Occasions That Induce Half-heartedness

It is a truth universally acknowledged that great stacks of papers appear at precisely the point when instructors are least able to muster the requisite energy to deal with them in an efficient and timely fashion. Sweet are the papers, then, that argue a clear, cogent, thesis that is (a) appropriate to the assignment, (b) well-researched, and (c) largely original. Harsh are those that are (a) craptacular and clearly produced by slackers, or (b) terribly written and/or offensive, despite students’ best efforts to the contrary.

The cumulative effects of the above, in concert with the various grant applications, administrative bullshit paperwork, conference proposal-and-paper-writing panic that make up the remainder of my working life during the winter term, tend to coalesce into generalized half-heartedness in relation to all work-related activities. This year, all is exacerbated by sleeplessness and winter’s stranglehold on this city, despite the change of season we are meant to be experiencing right effing now. (My weather-related feelings diverge in intensity from those work-related.)

Sadly for you and me, StyleNation, my efforts fashion-wise have also been half-hearted(ish). Each of the following began with (a) excitement about one specific piece, and (b) the best of intentions. Nonetheless, I fear the end result for each induces half-heartedness.

Outfit #1: Theory vs. Praxis – the sweater dress


Mexx silk/cotton sparkly sweater dress: new to blog; “Silver” snowflake brooch: gifted; Smart Set T-shirt; Beaded bracelets: from Michaels (that’s right: the craft store. But I saw them marked up approximately 400% in a local boutique. Is that even legal???!); Hue Tights; Fly London boots (new to blog, maybe? I’m too half-hearted to check)

So here’s the thing about sweater dresses: they’re clingy, and they show where one’s tights squeeze at one’s waist, even when one is not wearing control tops. On the model in the picture at the store, and on my bare legs in the changeroom, these problems were not apparent. If I weren’t preoccupied with weather-rage and work-half-heartedness, I’d be pissed about this.

Outfit #2: It’s all about the Necklace

In my mind, this was a great way to highlight the necklace my sister-in-law gave me for xmas. In reality, I’m not sure this does it justice:


Stella & Dot silver bib necklace: gifted (new to blog); DKNY polyester top: Winners (new to blog); Joe Fresh Shell (old); Black Lucky jeans (new to blog); Nine West black and silver belt: remixed (old); Rieker boots: remixed

Here’s close-up of the sweet neck decoration (thanks, again, DSW!):


Probably this was a little too casual for a teaching day. But I was tired and the prospect of wearing jeans was the only thing that got me out of bed that day. Later, a student who should know better remarked on the see-through blouse as soon as I walked into class, implying it was a risqué choice. If looks could make people do things, she’d be romancing her own sphinctral region even now. My half-heartedness does not extend to taking crap from students in non-textual life.

OK StyleNation, it’s list time.

Grading student work and wearing these outfits are 1 and 2 on my Shōnagon-inspired “Occasions that Induce Half-heartedness.” Other occasions include

3. Being facebook friends with my mother

4. Watching “kracken attack” videos with my nephew (to clarify: this induces a half-hearted effort to find my tablet when he insists we watch a kracken attack that has “a really nice tune”)

5. Contemplating the growing food museum in my fridge (produced via whole-hearted shopping for healthy things, then half-heartedly eating cereal and a smoothie for every meal)

What’ve you got, StyleNation?

I’m taking (a) further occasions inducing half-heartedness, or (b) suggestions for jazzier versions of the above ensembles. 

17 thoughts on “Occasions That Induce Half-heartedness

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  2. All of your jewellery is amazing. I love that snowflake brooch.

    Also, your student is a wein, especially because your black undergarment is positively Victorian. I would have worn this with either a nude or while lacy cami but I don’t think any of my students would have made a peep because a) they think they are too polite and b) they notice nothing that I say or do. Although I did run into a student of mine outside of class, because I live in the smallest, provincial city ever, and he remarked that he had never seen me in sneakers before and thought it was weird. What I wear when I teach is weird to me.

    I am half -hearted about everything right now though I’m struggling not to be. Oh, except I am ridiculously whole-hearted about my cats because they are awesome.

    • End-of-term is all about the half-heartedness. Pet love regularly reminds me that I’m not forever-broken. It’s just end-of-term.

