Well, after a series of posts that nicely fell into little mini-themes, I’ve lost some momentum in that direction.  Unless, “things I’ve bought recently” counts as a theme.  Which I suppose it sort of does.  Anyhow, this is/ has been a relatively busy week, full of meetings and such things.  Like conference acceptances that mean delightful upcoming travel destinations.  And the birth of adorably teensy nieces. Also my birthday.

Dress: Old Navy; Navy Tights: Hue; Boots: Jessica Simpson; Beloved silver pendant: H&M

Dress: Old Navy; Navy Tights: Hue; Boots: Jessica Simpson; Beloved silver pendant: H&M

I wore this sucker yesterday for my birthday.  It’s a lovely sweatshirt material so it’s like wearing pajamas.  The tights and boots were slightly overkill for the weather here; we’re tentatively making steps towards fall so it’s somewhat chilly in the morning when I leave my house (50F/ 10C) but then gets quite a bit hotter by the time I leave work (80F/ 27F).  This makes it a giant pain to dress for the weather and since I love fall clothes, I’m unapologetically just declaring it time to wear boots.


Also, this dress requires tights when I teach as there’s quite a bit of side leg on display without them.  I wore this out after work for drinks with the local key players at the fancy steakhouse.  I took the tights off then because, at that point, I was awfully warm.  And figured that the martinis with goat cheese stuffed olives I planned on consuming wouldn’t help matters.

Blazer: Target; Navy shirt & jeans: Old navy; Black flats: Me Too

Blazer: Target; Navy shirt & jeans: Old navy; Black flats: Me Too

This I wore on Monday for a day that begun with some writing in a coffee shop and then transitioned into the first of the week’s meetings.  The jeans, like the previous dress, are both new.  After a bunch of months where it’s been way too hot to contemplate sheathing my legs in fabric tubes, I’ve been wearing these pretty constantly since snagging them last week.


How are the rest of you enjoying the beginning of October?

15 thoughts on “Themeless

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  2. I like your new jeans! I have a very similar pair, but always reserve them for casual things (like, without cute shoes and a blazer) because it’s darker denim. Hmmm, maybe I should stop doing that. I bet those will look cute under your sweet brown boots. Because I can duplicate that look pretty easily. And it’s important that we be style twins.

    Cute dress too! Now I just want to go blow a bunch of money at Old Navy. After I catch up with your Target purchases, of course.

    • Uh…. I meant to say lighter denim. Not darker. Because if that’s what I consider to be dark denim, then I’d probably own something acid-washed.

    • Dude. I agree about the importance of being style twins — but you’re falling behind on your twin purchases. I’m totally excited to wear these with my boots. I’m not quite there, weather-wise, but it’s probably just a matter of a week or two. I actually wanted these jeans in a darker denim, but the dark denim was too uniform a dark wash in a way that I didn’t really like. These also look pretty awesome with the black suede booties that I have (and which are yet to be blogged).

      • I haven’t done jeans with boots yet either, because of aforementioned fall warm front. It’s still hitting 70 everyday here! But I’m so looking forward to it. My darker jeans are from Gap – they’re the “sexy boyfriend,” so cut pretty similar to these, but i see the dark wash of those is currently going for $90. Eek. Maybe try ON online?

        And you’ve been withholding black suede booties from us?

        • Umm… because IPF South has given me a super distorted vision of the distinction between hot & cold, I’ll probably be doing jeans with boots when we hit 70 consistently. Jeans at the Gap are too rich for my blood right now, particularly as I’m moving between sizes — but I’ll have to look into those next time I’m in an actual store.

          I know, right? I’M A MONSTER. Actually, though, I had to work up the appropriate amount of swagger to wear them — I’m not sure I’m there yet, but I’m prepared to fake it now.

          • I thought I noticed a more svelte E-Jo when you posted about being back to school! Yeah, definitely don’t spend too much while in transition. I tried to make sure I bought mostly structured things that could be tailored, since that’s still cheaper than outright replacing them.

  3. Thanks Dr.W. The cell network is clearly stupid. Birthday-related things of the type discussed in my text went well — and will continue next week with (belated) Thanksgiving things. Probably (hopefully?) we’ll need to conference after that. And thus concludes our most cryptic blog exchange yet. It’s like we’re spies.

  4. Looking good, Dr. Jo. Am totalz loving both these ensembles. Also, cannot wait to hear how all things birthday-related went down. Tried to text about it yesterday, but the whole cell network was down here. Weirdest/stupidest thing ever.

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