Into the Great Wide Open

And finally the term is over.  And it’s less than two weeks until the return of Arrested Development.  You might say this is the final countdown.  This also means that we’ve moved into the most wonderful time of the year.  That special time of year where you’re not technically paid, even if you’re tenured or on the tenure-track, but, instead, you get to do all the work that, hopefully, will help you keep your job.  Sigh.  At least I can wear glorified pajamas for the next three months.  Except for tomorrow, when I have a dissertation defence (my first on this side of the table.  Yikes).

Here, then, are two of my final profesh outfits of the term.

Shirt: Gap; Skirt: Target; Shoes: Nine West; Silver Pendant: H&M

Shirt: Gap; Skirt: Target; Shoes: Nine West; Silver Pendant: H&M

I bought this shirt while in the Shivering Northern Wetlands for a conference.  While there, I got to do some excellent hanging out with Rinty the Crusher and my sisters.  When I bought the shirt, I was wearing a shirt with black & white stripes — leading both my sisters to ask why I was buying an identical shirt to what I was already wearing.  Duh.  This one has navy & mint stripes.  Geez.  They seemed skeptical about this logic.  They don’t know.

The following I wore my exam & a subsequent grading marathon with my writing group:

Top: Target; Pants; NY&Co; Flats: Me Too; Watch: Kenneth Cole (gifted)

Top: Target; Pants; NY&Co; Flats: Me Too; Watch: Kenneth Cole (gifted)

This shirt was an impulse, clearance-rack purchase and, man, few things I own have produced as much of a reaction from my co-workers and writing group.  It’s super fun and blouse-y, and more flattering than this picture might suggest.  It’s going to look awesome with a pencil skirt in the fall once I start dressing like a grown-up again.  For the time being, it’ll also fancy up some bermudas.

How are you celebrating the return of summer?  My writing group* and I kicked it off with a waffle-mimosa brunch, leading us to make wildly ambitious writing and revising goals, fueled by sugar and champagne.

*Because we are the awesomest, the group calls itself “Hero, Squad.”  Lucille Bluth and Liz Lemon are our patron saints.

17 thoughts on “Into the Great Wide Open

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  3. Jewel tones are looking awesome on you, as usual, and I love that striped t-shirt. I don’t understand why Gap always puts pockets on t-shirts. I mean, they’re not functional pockets are they? What would you keep in them? Paperclips?

    Actually, I often find myself in need of a paperclip because, apparently, most of my students don’t own, nor do they know how to use, a stapler. Good call on the paperclip pockets.

    • I would say these pockets verge on the functional. Perfect, say, for throwing office keys in when one needs to leave the office briefly. But, yeah, totally unnecessary. And I get student work electronically now so I’ve eliminated the need for the stapler.

      • Do you mark it electronically as well? With Track Changes or similar? I get so many emails everyday I’m not sure I could keep track of electronic submissions.

  4. Arrested Development! BRING IT! I too might wait a few days, because if I try to watch and Netflix crashes I will be inconsolable. Well, probably not, because there would be wine and I’d be okay, so “inconsolable” is hyperbole. Whatevs.

    Your pencil skirts always make me want one or two or five. I completely understand the need for another striped shirt, and the coral one is far better than my own impulse clearance rack acquisitions tend to be. E Jo, your eye is enviable.

  5. Great last profesh outfits. I still have to show up in normal people (well, normalish) clothes 3 more times until next Monday, and then it’s cut off sweatpants and whatever stuff that “Fat Homer” prefers to wear until my own final countdown.
    As a non-color wearer, would you consider mixing the orange top with the adorbs turquoise Gap skirt? Or is that too crazy?
    And OMG, Arrested Development. As Anne pointed out, the Banana Stand is right by my work today but I am too pooped and bad at standing to venture out. I have until Thursday to get my free Bluth Banana!

    • I’m so jealous that you live somewhere with access to the Banana Stand. I hadn’t thought about the orange top with the turquoise skirt but I like this idea a lot. I’ve got my eye on some turquoise target shorts so that might be the iteration I end up doing — pencil skirts seem ludicrously over the top during summer coffee shop time!

  6. Well that explains why the first IPF link I saw didn’t work…

    I love both of these tops for very different reasons. The side panels on the first top are so flattering – this seems to work in the same way that the white and black stripe dress you got this winter does. And that second top is so cute, bright and summery! I think you’ll get a lot of wear out of both of these well beyond…. the final countdown.

    And I’m SO STOKED for Arrested Development to return! I’m going to be away from Netflix on the 26th, but I can’t wait to watch it all when I return the next day. Rad and I are discussing some kind of blog event to celebrate. I don’t know what it will be, but are you in?

    • Good eye, Anne, on the side panels (they’re actually pockets) — both are striped things from the Gap, so clearly they are onto something.

      I too may be away from Netflix on the 26th but I’m in negotiations to change this. Needless to say, many rewatching days are making their way into my schedule.

    • Fixed it. Am an internet genius.

      In other much more important news, these ensembles are super-profesh and totally great. I have a very similar striped top sitting in an online shopping cart right now. You are making me want to pull the trigger.

      Also, your writing group name and activities recorded thus far make me want to move to IPF South. I want to drink things, eat things, and make outrageous overly-ambitious academic plans, too!

      • Ha! What are the odds, given that my last post was two months ago? Also, it’s very clear you’re the internet genius of the bunch.

        My writing group here IS enviable — it hearkens back to glorious Steeltown days in the Westdale office with the key players.

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