      Also, the blouse came with a silky little cream cami that allowed way too much bra and/or boobal exposure. I might have another somewhere around here. . . .

  3. I love both these outfits: sleek and chic and awesome. I think you’re rocking the sweater dress, DSW has superb taste, and your student is a buttface.

    Dealing with The Tax Man his multi-stage fax-required preludes.
    Upcoming holiday with feuding family.

  4. Dude, you know how I feel about the fantastic neutrals mixing in outfit number (would reproduce if I had a waist). And shutyermouf to the student commenting on the awesome, bad-ass blouse. That is all.
    March has been a big old, smelly parade of half heartedness, with some bursts of excitement and enthusiasm. I am still waiting for my spring break. Lots of reasons for halfheartedness, like silly administrators, students not doing the reading, and a paper I am to present at a cool conference that annoys me. But the weather has to improve and summer will come- that is something worth my wholeheartedness!

    • Thanks Susanify. I hear you on the conference paper half-heartedness, and on the rest. But you are right: it is a law of nature that winter turns to spring and spring to summer. I keep trying to remember this important fact. Sometimes it is hard to do so.

  5. Dude, both these outfits look great. Love the necklace — nice work DSW!

    Things that induce half-heartedness?:
    The return to classes, post Spring Break.
    Reading anything that isn’t YA fiction with an embarrassing preponderance of angels/ vampires/ etc…
    The conference paper that really needs to get written (though the conference itself I’m whole-hearted about as it will involve hanging out with Rinty & my sisters).

    • Du-ude. Post-break return is truly terrible. Was yours at all restful? Also, I am re-reading a series of fluffy books right now rather than cracking the spine on any of the hefty novels I persist in buying to make myself feel smart and important.

      Finally, thanks. Did you notice how our fashion choices contrast very particularly of late? You’re all “bright colours are awesome”, and I’m all “no colours allowed.” I’m sorry to know that your brilliant fashion does not reflect a lightness of heart.

      • It was intermittently restful–mostly today was just the shock of the early alarm clock and the first real day of daylight savings where I had to be up and functioning before sunrise. Though, in today’s defense, I did get to eat korean bbq tacos from the delicious food truck that sets up camp outside of my office conveniently on my teaching days.

        I’m not even pretending to buy anything smart and important, novels or otherwise right now. In fact, I am looking forward, to a ludicrous degree, to the newest book in my assassin nun series that comes out just before my flight to the big smoke.

        Also, shhh. You’ll make it sound as though it’s not the result of some sort of clever blogger plan.

  6. Invitations to drinks at the Arthur’s.

    Occasions that induced half-heartedness in you, but glee in me…..

    Requests from Cottage neighbour to offer ‘feedback’ on your completed thesis.

    As for the outfit…..resolution to problem number one…..thigh high tights. (You look very svelte in this ensemble.). Problem two……I see no problem. Necklace looks great here (you’re welcome!), as does blouse. Student will figure out error of comment while contemplating the F on their next paper. (For added enjoyment, sketch tiny drawing of you in bikini next to grade).


    • Dude, thanks. Also, you are hilarious.

      Sketching’s not a strength of mine. Perhaps just a poorly lit close-up photo. That’ll learn her.

      I share number 1 on your list. Surely there are ways to avoid such interactions this summer.. . . Probably we should convene a summit on this very important matter.

  7. Still without a source of employment for next year.

    Tend to wear tights under sweater dresses that have an extended panel up to more or less the underwire of my bra, which helps with that bisecting line.

    • You are a trouper, tights-wise.

      The employment issue sucketh indeed. I remember how hard it was to make myself keep on trucking when it seemed like none of my work gave me what I needed most: job security. Much empathy to you, AftK; and many wishes that I had the power to alter your situation.

      • Thank you. I worry that when I flame out of academia, I will be ashamed to show my face here. Though I suppose I might come up with the whatever it would take to blog.

        Picking up on the fluffly books tread, I am not a huge fan of the kindle conceptually. And then I realized that I could read romance novels on it and not get caught. (Though my knitting group and I started yelling in a coffee shop about rape and romance novels, proving that no one can ever quite check their critical minds…..)

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