Feeling Kinda Springy

So after my last post’s burst of optimism, the universe decided to even the score, as it always does, with a mountain of service work.  But I’ve clawed my way out of that, for the time being, and now I just need to get through one more week and it’s Spring Break!  And while we’re still a couple of weeks away from the equinox, we’re now at a point at IPF South where it’s light out when I wake up AND when I get home from work — which goes a long way to making things feel manageable.

But, as spring approaches here, that also means that tight and boot weather is fast disappearing — so I’m wearing them while I can.

Dress, Cami, & Blazer: Target; Tights: Hue; Boots: Jessica Simpson

Dress, Cami, & Blazer: Target; Tights: Hue; Boots: Jessica Simpson

This blazer continues to be a workhorse.  And key for making whimsical tights seem serious and important.


In person, the tights are more of a muted berry color, rather than neon pink.  Though, truthfully, I would love them if they were neon pink.

Dress: Old Navy; Scarf: Gap; Tights: Hue; Boots: as above

Dress: Old Navy; Scarf: Gap; Tights: Hue; Boots: as above

This dress is a new addition, and part of my current obsession with all things chambray. Also, the dress wasn’t the wrinkly this morning; this is the result of sitting while my students wrote a mid-term, driving to a coffee shop from the office, sitting in a coffee shop and working, and then driving home.


I bought this scarf at the Gap during their pre-Christmas sale after falling in love with it.  But once I got it home, I’ve struggled with what to pair it with.  This is sort of stupid as I love these colors (seriously I’ve used these paint colors throughout my house) but, for some reason, I’ve got a real block about what to do with it.  Fortunately, everything matches chambray!

How’s everyone (in the Northern Hemisphere) enjoying the increased daylight?  Anyone got any suggestions for the mint/ coral scarf?

10 thoughts on “Feeling Kinda Springy

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  2. Loving both these tights-and-boots ensembles, E-Jo. Totally agree the serious and important tights would be equally great in neon pink. And very sorry to hear about the pile of service work. Gah. How do we start saying “NO!” to these things?

    And the new scarf is dreamy. I’m with Anne: navy would be great with it. I’d also wear it with white, and other versions of chambray-type denim, especially when paired with army green on the bottom – as a skirt, or cargos, or skinny cargos, or whatev’s. I love that minty green colour with army/khaki green, or even beige khaki.

    Finally, it’s pleasant to see more of those awesome boots. Could we get another side view? Also, where is the Mini-FR? Is he over blog photos?

    • When I bought these tights, there was a pair in a legitimately neon color beside them that I walked around the store with but I decided, ultimately, that they were too much. Clearly, I am an idiot. When in doubt, buy the neon. Sigh, live and learn.

      Re: the piles of service work, I think it just gets worse from here on out. The people I work with with the worst service loads are associates, so… not much to look forward to on that point. Though, and this makes me a masochist, but I’d rather be doing the service than not as I like to be in charge of all the things. Clearly, I’m an oldest child. And possibly a narcissist.

      Re: your excellent scarf styling suggestions, I’m going to try it tomorrow with chambray & an olive green pencil skirt (the closest I’ve got to army green right now). If it works, there will be photographic evidence.

      Re: the boots, I’ll take side shots next time. Also, I’ve got more boots coming in the mail tomorrow, thanks to my tax refund. If they work, plan to see a lot of them. And, yeah, the mini-FR is TOTALLY over blog photos. I’ll try to corral him next time.

  3. I love the new chambray dress on you! It should not surprise you at all that I just considered buying it on Friday (possibly as you were posting this!). I bought a chambray button-down instead, because I already own way too many dresses. I really like it belted too.

    Coral and mint are both totally out of my wheelhouse, but I’m picturing this scarf with royal blue for some reason.

    • Ha! I had seen the dress a couple of weeks ago, but was inspired to buy it when I saw the gingham shirtdress you pinned. So this does not surprise me at all. And, given that I own not one but three chambray button-downs, I suspect there’s a good chance we’re twins on that front. Weirdly, even though my posts have been dress-centric recently, I don’t actually own that many of them given how often I like to wear them. I did a thorough cull in the early fall, so now I’m building up the stock again.

      Hmmm… royal blue is out of MY wheelhouse, so I don’t think I really have any in my possession.

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