Things That Give a Hot Feeling

I’m almost certain a recent 2-day stint of video conferencing (that kept me sitting in my too-hot office for hours each day) gave me a yeast infection. Obvy, this is too high a price to pay to my profession; I shall be declining this bit of service work next year.

In other news, as The Watch That Ends the Night transitions to The Most Wonderful Time of the Year, I’m deeply relieved and totally exhausted. While there are other things on which to report – a conference, a summit with janey_em and kelly – as I’ve barely the energy to type, that stuff will have to wait.

For now, I offer the following boots and a dress/tunic purchased recently. I suspect the dress will become a regular in the on-campus-day-outfit rotation. The boots may be too casual for work. In these pic’s, I’m dressed for dinner and a party last weekend.

Spring’s not quite here; thus, the layers:


RW&Co cotton velvet blazer: remixed; Gap black jersey scarf: new to blog; Jacob cream on black polka-dot dress/tunic: new to blog; Black leggings: remixed; Purple and silver faux-patent clutch: new to blog (purchased in small boutique in IPF North city); Doc Marten brown distressed leather boots: new to blog (purchased at recent friend summit in my favourite ville bilingue)

Under the jacket and scarf. I wore this to the conference minus the clutch and bracelet, plus a black t-shirt to fill the plunging V, and a pashmina-as-jacket:


Red and silver plastic cuff: new to blog (thrifted)

And finally, to complete the Sei Shōnagon-inspired list,

Things that Give a Hot Feeling:

5. Spring (soon – please, let it be soon), and then summer.

4. Journals whose peer review process takes up to 12 months, but who then require article revisions to be turned around in 1-2 weeks.

3. My current crush, CBC Radio 2 host Julie Nesrallah. Every weekday morning, she speaks gently to me and plays me soul-reviving things.

2. When Facebook advertisements make very clear ad-makers have access to all my FB stuff.

1. The above-noted 2-day video conference. Yeesh.

Once again, it’s your turn StyleNation.

What things give you a hot feeling in either a good or bad way?

14 thoughts on “Things That Give a Hot Feeling

  1. This dress is cute and I love it on you but I’m pretty sure it’s a tunic since you are such a tall drink of water. In other words, good call on the leggings.

    • Agreed. I did the thing where I just pulled my pants down instead of off when I tried on the dress. With pants around knees, it didn’t seem quite so short. Whatevs. I’m all about the leggings anywho.

  2. WAY late to the party…

    A bad hot feeling: the ongoing uphill battle against the mess that threatens to devour my house. Can I just move and start over?
    A good hot feeling: mark and stormy cocktail: maker’s mark with chili-infused ginger beer MORE PLEASE.

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  4. I’m so with you on the Julie Nesrallah crush! She’s awesome, and makes my mornings. Also, best soundtrack for academic writing. Hope you’re quite warmed up by now!

    • Oooh! I’ll fight you for her!

      In more mature news, you’re so right. And thanks for your warm wishes. Spring is usually about 2 weeks long at IPF North. A week and a half ago, it snowed. Now, we’re pretty much at the point where summer parachutes in and everything becomes excellent.

      Wishing many Nesrallah-filled mornings of writing, and writing, and writing!

  5. So I’m a bit late to this but I love love love this dress. I’m with Anne — the puffed sleeve reveal was awesome. Eat your heart out, Anne Shirley.

    Also, I think those boots would totally work for teaching (they. are. awesome.) — but as I’m, notoriously, the most casual clothes friendly of the IPFers, feel free to take that with a grain of salt.

    Things that give me a hot feeling? The arrival of summer with a furnace-like vengeance here at IPF South. Also, the fast approaching & looming deadline for the project that will never die.

    • Excellent Montgomery reference, E-Jo. Also, so glad you approve of the boots (I knew you’d dig the dress – it’s totally in your wheelhouse).

      Finally, sorry for your hot feelings. How awesome will it be when the deadline’s been met and you’re free to soak in a cool bath and have the Mini-FR fetch you bonbons?

  6. I hung out on a volcano recently, so I guess that got me pretty hot. Or is that not what you were looking for? 🙂

    I love this dress! It’s super flattering, and speaking of hot things, I think polka dots are pretty on-trend now . Of course, they’re always hot to me. The dress gets even cuter when you revealed those somewhat puffed sleeves!

  7. Getting promoted to full professor gives me a hot feeling, as do conference attendees who couldn’t be arsed to make reservations for themselves in the giant room block we reserved for them, and are now homeless.

    • Yep, I can see why you’re steamed. Giant congratulations on your promotion! As for the conference attendees, they’re clearly idiots and deserve to learn this valuable lesson all on their own in the great outdoors.

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