Popping In

Ummm… so I guess it’s been nearly two months since I’ve posted — and over a month since there’s been any action on this here blog.  Where does the time go?  Sorry about the radio silence but we’ll try to do better!  I’m just popping in today for a quick post.  I’m in the midst of a three week swing through Canada, beginning with a conference and ending with my sister’s wedding.  Clearly fertile ground for blogging.  I have yet to photograph the corresponding outfits (and, indeed, one event has yet to happen) but, bear with me, as photos and blogging are upcoming once I get home in a week or so.

For today, I offer an outfit from before I left when IPF South was experiencing a glorious bout of fall weather.  It was 10/50 degrees and a delightful switch from the 30/85 degrees that surrounded it.

White t & trouser jeans: Old Navy; Navy striped cardi: Gap Outlet; Grey chucks

I got these jeans for a steal just before I left and I love them in a hardcore kind of way.  They don’t look quite as trouser-y as I might have initially hoped but they’re suitably wide legged and dark of hue to be good jeans for non-teaching days.

I’m going to leave you with a teaser of the new boots that I got and which play a prominent role in my conference wear.

Skirt: Target; Boots: Jessica Simpson

How’s everybody doing?  Eating many things made of or flavoured with pumpkin?

2 thoughts on “Popping In

  1. Dude. The mix of cream and white above the new jeans is really lovely. I’m inspired to try. Also, are those jeans grey or black? Inquiring minds need to know. (p.s. My new favourite thing is “I love them in a hardcore kind of way.” So great.)

    In related news, I’m going to need waaaaayyyyyyyy more details on those boots. I’m already leaning towards loving them in a hardcore kind of way.

    Finally, like Anne said, it’ll be great to see photos from the wedding. Hope everything’s going smoothly on that front!

  2. See, I just assumed you IPFers were all totally sucked into your respective semesters (though I recall you’re not teaching now). Traveling sounds like much more fun!

    I like the new trouser jeans! I could really use a pair myself, so I’ll have to check out Old Navy. Their pants seem to be pretty hit-or-miss for me.

    I love the new boots AND whatever red piece you’re sporting them with! Can’t wait to see the rest of that ensemble, and highlights from your sister’s wedding.

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