Looking Back, Despite Springing Forward

I’ve got, here, a couple of outfits for you Style Nation that are now nearly a month old.  Last time I posted, the thrill of the new chambray dress made those dress pictures jump the queue, leaving today’s outfits in the dust.  Today, I present a study  in colorful pencil skirts.  Also a preview of new boots.

Sweater: Joe; Pencil skirt: Target; Tights: Hue; Boots: Jessica Simpson; Necklace: RW&Co.

Sweater: Joe; Pencil skirt: Target; Tights: Hue; Boots: Jessica Simpson; Necklace: RW&Co.

I bought this sweater in a fit of “Joe shopping madness” (TM, obviously) when in the Great White North for the holidays.  What sold me on it was the picture of a model wearing it with a grey pencil skirt.  Yet, once I got this sucker home and paired it with my own grey pencil skirt, it didn’t quite work (I may need to re-evaluate as that sounds crazy).  But, with this blue skirt, total winner.  Also, I may have blinded my students with my colorful brightness that day.

Striped top: Joe; Pencil skirt: Lane Bryant; Necklace, boots, tights: As above

Striped top: Joe; Pencil skirt: Lane Bryant; Necklace, boots, tights: As above

I bought this skirt in the fall, while I wasn’t teaching so it hasn’t gotten a ton of wear yet but I’m doing my best to make up for lost time now.  I was describing it to my sister after I bought it, and she expressed incredulity that I didn’t already possess a pencil skirt in mustard yellow.  So, clearly, I’m doing good work establishing my “brand.”

Boots: Corso Como

Boots: Corso Como

So this isn’t the world’s clearest picture, but it gives a sneak peek of my new, tax-refund funded boots.  I love them.  They’re a bit snug still in the top inch or so, but the leather is like buttah so things are going to get awesome soon.

Did you all survive the time change (those of you who have it)?  Anyone else changed only those clocks that do it automatically?

4 thoughts on “Looking Back, Despite Springing Forward

  1. Damn, Woman! This is a gorgeous post. Like Anne, I love your pencil skirt ensembles. Also, of course I’m drooling over your new bootage. In fact, I’m scrolling up right now to get another look. ‘So sweet!

    • I thought you’d approve of the bootage. I still need to take a better side picture of the other ones, but it’s surprisingly hard to actually take them. Anyhow, thanks! I’m loving these pencil skirts as well. Especially the mustard yellow one. Where has it been all my life??

  2. You are looking awesome in these pencil skirts! You’ve really found a good style here 🙂 And obviously I love the super colorful outfit! I think my instinct would be to pair that sweater with black or denim, and maybe navy at best. I never would’ve thought about blue! And skirt #2 is making me eager to pull out my springy yellow pencil skirt soon.

    I’m not a fan of this time change business at all. I’ve felt like I was running behind all week, and I still can’t catch up on sleep. Boooo. But the good news is, all the clocks I didn’t change in the fall are right again!

    • Thanks dude! I thought, as a fellow member of Team Color, that you’d approve of these ones! I think, in person, that blue skirt is slightly less vibrant so this outfit doesn’t quite sear the retinas as much as the photo suggests. As I was posting this, I was remember how I responded to your comment on the last post, saying that I didn’t own anything royal blue. Y’know, apart from this. Sigh. Though, I’m now contemplating an outfit with this skirt & that scarf. Also, I need more navy.

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