Chambray, Two Ways

Hi all!  My brain is too fried from the Project that will not End to add anything substantive to A-Dubs’ recent post on self-esteem.  So, instead, I offer you two recent outfits that feature chambray shirts as their anchor pieces.  I’ve been on record about my love for all things chambray and that love has continued apace into the hellish sunscape that is IPF South summers.

Chambray & white v-neck: Old Navy; Shorts: Target: House flip flops: Old Navy

Chambray & white v-neck: Old Navy; Shorts: Target: House flip flops: Old Navy

Apologies for the crappy, mirror selfie but I forgot to take a picture with my regular camera.  I later added a necklace when I wore this out for some therapeutic wine drinking.  The saddest part of the bad quality of this picture is that it really undersells the brightness of these shorts.  I love them.  Unsurprisingly.  They have them in a bright teal but my local Targets only have that color in teensy sizes.  I’m still trying to decide whether to bite the bullet and order them online.

Chambray: Old Navy; Skirt: Target; Sandals: Birkenstock

Chambray: Old Navy; Skirt: Target; Sandals: Birkenstock

Ahh… that’s better.  Also, look who’s making his glorious return to outfit pictures!  (This is why there are two nearly identical photos of this outfit being posted: different dog placement.  A key and important difference.)  This was a recent coffee shop outfit that both addressed the realities of air conditioning strength in this area, but also allowed for breathability in the blazing heat between buildings and my car.


Anyone else finding a way to translate cold weather items you love into the summer?

8 thoughts on “Chambray, Two Ways

  1. I agree, you need those shorts in teal! They’re so cute! A-Dubs is right, it would be a huge mistake (you’d never say that) to not get them. And you live somewhere where “summer” doesn’t mean 50 degree weather, so your shorts will actually get some wear. Sigh.

    It should not surprise you at all that I was eyeing that same skirt at Target the other day! The navy/green one jumped out at me, but the options for that seemed somewhat limited. And I already have a black and white striped skirt, so I probably don’t need two. Do I?

    • Man, you & A-Dubs, full of the shopping peer pressure. But, you are both totally right — shorts are a nearly year round article of clothing here.

      That does not surprise me at all about the skirt. Also, I totally almost bought the navy & green one first but decided against it for exactly the same reason. You probably need the b&w one too. It’s super comfy. Though I’m always a stripes enabler!

  2. Ha! “Sounds of Silence.” Also, how much do I love the GOB/ Tony Wonder storyline? A lot. The answer is a lot. Season 4 seems like a grower — still not at peak levels, but better the more I think about it.

    Thanks, as well, for your excellent enabling work. They are in my shopping cart as I type this. And outfits seem to be the one thing that my brain can land on with any concreteness, outside of the project, so that explains that. Plus, my legs aren’t going to show themselves off to the cute barista at the coffee shop I generally work at on their own, are they?

  3. Order the shorts online! Order the shorts online asap!! Seriously: I feel certain that bright teal shorts in that awesome style are only going to be available to you/us for a very limited time. Probably next year, there will be some sort of blowback – maybe around Quattro de Mayo, for example – and everything will be neutral or black. Then you will think a LOT about how you should have gotten those shorts. Probably you will think how you’ll have made a huge mistake. Probably “Sounds of Silence” will play in your head at the same time.

    In other news, I’m re-watching season 4 of Arrested Development, and it is totally growing on me.

    Finally, chambray is the perfect addition to brights and dramatic stripes. Also, you are looking all cool put together in these photos, despite the additional drama of the ongoing Project.

    p.s. Mini-FR! What’s up little guy?

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