Office Pyjamas: November Survival Edition

Greetings, StyleNation, from the Great White North. Congratulations to all for making it to the middle of November.

Office PJs are going to be key to my survival to the end of this term because if I stay home in my actual pyjamas, I’ll just go back to bed. I’m really feeling the weight of this term’s teaching load. Also, as previously noted, it is once again time to delineate clear professional boundaries: slacker students are about to re-emerge to submit crappy or plagiarized work, blame women and racial minority professors for their (the students’) failures, and generally get up in my business as they panic about bringing a term’s worth of terrible grades home at winter break.

Autumn Office PJs #1

I’ll be sneaking into my office today in something like this (worn for another non-teaching day in October):

Zipper-front dress: D.E.P.T. (new to blog); Cami: H&M (old); Necklace: gifted; Leggings: ??, I cut out the giant scratchy tag (via Cosco, in a 2-pack. Must quit that place); Boots: Ben Sherman (remixed)

Yes, I am taking a call during this photo. I am very busy and (self)important.


Autumn Office PJs #2

Recently, I taught in this. After reviewing the photos, I think probably it should be relegated to the pyjama category. Some mornings, one cannot face either pants or tights; leggings thus become the only real option, even if items that cover one’s butt are limited by one’s failure to do laundry on even a semi-regular basis.

Mullet dress/tunic-thingy: ?? (that tag was scratchy, too; new to blog from end-of-summer sales); Black T-shirt: Kenneth Cole (remixed); “Gold” kitteh brooch: thrifted (bought for D-Med, but kept because ended up seeming to cheap to gift. Also, D-Med said people should stop buying her cat things just because she likes cats.); Stack of sparkly bracelets: The Bay; Leggings & boots: as above

Return of the Wonder Woman pose! (Remember when we used to do that all the time? Remember when we had a WW pose conference? I miss when we all did that.)

What strategies will you be employing to survive November, StyleNation? 

9 thoughts on “Office Pyjamas: November Survival Edition

  1. I missed this, due to being off at an academic conference. Where I had interviews and met with a publisher. I second the belting idea. And American Thanksgiving is a 4.5 weekend for many. But in my field, we all go off to a conference the weekend before. Which means that by the time I got home from the conference and the holiday, I was on total introvert meltdown.

  2. Dude. Excellent work on the posting. Also the outfits. Also the taking of phone calls while taking photos. (Also, you’re a wien.) I bet if you threw a belt on outfit #2, it’d be totally fine for teaching. To be clear, I have no problem with it as is.

  3. I’m really envious of your ability to employ office pajamas and still look so put together. I don’t have much of a wardrobe that falls in between office wear and casual weekend errand running wear. Though today I’m sporting some ponte in the office, which I think serves the same purpose.

    November isn’t as tough of a time for me, though year-end can get pretty crazy, so I have that looming. But on the other hand, there’s an end in sight for your term, whereas there’s really no light at the end of the corporate tunnel. That’s what makes short, quiet holiday weeks like this so nice.

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