Not Dead Yet

Dudes.  What. is. up?  So, yeah, we’ve been on a bit of a hiatus here at IPF.  Busy summers, etc…   But, do not worry, A-Dubs and I had an important discussion — which I’m clearly disregarding — about being reinvigorated by the start of the term.  But then I went for drinks with friends and actually put on a outfit that seemed like it might be worth blogging — at the least, it wasn’t yet another repetition of the outfits from my last post.  Also, the mini-FR deigned to put in an appearance.

T shirt: Old Navy; Skirt: Target; Pendant: Old Navy; Shoes: Born; Nail polish: Essie Mint Candy Apple

T shirt: Old Navy; Skirt: Target; Pendant: Old Navy; Shoes: Born; Nail polish: Essie Mint Candy Apple

So, yeah, I wore this to go to my local wine bar where the waiters know my order.  Though the cute, imminently flirtable-with waiter wasn’t there, which led to my friends and I interacting with a waiter who wanted to talk about his home-brewed beer.  Sigh.


Anyhow, this is just to pop by and assure you that all is well, here at IPF, and we’ll be back, at something resembling full force, soon.  Possibly with less rambling posts than this one.  No promises, though.

How’re YOUR summers going?  

5 thoughts on “Not Dead Yet

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  2. I notice that most blogs seem to get pretty quiet over the summer – I think we’re all too busy having fun. I only keep mine up because I need something to do at work.

    I’m having some serious sandal envy! Did you get those this year? They’re super cute! Maybe I can find them on end-of-season clearance soon and copy you 🙂

    • Very true, re: relative blog quietness over the summer — though you are awesome at keeping up with the blogging. Since our’s is pretty singular in focus, it’s also hard to maintain when we’re not teaching. BUT. I did just start planning my first week of classes outfits so there is material to come!

      The sandals aren’t new — I got them two years ago for my sister’s bachelorette & then they got lost in the back of my closet. However, they’re a pretty standard style so I suspect you might be able to find something really similar on sale soon-ish. They’re Born Concept so they’re super comfy — they’ve got a reasonably high wedge heel but they’re really walkable.

      • But if I weren’t bored at work, I don’t know how often I’d write 🙂 That sounds like some pretty important lesson planning! Can’t wait to see what the BTS style looks like.

        That’s what is so awesome about wedges, they’re always so comfy!

        • Trust me, I know what the important stuff to do before the term is! Though, sadly, I’ve just under two weeks before classes start.

          Yeah, wedges are the best. And these ones, from a comfort brand, are the most comfortable ones I own!

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