Picking Up Steam

What’s this?  A second post from me in as many weeks?  Bizarre.  As the title of the post suggests, the term and its various responsibilities are really rolling now (to switch my metaphors).  I’m three weeks in now, a spot that, I find, to be kind of the sweet spot of the term.  Everyone is still (relatively) enthusiastic.  Grading either hasn’t started yet or has just begun so it’s not fully soul-crushing.  You start to get into the groove (metaphor #3) of lecture prep.  Your body starts to get back onto a schedule so 6:30 am doesn’t seem quite as awful as it did.  Plus its lighter now in the morning — though my ridiculous dog still refuses to get up when I do.

That said, it’s 7:30 pm on a Monday night and I’m in a coffee shop working.  With plans to return first thing tomorrow morning.

Dress: Gap; Pendant: H&M; Tights: Hue; Boots: Jessica Simpson; Watch: Kenneth Cole

Dress: Gap; Pendant: H&M; Tights: Hue; Boots: Jessica Simpson; Watch: Kenneth Cole

I bought this dress for a steal in the Gap’s holiday sales when visiting the Northern Tundra.  Apart from the skirt being a bit fuller than I typically go for, it’s everything I mights want in a dress.  Stripes.  Comfy cotton.  Flattering, waist defining diagonal stripes.  In the future I plan to try it out with a belt.  The pendant is one I’ve had for ages, purchased for $6 in the H&M in University town with A.Dubs & D.Med. Sadly, its “silver” finish is starting to wear so I’ve got to keep my eye out for some sort of workable replacement.


Blazer & dress: Target; Belt (seen below): NY & Co.; Tights and boots as above


This is the grey twin to the plaid blazer from last week’s post.  I love it as well.  I don’t have much to say about this outfit apart from the fact that I was stopped by two colleagues today who wanted to tell me they liked it.  So, I’ll chalk this up in the win column.


Anyone else feeling a moment of early February optimism before the reality sets in?


11 thoughts on “Picking Up Steam

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  2. Both dresses are amazeballs. Look at you, rocking the patterns and making me want more dresses in the process.

    I had non-academic February optimism and then it snowed 28″, so now I just have Why Do You Assholes Not Shovel sidewalk rage.

    • Thanks dude! Dresses are top of my getting dressed list right now.

      Yeah, my February optimism dissipated pretty quickly. Thankfully not under 28″ of snow, though.

    • Yeah, the 7-10 day head start on the term that you have makes a major difference, vis a vis optimism. Though you also have 3 less weeks in the term, so your percentage of the term left is much better than mine. Plus Reading week must be just around the corner for you guys, no? Also, that gap dress is pretty great — also must be on sale again now (or at least shortly). It’s a lovely mid-weight cotton so super comfy, and not a sweat maker.

      I think I’m looking to replace its solidness, but that is an excellent possibility. I knew you and your internet shopping super power would be my best hope!

  3. I have February optimism, too! But only in week two, and I have no idea what my students names are. But I am going to be as positive as I can be (in 24 degree weather).
    That striped dress is amazing. I love the vertical detailing on the waist. And I continue to covet those bad ass boots!

    • Yay! Also, thanks! Though I suspect that our optimism has everything to do with starting the term a little later in January… That said, I’m aiming for optimism about the term more generally.

  4. It should not surprise you at all that I’ve had that Gap dress in my cart for weeks now! I’ve been debating between the black and the red, and then wondering if it would even look good or not, because their dresses are iffy. But damn if that doesn’t look fantastic on you! And I always love the polka dot dress!

    • Ha! I’m not at all surprised. I was really tempted by the black one but went with the cream as I have a lot of black with white pattern dresses (see the rest of today’s post & the last one!). I’m really happy with the dress so far. That said, I would not have paid full price for it — I think I got it on sale for $20. If you get it, you could totally do a complete copy-cat of this post… The polka dot dress is pretty great — I don’t wear it enough.

      • Sadly, the polka dot dress has moved on – I gave it away last year 😦 So I’ll have to wear it vicariously through you! I’ll keep an eye out and see if this one goes on sale – all that’s left in my size is white, so we would be dress twins! Again! 🙂

        • I feel like I need to keep an eye out for another, similar polka dot dress as this one, while good, is not my favorite because of its artificial fabric content that makes it less than ideal. Sometime, though, polka dot dresses are too twee so its a tricky balance. Also, yes!! Dress twins!!

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