks similar in each picture, but I can’t quite put my finger on it…

    I love these t-shirts too! I just stocked up on more while getting some fall stuff, since they’re so comfy. Though I’m a little amused that you’re wearing scarves while it’s still hot out – I haven’t worn a scarf yet because it feels too warm for them still, and it’s been in the low 70’s all week.

    • I know, right? The similarities are so so subtle…

      Why does it not at all surprise me that we’ve both stocked up on these? I think they’ll also be good layering pieces in the fall/ winter. (I feel like I’m verging on an ad for Old Navy. Though… if they want to send me free stuff, I’m all in!). Yeah, the scarves are only because the a/c at my coffee shop of choice is out of control. When I’m not there, then there’s no scarves. Though that also means that my uniform is super unexciting.

      • Ah, that makes more sense. I’d opt for a cardigan there, but it’s probably too hot for that even in an air conditioned coffee shop. And I’ve sort of taken a break from Old Navy in the past few years, with the exception of basics like these tees, but I really love a lot of their fall collection right now. So if anyone is reading this, I’ll take the free stuff too.

    • I really really like these shirts and have gotten a ton of wear out of them this summer. I also only have the v-necks — they have been pilling but only a little bit, definitely manageable with a de-fuzzer!

  5. I have this t-shirt, in a crew neck version, and, while I like the fit and the colour (mine’s grey), it pilled completely after I washed it once. It was only $9 but if after one wear it becomes unwearable (for me), then that is too expensive. I think Old Navy and I are breaking up. Luckily Joe Fresh is there to fill the void. And Joe Fresh t-shirts are pretty indestructible, unless red wine is involved, which it usually is.

    • Ah. I love Old Navy with a love that will never be broken — also it is, more or less, the only shopping option locally. No Joe Fresh, alas. Though, I find that Joe stuff tends to shrink up which I find more annoying than the pilling. And, yes, these shirts are pilling but not to the extent that I find them unwearable (though I suspect my standards on this front are considerably more lax than yours). One thing that helps, for me, is that the cotton is heathered to begin with so the pilling is substantially less noticeable.

  6. Ha! I was just going to post about my uniform, but you beat me to the punch today. I’ll chime in later this week.

    In the mean time, I enjoy your uniform. It’s simplicity and casual style would seem to assist in the building of a workable process of getting $hit done.

    Finally, and most importantly, Rinty the Crusher is coming to my city next week. Probably you should mosey north as well. ‘Just sayin’.

    • Sorry to have jumped in line — but I was reading a book that was infuriating me and so I needed the welcome relief of anything else. Looking forward to your uniform.

      I’m pretty pleased with the process — though it’s been a bit derailed yesterday and today by being so hot that I don’t want to move at. all.

      Also, I’m super jealous of a A-Dubs & Rinty summit but, since airlines seem insistent on being paid for tickets, I don’t think I’ll be able to make it.

      • There’s no line, so you didn’t jump anything. Also, that more than one of us has time and energy to post in a week is a thing worth celebrating here at IPF. How did it all get so crazy all of a sudden?

        Also, about the heat: dude.

        And finally, about the travel: I know, right? If Rinty weren’t coming here, I totally couldn’t afford any more summits this summer.

        • Jealous of summit!

          My own breakup with Old Navy is proving hard to maintain. Why is a simple awesome non-crap tee shirt such an elusive item?

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