Day Zero

Tomorrow is the first day of classes for me (they officially begun today at my university).  Cue my requisite outrage at the sped up passage of time over the summer.  Anyhow, after a really busy summer, full of super casual and repeated outfits, I’m nerdily a little excited for the opportunity to wear real clothes — though, to be clear, my clothes have not been imaginary throughout the summer, however appealing in this heat.  Last week begun to ease me into the transition a bit as some department commitments began to kick in.

Cowl neck tank: Old Navy; Black tank: Target; Black skirt: Eddie Bauer; Black flats: Me Too

I wore this to our new graduate student orientation where I was tasked with convincing students to take my spring grad course.  The presentation, like the outfit, was intermittently successful, but didn’t entirely come together as I had envisioned.DSC_0018-004

This skirt — which I bought as an undergrad and is nearing its eleventh year in my possession, and thus the crown for the article of clothing I’ve owned the longest — is one that I almost never wear and which I have almost gotten rid of several times, only for it to be saved by the obvious versatility of a black jersey skirt.  The problem with it is twofold: I don’t wear a lot of black, generally, and it’s too long (I’ve got it hiked to high heaven here).  Also, it doesn’t really fit anymore.  So its problems are secretly threefold.  But, sometimes, I need a neutral skirt and so I pull this sucker into rotation.  Still, wearing something less than five times in five years would argue that I need to just find a neutral option that I like better.

Shirt & cargos: Old Navy; Sandals: Birkenstock

Shirt & cargos: Old Navy; Sandals: Birkenstock

This sucker I wore for the last official coffeeshop work day of the summer.  Y’know, to be followed by today’s first coffeeshop work day of the semester.  Spoiler alert: I’m basically wearing this outfit today as well.


While at the coffeeshop, I frantically worked to finish the draft of an in-progress article and to discuss the fate of the project that will not end with the cute barista.  I was also wearing it when I got home, immediately post this conversation, to get notice of the changed status of the project that will not end.  So good times all around.  Also, the mini-FR decided to join in the fun.

How’s the back-to-school season treating everyone?

6 thoughts on “Day Zero

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  3. Oh gods! The “changed status”! Obvy, we need a phone date.

    In other news, while I like what you’ve put together here (I’d never guess you were hiking the skirt under the vowel) – and am reminded how much I reeeaaaallly need some awesome grey cargo pants like yours – I hereby suggest you get rid of the damn skirt already. Then order yourself a sweet black pencil skirt. J Crew has some nice ones this season – and some might even not be outrageously over-priced. Hiking a skirt over your nipples is over.

    I forgot you started school so early. That sucketh mightily. Did you just throw some syllabi at them and hightail out? It’s the sane thing to do/to have done 🙂

    • Yup. We totally need a phone date.

      Also, dude, trust me. I am all. over. the scoping out of a new neutral pencil skirt. I wore the black skirt again this week — pictures to come — but it just screams “stopgap” to me. I do have some neutral pencil skirts that could just be tailored to fit but that is emphatically not a task for the first week of the term.

      I’ve taught both courses this term 3-4 times previously so that helps. I just had to change dates on the syllabi & the lectures are all written for the term.

    • Yeah, that would make a lot of sense. Though, I think what I keep coming back to is that I really prefer a “true” pencil skirt shape on me, and this skirt just isn’t that. That said, I wore it again today — so maybe the $15 alteration cost might be worth forking over.

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