Pencil Skirts, Northern Division

Having woken early to the dulcet tones of a dog puking, I’ve found a whole extra hour with which to blog. How’ve you been, StyleNation? Things here at IPF North have been verging on frantic at least in part because this is now my fourth year at my job and I’m no longer contractually protected from service work at the faculty and university levels. This means I’ve a whole new set of meetings to map onto existing research, teaching, and department-level meetings.

I’ve also discovered that prepping adequately for every meeting (i.e. thoroughly reading ALL attachments emailed prior) cuts into necessary sleep and having-at-least-a-little-life time. I am, therefore, developing a survival strategy. Unless I’m prepping for someone else’s tenure review, I’ll be skimming what appear to be the most important documents in the 10-15 minutes prior to the meeting/s in which they’re to be discussed. I just don’t see any other way to survive the landslide of text-based documents this fall.

In outfit-related news, I’ve been trying to try. This is me saying good-bye to bare legs. The crisp autumn season is now firmly upon this city; but we had one last push of sun and warm breeziness last week:

1. Needs bigger shoes

I’m trying to channel me some E-Jo. Her flats seem to balance her ensembles better than these tiny gold ones. I’ll keep trying!


Black flowered tunic/blouse: ?? (I removed the scratchy tag, remixed); Black sleeveless T: H&M (remixed a LOT); Rose gold leather belt: Smart Set (new to blog); Cream satin-finish cotton pencil skirt: Jacob (remixed); Gold faux-snakeskin embellished flats: David Dixon (remixed)


2. Blacks and blues

This was my first attempt at styling this skirt. I’ve got bigger plans for it, but this is a reasonable warm-up.


Sheer black silk button-up blouse: Equipment (via Winners, new to blog); Black sleeveless T: as above: Silver medallion necklace: The Bay; Navy and blue polka dot midi pencil skirt: Zara: Black suede flats: Browns

How’s fall treating you, StyleNation?

Also, for those of you with meeting-rich professional lives, how do you do it?

14 thoughts on “Pencil Skirts, Northern Division

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  2. Since those “owning” the meetings (borrowing Cynthia’s clever term) tend to open the proceedings with summaries, skimming seems entirely reasonable.

    More awesome IPF pencil skirts! I look forward to the boot incarnations, though the flats are certainly cute. I just love boots (always and forever).

  3. Ah yes, waking up to dog(s) puking. I know it well. Jude’s usually at least considerate enough to clean up after himself, but I wish he’d stop doing it all over the rug. Why have hardwood floors if your dogs would prefer to mess up the rugs?

    I wouldn’t have noticed the small gold shoes until you pointed them out. I like the idea though, but they do look disproportionately small. I never seem to be able to wear flats with pencil skirts in general, something about it always looks off. Maybe they feel too casual to me? I love the styling of that outfit though! Break the rules and wear white after Labor Day, you rebel (or, is that even a rule there? Does anyone even care about that anymore?).

    • Gah! Your dogs do that, too? Mine alternate between their beds (in or out of kennel), rugs, and furniture. It’s infuriating when there’s so much hardwood – or bathroom tile – to puke on instead.

      Hmm. About the shoes: I’m trying to give up high heels. But maybe a flatform of some kind would work better with this skirt.

      Also, the only time I ever hear that rule about wearing white is when someone’s saying it’s to be broken nowadays. It’s weird that it persists, even in this mythic form, no? Even the A-Dubs-Hubs quotes it every once in a while, and his sense of fashion is heavily influenced by a love of fleece and khakis.

      • Yep, it’s so obnoxious! It HAS to be on the rug. Meko will occasionally pee in the bathroom, and even there, it’s always on the tiny bathroom rug (but at least I can just throw that in the washer – not so much with area rugs).

        Hmmm, well what about a lower wedge? I have some from Privo/Clarks that are maybe half an inch, which is just enough.

        And I think our husbands have similar senses of style! Are there 10+ year old t-shirts underneath the fleece, or is that just mine?

  4. Ha! I actually laughed out loud at that first sentence.

    I’m with Cynthia: I just do a cursory skim of things when I’m not in charge or directly responsible in some way. Thus far, I’ve never found it to really limit my sense of the issues, and have found that, when I do read everything thoroughly, the specifics of the materials never come up. Also, based on the experience of my last semesters of heavy service commitments, the best form of coping I’ve apparently come up with are really nerdy stress nightmares. So I’ve clearly got nothing to suggest that’s particularly helpful.

    Also, I’m loving both outfits — I particularly covet the rose-gold belt.

    • Thanks Dude. Nerdy stress nightmares sound like a horrifying “coping” mechanism.

      Also, you are a wiener for taking pleasure in my early-morning distress. The only thing worse than cleaning puke out of dog kennel first thing in the morning is cleaning crap out of a dog kennel first thing in the morning.

      Finally, thanks for endorsing my skim strategies and for sharing your experience. I shall continue in this vein.

  5. You have a Zara in IPF North? IPF East sucketh. Unless you want to buy a kayak, which I do not.

    Lookin’ awesome. I want you to wear some bad-a$$ boots with that skirt. Do it. Also, nice sunbeam placement on the chestal region.

    • Thanks, wien.

      We most definitely do not have a Zara in IPF North. I bought it on vacay in Vangroovy this summer.

      In other news, I, too, want me to wear some bad-a$$ boots with that skirt. I am on it. (Sort of wishing I had some orange Fiorentini and Bakers right now. . . )

      And yeah, the boobal sunspot was accidental but welcome.

  6. Unless I “own” the committee, or I own the product that is being discussed by the committee, or it’s someone’s tenure review, I make do with a cursory scan. Unfortunately right now I’m deep in a couple of projects that I own.

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