Mid-Term: Stripes

Ohmigod, how is it only Tuesday?  In a bout of wishful thinking, I kept referring to today as Thursday in both classes, because, man, this has been a full week already.  Fortunately, I have a glorious writing day tomorrow so hopefully things will return to an even keel — or at least I’ll have a clue about what the day of the week is.  Maybe.  In the meantime, I’m listening to the new albums by Chvrches and Haim on repeat and having mini-dance breaks in my office to get me through.

Dress: Target; Necklace: The Bay; Sandals: Aerosoles

Dress: Target; Necklace: The Bay; Sandals: Aerosoles

Well, this dress went on sale.  So I bought it in the navy & maroon color.  And I think I like it even more than the black & tan: note to self, wear that dress on St. Patrick’s Day.


I tried it out with my style soul mate Anne’s suggestion of a chambray tied over top, which looked awesome and is definitely something I’ll be doing when it cools down here.

Dress: Gap; Necklace: Anthropologie; Boots: Corso Como

Dress: Gap; Necklace: Anthropologie; Boots: Corso Como

I wore this today in an attempt to make “dress for the weather you want, not the weather you have” a thing.  So far I have been unsuccessful, but I will persevere.  When I got up this morning, I just couldn’t face down an October without sleeves.  Plus, even though it’s gotten (very slightly) cooler here, my office A/C is still stuck on Antarctic so I was freezing in there both yesterday and today.


Here’s a detail shot, as well, of the boots which were a late spring purchase last year and, thus, got limited wear and never received a proper close up.


How are your Octobers shaping up?  It’s the month of my birthday so it’s clearly a really important month.


14 thoughts on “Mid-Term: Stripes

  1. I think I need to come visit so you can take me shopping, because between the pencil skirts and the striped dresses you have already mastered a very large part of my intended New Look (less actual New Look and more stripey dresses with boots and a lot more denim than Dior would ever condone).

    Way to rock the stripes, and I like your new boots!

    • Thanks!

      I don’t know, I think a New Look wardrobe could be pretty rad, in spite of its utter lack of practicality. Probably I should come to you and shop with you there. The shopping here is pretty sad (though, my god, I still manage to spend more money than I should) — though mega-metropolises to my immediate east and west have valuable shopping real estate.

  2. Those boots look like butter. Figuratively speaking.

    Nice threads, E-Jo. I love the wine and navy stripes a lot, especially because you could totally spill wine on that dress with no tell-tale trace. This is what I look for in clothing.

    • These boots feel like butter, as well. Figuratively speaking.

      It is what I look for in clothing as well. In fact, I have already spilled wine on this dress — though I’m still in summer time, white wine mode, so it didn’t need to blend into the dress. I consider it training for cooler months.

    • Dude. Thanks.

      I don’t know? I’ve got an awesome and fancy camera — but I’ve had it for a while now. I’m taking them in my bedroom now and it has a ton of natural light, especially in the morning, so I’m not using the flash which might be the trick here.

  3. “Style soul mate” is probably the coolest thing anyone has ever called me 🙂 Which makes it even more weird that I haven’t bought this dress yet! I’d love to see it paired with chambray, should the weather ever allow for that.

    And I firmly believe in dressing for the weather that you want, not the weather that you have. Except that when I do it, it’s dressing for spring/summer when it’s still 30 degrees here. But I do see a lot of people dressing for cold fall weather around here, even though it’s still in the 70’s. I’m looking forward to tights & boots, really I am, but we usually get a good 6 months of that weather as it is, so I can’t bring myself to cover up bare legs while it’s still “warm” here!

    Do you have anything fun planned for your birthday yet? You know, in addition to ACL?

    • Well, the dress isn’t on sale anymore so it seems only prudent to wait a bit now…

      I guess what I’m doing is a reverse of your pre-summer dressing. We get so much heat here that I’m really sick of bare limbs, and am ready for boots and tights. It’s still way too hot to contemplate tights — and, really, boots bordered on the ludicrous yesterday. But, fear not, I’m wearing jeans today in defiance of the humidity outside.

      ACL is the bulk of my plans — which I’m super excited about — but I’m also going for drinks at the fancy local steakhouse on the day itself.

      • I’m all for a bargain, but on the other hand, what if it sells out in my size? I’ll monitor the situation for another week or two, then I may have to just suck it up and pay full price. Which is still pretty reasonable.

        Oh yeah, if I lived there, I’d probably be sick of warm-weather dressing. And to be honest, I do miss tights taking away the glaring white of my legs, so I’ll be happy when it’s finally time. But as long as it’s still “warm” here, which it may be for another week (because why wouldn’t October in Chicago start with 80 degree weather?), I just can’t do it.

        Does a fancy steakhouse mean you don’t throw your peanut shells on the floor?

        • This IS always the risk of the bargain hunter — though at least you can usually get things on their website… But, obviously, you need to get it soon so we can be dress twins faster.

          Oh, tights. I can’t wait for them. I was, in fact, just drooling over the color selection at Target. I’ve got my eye on some bright mustard beauties. Also, man, I’d LOVE some 80 degree weather. We’re still hovering in the low 90s — though it’s supposed to cool down to the 70s this weekend for a few glorious days. But, yeah, I totally understand the need to still enjoy summer in the face of approaching winter doom.

          Well, I mean, I throw peanut shells on the floor at every restaurant. I carry some in my purse in case the place doesn’t offer them. This is, in fact, a peanut-in-shell free place. It’s all leather and whiskey and, y’know, steaks. It’s a thing of beauty.

          • Are you sure you aren’t having your birthday in the nineteenth century at a gentlemen’s club? Because is sounds like you might be.

          • Nope. But it sure is in a strip mall. Also, there are TOTALLY high-end cowboy boutiques — though they’re really for cowgirls and feature lots of glitter, pink, and zebra print.

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