New Boots, in Action

As the title suggests, what draws these outfits together is their shared display of my new, tax refund boots.  I intend to plan my upcoming conference wear around these boots so get prepared to see a lot more of them.  But given that we’re moving far too quickly out of spring and into summer down here in IPF South (I know, I know), the days of wearing boots and tights are disappearing so I’ve got to get them in while I can.

Fortunately, the term is also fast disappearing (is that a segue, or what?).  Tomorrow is exactly a month until the end of the term so while that also means that things are kicking into high gear, there is relief in sight.  The long weekend doesn’t hurt either as it gives me an extra, desperately needed writing day at the coffee shop where I seem to spend half my life.

Cardigan: Old Navy; Dress: Target; Tights: Hue; Boots: Corso Como; Pendant: H&M

Cardigan: Old Navy; Dress: Target; Tights: Hue; Boots: Corso Como; Pendant: H&M

The cardigan is behaving a little wonkily here. But this is an outfit that I’ve worn a version of before–though the boots & topper have changed out here.  It’s weird, this is a dress that I hadn’t worn in ages, but all of a sudden I’m wearing it a ton.  That said, I don’t love it without a blazer or a cardigan as the sleeves aren’t tailored enough for my taste.

Chambray button up: Old Navy; Pencil Skirt: Lane Bryant; Tights: Hue; Boots: Corso Como; Lucite necklace: Anthropologie; Watch: Kenneth Cole (gifted)

Chambray button up: Old Navy; Pencil Skirt: Lane Bryant; Tights: Hue; Boots: Corso Como; Lucite necklace: Anthropologie; Watch: Kenneth Cole (gifted)

This outfit is so full of win, I’m posting two, near identical pictures.  It includes so many things that I love: chambray, bright pencil skirts, and this amazing necklace.  You can also see a little better in these pictures that the boots are a deep chocolate brown, rather than black.  You can also see how desperately I need to vacuum.  Sigh.


Anyone else transformed old items into closet workhorses recently?

10 thoughts on “New Boots, in Action

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  2. I love that necklace so much. I’m pretty sure I’ve said that before. Also, I love everything else you’ve got going on here, including those sweet boots. You will be able to wear them at the northern conference since it is still the bleak mid-winter here.

    Is it stupid that I forgot about this blog momentarily? It is stupid, yes, but that is why I haven’t commented on any of your rockin’ outfits lately. I have been in teaching hell: non-medieval Arthurian literature+non-majors+shock and awe at my demands for rigour=suckfest+about a million whiny emails.

    • Thanks dude. There are few items I own that I love like this necklace. I don’t wear it enough — though it’s a lot of look so it’s hard to incorporate into more than a couple of looks per term. And, yeah, the boots will be key for northern climes — A-Dubs and I have in fact already discussed ways to protect them against the ravages of winter.

      And, yeah, that definitely sounds like teaching hell. Though I’m kind of loving my group of first & second year non-majors this term. At least you must only have a few weeks left in the term… Totally understandable, though, that you forgot the blog.

  3. Is it kind of vain if I say how much I love that outfit #1 resembles one of my typical work outfits? And not just because we’re dress twins – all of it! Dress + cardigan + belt + boots, I just love all of those together. And the pink is such a fun color!

    And I agree about the second one being all win – I love this! I’m going to copycat it once it warms up just a touch more here, since my yellow skirt is a little too summery to go with tights (unlike your mustard, which seems like a year-round workhorse).

    • I didn’t really think about it as I was posting, but, yeah, these are totally Anne outfits. In fact, I actually think outfit #2 is pretty similar to your most recent outfit post (which I haven’t commented on because I am the worst right now about anything that doesn’t immediately effect me).

      I feel like the mustard pencil skirt was a game changer. It’s all I can do to not integrate it into every single outfit. I really like the color of the pink cardi as well. I’m not sure that the picture makes this clear, but it’s actually a kind of purple-y pink so it’s not as bubblegum colored as light pink can sometimes be.

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