Back to School

Hi All!  I’m nearly two weeks into the term and, after a term off of teaching, I am ex. haust. ed.  With the start of term business and the return to department service, the last two weeks have been super busy.  This will all settle itself down shortly, no doubt, but getting back into the swing of things has me crashing with Portlandia marathons when I get home.

One thing that’s unexpectedly taken some adjustment is getting back into the professorial sartorial game.  After eight months of dressing super casually, I’ve found that my sense of appropriate dressing needs some recalibration.  Or, at the very least, demands a ludicrous amount of thought each morning.  Something I super appreciate at 6 am.

Blazer: Target; Navy scoop-neck: Old Navy; Grey pencil skirt: Lane Bryant; Black tights: Hue; Boots: Jessica Simpson

Blazer: Target; Navy scoop-neck: Old Navy; Grey pencil skirt: Lane Bryant; Black tights: Hue; Boots: Jessica Simpson

This was my first day of classes outfit.  In retrospect, I would have worn a necklace.  Though, actually, since these photos are a re-creation 10 days after the fact, I may well have done so and just forgotten.


This blazer is my new favorite thing though.  Well, along with its solid grey twin.  They fit super well and look far more expensive than they were.  So, score.

Cardi: Joe; Dress & tank: Target; Boots & tights: as above

Cardi: Joe; Dress & tank: Target; Boots & tights: as above

Again, clearly I need to re-learn how to accessorize.  Anyhow, I had planned to wear purple tights to introduce some color to the outfit but my purple tights are control tops and since I had a 9 hour day ahead of me, that seemed like a recipe for a stress headache.  So these Hue workhouses were called up from the minors.

How are you managing the doldrums that is the end of January?

6 thoughts on “Back to School

  1. Love the blazer outfit, E Jo, and I have to say I’m happy they’re coming back. It’s just so much easier to look professional and put together in a blazer. As to accessorizing, four weeks into the term, and I’ve already forgotten all about it. The winter temps don’t help the process, either, as I’m more focused on taking all my warming accessories, e.g., gloves, scarf, rather than my looking-good ones. Thank for posting!

    • Thanks Margrit! It is astonishing how much work a blazer does to make even the most casual pieces look profession isn’t it? I haven’t worn blazers with an regularity for a while — I had a moment early in grad school where I did but once I got of coursework a much more casual style got its claws in me (a pretty familiar narrative for many of us I think!). I’m glad to have them back!

      I’ve got the opposite problem you’ve got, re: winter temps: our winter, such as it is, is pretty much over which, I know, is cruel to mention to you Northern people!

  2. Yeah, that blazer is one of my new favourite things, too. You’re looking suave, Dr.Jo. Exceptionally suave. i’m sure the accessorizing will return to you. It’s sort of one of your superpowers, after all.

    In other news, you’re back! You’re back!!! Hurrah! You’re back!!!

    • Thanks dude. The accessorizing is slowly coming back to me — but I don’t want to rush it and get the sartorial bends.

      Also, I’m back! Apart from these outfits, I’ve just repeated my conference wear from October, but, soon, I’ll be on to non-repeats & thus photographing them. And while I’m back, the fact that it’s taking me so long to reply to comments highlights that I’m still getting the hang of it!

  3. I haven’t started the semester yet, so I must admit to being a wee envious that you’ve already jumped that hurdle (and then being even more envious when you’re done!) I hope to keep away late winter blues by eating a lot of citrus fruits, staying busy with work/social commitments, and plenty of baking.
    You are looking fab in these pics. Those boots are seriously bad-ass. Who knew that Jessica Simpson could bring it, even for the academic set?

    • I’m two weeks in now, and I’d happily return to pre-semester time. After being on leave for a terms, it’s not actually the teaching that’s hard to adjust to but the service. Oh, the service. But, you’re right, the earlier you start, the earlier you finish.

      Good plans on the winter blues evasion! I’m not a big citrus fan, but I can definitely get behind socializing & baking!

      Also, so pleased to see you back in blogland!

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