Things that Pass By Rapidly, or Summer in Review

What up, StyleNation?! Welcome to another academic term at IPF, Northern Division! While IPF South’s been in the classroom for weeks now, I only returned last Thursday. Before posting back-to-school photos, however, I hearken instead to the sun-drenched, research-and-wine-filled days of summer one last time.

Obvy, SUMMER tops my Sei Shōnagon-inspired list today (i.e. Things that Pass By Rapidly).

Like E-Jo, I spent much of June, July, and August wearing only-occasionally-remarkable attire, so I’ve very little to report, sartorially-speaking. The following saw me through some on-campus workshops and meetings with research assistants throughout the summer:

DSC_0028 2

Grey and black burnout cowl-neck top: ?? (I removed the tag, new to blog); Black cotton cami: mall anchor store (ubiquitous on this blog); Smart Set pull-on denim skirt: thrifted (new to blog); Fly London Yayas: remixed


Pistachio Cotton 3/4-sleeve Cardigan: ?? new to blog (via Winners, but I removed the tag); Navy/white Stripe Mexx cotton/linen Drop-waist Dress: new to blog (purchased 2 or 3 summers ago); White Hue Jegging Capris: new to blog (via The Bay – be honest: how do we really feel about white jeggings? I can’t decide); Yellow Mousse Fly London Yakin Ankle Strap Wedges: new to blog (via lovely shoe boutique around the corner)


DKYNY Studded Denim Blazer: remixed (via Winners); Necklace: remixed (gifted); Black Cotton T-shirt: H&M (remixed); Teal Smart Set Cotton Trousers: new to blog; Brown leather belt: remixed (ubiquitous on this blog); Nude-for-white-folks Naturalizer Leather Wedge Sandals: remixed


Linen J Crew Pineapple T-shirt: new to blog (summer 2013); Cotton Smart Set Pineapple(coloured) Trousers: new to blog (summer 2013); Silver Pleather Bangle: remixed; Sandals: as above

And now, to finish the list (and the summer):

Things That Pass By Rapidly

5. The period in one’s life when drink the night before has little negative effects the morning after

4. Puppyhood for my Fuzzy Roommate and his dog

3. Periods of extreme hilarity

2. Moments in which first impressions, personal or professional, are formed


What’s on your list, StyleNation?

12 thoughts on “Things that Pass By Rapidly, or Summer in Review

  1. Another vote for the white jeggings as you’ve used them here. Summery and lovely, plus a rather brilliant way to rock the white pants trend while skirting the standard White Pants Hazards (especially the I Can’t Sit Down Anywhere Because Staining problem and the Oh God Underwear What? problem). Can I subscribe to your White Pants newsletter, please? Between these and your delightful white cargos, it’s clear you are a Master.

    I LOVE the colorful cropped trousers! Yay for the leg length and adorable wedges that make these just perfect.

    Passing by rapidly: the stage at which a recent haircut is absolutely perfect.

    • Dude. You’re absolutely right about the stage where a recent haircut is absolutely perfect. I just got mine cut and, because I always ask to have my bangs cut slightly too short, I’m about a week out from that wonderful, wonderful place.

      • I too am happiest with my hair about a week after a cut! Then 2-3 weeks after that I’m less happy. So really I need to get my hair cut slightly longer than I usually do but get it cut far more often. Sure, that doesn’t sound obsessive, expensive, and impossible to schedule.

    • Too true about the haircut! Also, thanks. White pants generally sucketh for all the reasons you list. I thought about starting a white pants newsletter but ultimately decided against it as such an endeavor would diminish significantly the time available to me to go on my dogs’ daycare Facebook page and give all the photos thumbs ups.

  2. When you say they are “white jeggings” do you mean they have fake-stitches and a fly tattooed onto them so they can masquerade as jeans? Because, NO. If they are leggings that are white, I agree with E-Jo and AftK about the way they are deployed here: acceptable. But I don’t really enjoy leggings outside of jazz class.

  3. I love the outfits. I spent my entire summer in yoga capris. The entire thing. And debating with my new (male) housemate (but not roommate, if you get the distinction) about whether it would be classless to leave the house without a bra.

    As for the jeggings, I apply my basic leggings rule. They may substitute for tights, but not pants. And therefore, as you have them here? No problem.

    I have had a glass of wine, but tomorrow will return to the discussion about peeing on oneself at work. Or at weddings.

  4. Um. Dude — these are WAY nicer than anything I wore this entire summer. I am loving the colorful pants on you. And, dear lord, do I covet those Naturalizer wedges and those yellow Flys. Also, the Naturalizer wedges take me back to excellent summit times last summer — speaking of things that pass by rapidly. As for white jeggings, I think, deployed as you have, are fine. But when they’re treated as a full-on outer layer, they start to be a little sheer on most people.

    Also, periods of extreme hilarity do not pass by rapidly when hanging out with me — given my natural state of hilarity. I’m pretty sure this can be confirmed by science.

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