22 thoughts on “Headsuit Remodeled

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  2. Lovely. Also, I’m pretty sure me and all the other awesome people shall be rocking out in the special place while the rest of you prim suckers are getting poked with red pitch forks and such.

      • Can you not see it as dedication to future scholars? What if I started putting my initials after? Also, it used to be comments/notes to self, but now I use stickies and only put tiny pencil check marks and brackets. Sometimes I even erase most of them before returning the book.

        • But that is precisely my point. You can’t write comments or notes to yourself in a book that doesn’t belong to you, in a book that by definition belongs to everyone. Other people’s comments become noise and distraction for the next reader and public nature of the library book expects (nay, demands) that each reader respect the one coming after.

          Post-it notes are okay. And pencil marks, if they get erased, are okay too.

          Also, the mss I look at are privately owned, not library books. Don’t even get me started on monks’ glosses … (except I still enjoy the moniker the Tremulous Hand of Worcestershire).

    • Me too! It’s actually more copper and less carrot than this picture shows. My friend described it as “Anne Shirley goes to Paris to meet Jean Seberg”, which is obviously the look I was going for.

  3. You are right. Unfair question if it ruins the fun for all. In related news, I think there is a special place in hell for people who write notes in library books (she says, conveniently ignoring the fact that much of her research relies on marginalia in medieval manuscripts).

    • Yes, quite definitely, a special place in hell. I mean, you know, just because their marginalia helps you, it does not mean it was not inconsiderate to their contemporaries….

      And do you know Samuel Barber’s Hermit Songs? Marginalia set to music.


      I know–I would shoot a student for citing Wikipedia, but hypocrisy, thy name is person on a dissertation deadline. (Turning the entire thing in on Tuesday….)

        • Didn’t give it a second thought because I live in the Bubble of Canada. Tuesday! That is awesome! Hope your weekend is not hellish. Sending you energy and good thoughts. You rock!

          • Yeah–shootings outside of the Empire State Building and on the South Side of Chicago.

            Thanks. I am currently going over my verb tenses, because I sometimes lose track of when to use the literary present.

  4. I can, but after years of resenting the kids who did the dentist office Highlights for Children hidden picture page by circling in crayon, rendering the page unusable by everyone else, I am not going to say where s/he is!

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