First Two Weeks: Dresses

There’s nothing easier in the first two weeks of classes than a dress.  As I get used to being back on a fall routine, I do appreciate the ease of one piece dressing.  Almost as much as I appreciate that my classes this fall are ones I’ve taught numerous times before and that one class is smart, super chatty, and already laughing at my HILARIOUS jokes, making the back-to-school transition reasonably seamless.

Note: in these pictures, I am not wearing white pantyhose.  You’ll see what I mean.

Dress: Lane Bryant; Belt: NY & Co.; Shoes: Jessica Simpson

Dress: Lane Bryant; Belt: NY & Co.; Shoes: Jessica Simpson

I wore this dress for my second day of classes last week (the first day outfit is coming soon, horribly out of order).  This dress is an old favorite, so it seemed a natural choice for a day where we moved beyond basic syllabus material and into the course proper.


Excuse the weird pose here, but I wanted to show a little bit more shoe detail.  An aim which failed because the wedge of my shoe is pretty much the color of my hardwood floors.

Dress: Target; Beloved Tear-shaped Pendant: H&M; Black flats: Me Too

Dress: Target; Beloved Tear-shaped Pendant: H&M; Black flats: Me Too

This dress I wore yesterday after picking it up over the weekend.  And, reader, I’m in love.  It has pockets!  It has stripes!  It’s made of ponte material so it’s comfortable!  It’s flattering!  All things that emphatically put it into the win category for me.  To the extent that I’m considering picking it up in another color.


Weirdly enough for me, though, is that both these dresses are full-on neutrals.  And as a hardcore member of Team Color, this feels strange.  Not to worry, though.  I’ve got a technicolor outfit planned for tomorrow’s class.

Did everyone have a good Labor Day weekend?

23 thoughts on “First Two Weeks: Dresses

    Despite being firmly on Team Colo(u)r, I find myself craving black and white (or black and almost-white) prints this fall. You too?

    Perhaps Spanx need to team up with the people who make the pee-standing-up funnel contraption?

    • Thanks, Kelly! I totally know what you mean — I’m definitely finding myself unexpectedly drawn to black and white patterns, too. Well, not unexpectedly, I guess. They’re what’s all over the stores and so probably I’m just responding exactly the way they want me to.

  2. And so as to actually engage with the post, I DO NOT CARE IF YOU ARE TRYING NOT TO MINDLESSLY BY THE DRESS IN MANY COLORS. It is FABULOUS. By it in ALL THE COLORS!

    (Also, Hi Anne! I am wearing your old clothing to work!)

  3. Both of these dresses rock and I can tell that even though I am temporarily blinded by your alabaster shins. And those wedges would be excellent even if they didn’t have a stompability factor of 11.

  4. Dresses are a pretty great way to ease back in to dressing for work. Now that I’m in the office so rarely, I almost always wear a dress just because it’s so easy to put together.

    I continue to be envious of that Target dress – I may need to seriously consider getting my own. I saw it in the navy/red combo at a festival this weekend, and that was just as cute (especially since tan isn’t in my pallet at all, unfortunately).

    And although these neutrals do look great, I’m looking forward to the return of Team Color 🙂

    • Those dresses are on sale this week at Target which might prompt me to swing by and pick up the navy/ red combo. Probably you need it too — it seems like a total Anne dress. Tan’s not typically in my palette either, but the black helps break it up so that the tan isn’t right by & therefore blending into my skin. Though, who am I kidding? Tan is way darker than me. Also, that you saw someone wearing it at a festival encourages me to keep trying to find ways to make it casual — every styling version I was imagining was getting a little dressier than my very, very casual life. I think it’ll be too hot here still for this dress as an option for when I’m music festival-ing it in a month — but I’ll have to keep it in mind!

      • Oh, you can definitely go casual with the ponte dress! Target’s website shows it with a denim jacket, but if that’s too hot, what about a knotted chambray shirt over it?

        And I’ll think about the navy/red one… it is SO cute, and you’re right, a perfect Anne dress. And it’d look great with our somewhat matching haircuts…

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  6. Love these two dresses. The second is so very you that I can’t believe you didn’t buy it twice. The first fits you so perfectly and looks so awesome that I am scrolling up to check it out, again, despite the awkward shoe-highlighting pose. Also, how were the cute wedges for stomping around campus?

    • I know, about dress 2, right? But I’m also trying to be better about not mindlessly buying multiples. Dress 1 doesn’t actually fit me perfectly as it requires strategic belting to keep it from looking like a tent. The pictures make it look slouchy than it did in person — which, I think, still looked cool. The wedges were excellent, stomping about in the building where my office & classrooms are. They were not worn for the trek from parking lot to said building.

  7. So, I don’t know if I, personally, have it in me to return to blogging while on the academic job market again. But I do have a question rooted in my first day of teaching at New Job U: you know those spanx with tank top straps and a pee slit in the crotch? Does anyone have insight into how to actually pee while wearing them? Insight that does not involve A) undressing completely in the bathroom stall or B) wetting oneself?

    • I have no advice to give as I’ve only ever accomplished either A or B while wearing those torture devices. Here’s a question: do you really have to wear them? And a follow-up question: if you must spanxify, could you try the bicycle shorts style that tucks under your bra (no straps), or the slip-dress style instead?

      I contend that the slit-shorts-thingy you describe was designed by a sadist who loves the idea of well-dressed women wetting themselves.

    • I’ve got nothing to add to A-Dubs’ spanx advice. But I can totally understand not wanting to return to blogging while on the market — though we miss you here in blogland! The market is such a soul-destroying process that you need all the self-care you can get.

    • I’m pretty sure that crotch-slit is a cruel joke. It is either extremely flawed or not meant to be functional, both of which makes me wonder who designed the thing. And I don’t know any women who have the kind of aim that slit implies is necessary. I say return it to Spanx with a customer complaint, but, you know, I love to return things.

      • Well, so I have so many things to say. The first is, thank god others feel the same way. The second is, “Do I need to wear it?” The part of me that grew up with an “ERA Yes!” button over my crib would say, “of course not.” (You know that I am one of the US readers, yes?) The part of me that was concerned about the fit of that dress, and who does not like the way that Spanx shorts role down and likes to keep my legs from rubbing together would say, “perhaps.” A friend mentioned getting a version where there are snaps by the shoulder pads. Apparently made by Wacoal. I bought 2 of this thing, in black and in “too dark to be nude for y’all, to light to be nude for me.” I am going to see if the one I have not worn still has tags.

        And E-Jo, thanks for the note on self care. I am in that funky position where I am working at one of the places where I will be applying, and so the stress is intense. And also makes me want anonymity far more than normal. So I think that I will get my community with you all by hanging out on your blog. And, you know, diverting conversations to discuss things like wetting one’s self at work. Or at weddings. (Note: I did not do the former. I just restricted liquids. That said, the latter has, perhaps, happened. But luckily late in the night once I could go home and take of the god damned maid of honor dress.)

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