*The following are my (A-Dubs’s) opinions. I speak only for myself, not for my fellow bloggers.*

StyleNation, what are we going to do if the Romney/Ryan ticket prevails today? I can’t even begin to articulate how horrifying that prospect is, especially in the contexts of ongoing legislative assaults on women, Indigenous peoples, the environment, all future generations, the civil service, the poor, and immigrants by Canada’s neo-conservative (and thinly veiled right-wing Christian) regime.

In trying times, we need heroes. Perhaps even heroes like these ones, whose influence is felt only in the most individual domestic contexts, can offer much-needed moments of brightness in the long political night:

1. Get us out from under, Wonder Woman!

Fuzzy Roommate. His headband has a red star on it that’s not quite visible here or anywhere anymore because his puppy chewed it.

2. Another Dark Knight Rises:

The Fuzzy Roommate’s Puppy. Strategic fuzz placement, no?

A visage that inspires confidence.

With hope for a non-Romney-lead American future,

A-Dubs, out.

8 thoughts on “Heroes

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  2. I would totally cast my vote for a Wonder Woman/Dark Knight ticket. I had similar concerns but – and I don’t want to jinx this – I think we’ll be okay.

    There’s so many things that irk me about Romney. He’s out of touch, his wife tried way too hard – unsuccessfully – to pander to women, his trying to claim he cares about Detroit (I grew up about as close to it as he did, lived there myself for a bit and have family there so it’s hard to forgive the whole “Let Detroit Fail” thing), trying to legislate my lady bits, and so forth. Oh, and I think he may be a robot.

      • An especially big thank you to my home state of Ohio šŸ™‚ The county I grew up in (where it appears I’m still a registered voter, somehow) was apparently key in putting Ohio over the top for Obama, so I’m super proud.

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