Things that can be seen comfortably

Hi All! Who’s ready for end-of-term? Much as I’m enjoying my two courses this term, I cannot wait for this term to be over. Because then I’ll be on research leave for 6 months and can wear mostly real pyjamas – not office pyjamas – for much of the winter.

To pass the time until then, I offer two ensembles that can be seen comfortably. Mostly because of these new patent leather booties. With the platform, they’re barely high heels at all. This is good as I am trying to retire from wearing uncomfortable shoes. I’ve completely lost patience with footwear that hurts my feet, knees, hips, and back; and I’m no longer willing to tolerate shoes in which I can do little more than mince or tiptoe around.

1. Belting a Cardigan Like we Did Back in the Day (i.e. 2008)


Navy floral-printed draped cardigan: Melanie Lyne (remixed); Satine cotton cami: Jockey (via The Bay); Silver leather skinny belt: Smart Set; Black cotton twill pencil skirt (lined): Melanie Lyne; Tights: Hue; Black patent leather booties: Rockport (new to blog)


2. Black and Gold and Booties


Cream rayon knit t-neck: BCBG Maxazria; Black and gold dress: BCBG Maxazria (remixed); Leggings: Smart Set (remixed); Booties: as above


And finally, let’s finish today’s Sei Shōnagon-inspired list:

Things That Can be Seen Comfortably

1. These booties.

2. The first snow of the season (already happened here, fyi – probably you’re jealous)

3. Cherry blossoms anywhere (seriously: online, in visual media, in person – they’re always exquisite)

4. Puppies and kittens

5. Mannequins shaped like real women

What will you add to the list, StyleNation?

What visual things are comfortable for you to see?

12 thoughts on “Things that can be seen comfortably

  1. Research leave! Glorious!

    I dig your new boots and will happily join your Fuck These Painful Shoes revolution. Can we have an organizational meeting at IPF South with the aforementioned cupcakes?

    Things that can be seen comfortably: winter comfort food, teapots, panda cam.

    • Ha! We’re totally like this (I’m doing the fingers to eyes thing). And why the hell not? A belted cardigan stays closed and enables one to wear basically an undershirt in lieu of less comfortable items like blouses.

      Also, I know, right? I’m so totally jzzed to not teach for the winter and try to actually complete some other things!

  2. Because of an upcoming week where I’ve cancelled classes and my students are required to meet with me to talk about their papers, I’ve only got 7 class sessions left in each class. Which is a little mind-blowing. Nerdily enough, I’m actually feeling a little sad about this as I love these two classes so much. But I’m super excited for you to be on leave, both because being on leave is the greatest and because you’ll (sort of) be in my neck of the woods for part of it!

    That drape-y cardigan is all sorts of awesome and I love the Star Trek-ness of that last dress.

    Things that can be seen comfortably? The guinness chocolate cupcakes I’m making tomorrow for a friend’s birthday. Also, this upcoming weekend where my plans only include hanging out and red wine, and not, for once, grading.

    Finally, I won’t tell you what the temperature was here today. It’ll just upset you.

    • Yep, that’s nerdy. But I’m glad your classes are going so well. I was loving my honours course in particular until just this aft, when my students retreated into endless discussion of identity formation as it pertains very personally and individually to them alone. Because you know, that’s how one usefully engages with the society of the spectacle and the simulacrum. Wieners.

      Dude, I’ll be close enough that you can bake those wicked cupcake thingies for me. Just saying.

      • Did I mention that those cupcakes are topped with Bailey’s cream cheese icing? Because they totally are and are amazing.

        Also, I am sort of delighted that the response to society of the spectacle and the simulacrum is total self-focus. You do you, undergraduates.

        • See above re forthcoming organizational plans for cupcake consumption. Also, I note for the official record that I had a number of birthdays while we lived in the same city and saw exactly 0 cupcakes of the kind you describe. Just saying 🙂

          • Dude, you lived near me when I was a broke and broken grad student; this was not a moment for baking. Probably now you’ll just need to consume a bunch to make up for lost time.

  3. I can’t get past the “two courses” to get to the clothes. My load this semester is thrice your number, all different preps. It’s unusual, granted, but still. I’ve been amusing myself by wearing more unexpected things, like my shot silk balloon skirt and Bronx boxing tee. No–not feeling punchy here … 🙂

    • I am horrified by your teaching load. Horrified. Are you taking a term off and thus front-loading your year’s teaching responsibilities? I like your coping strategies – am trying to picture it and totally grooving on this imagined image – but holy cow do you deserve a medal for your exertions this term!

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