Halloween, Take Two

What’s this, a second post in one week?  Craziness.  As I mentioned in my last post, I’ve got a bit of a backlog of outfits to share with you.  But today’s post was catalyzed by a gauntlet, thrown down by Anne.  To recap the story so far, my students thought I was wearing a costume on Halloween, when I was, in fact, just wearing my regular clothes.  Anne, theorizing that I was in costume as her, decided to recreate the outfit, dressing as me, dressing as her.  So, today, to add yet another level of something like meta-ness, I dressed as Anne, dressing as me, dressing as her.

Sweater: Joe; Buffalo plaid button down: Old Navy; Pencil skirt: Target; Grey tights: Hue; Boots: Jessica Simpson; Watch: Kenneth Cole

Sweater: Joe; Buffalo plaid button down: Old Navy; Pencil skirt: Target; Grey tights: Hue; Boots: Jessica Simpson; Watch: Kenneth Cole

Boom.  Your move, Anne.  Your move.  I also didn’t fully go headless in the picture below in order to reveal the red lipstick (which I normally wear) but which is also part of my Anne costume.  Note that the mini-FR even graced this post with his presence, as homage to the ridiculously photogenic dogs of Anne Really Blogs.  Also, this is the most emphatically Team Color outfit I’ve worn in a while.  It was occasionally distracting.


And since, I’m posting anyhow, here are a few more recent outfits.

Striped shirt: Joe; Pencil skirt: Target; Watch & suede booties: Kenneth Cole

Striped shirt: Joe; Pencil skirt: Target; Watch & suede booties: Kenneth Cole

Yeah, I have no idea what I’m doing in this picture.  But it shows the outfit better than the other shots I have.  Clearly, I’m a posing genius.  Anyhow, this outfit was designed around these shoes.  Which are awesome, and much more comfortable than they look/ I would have assumed.


All clothing items: Target; Shoes: Jessica Simpson

All clothing items: Target; Shoes: Jessica Simpson

And this might be the most flattering outfit I’ve ever worn on this blog.  As I mentioned when I last wore this peplum top, I really like the look of it with a pencil skirt, but found the sleeveless pairing of it with the fitted skirt to be a little much for the classroom.  I was playing around with outfit planning, as you do, and decided to throw this t shirt on underneath, and, all of sudden, it became classroom workable.  I’m going to try it out with a cardigan as well, but this was an excellent work around.


Any exciting plans for the weekend?

6 thoughts on “Halloween, Take Two

  1. I am following the E-Jo vs. Anne outfit showdown / collaborative celebration with bated breath!

    Please send me those suede booties. Thanks.

    You are KILLING the peplum to such an extent that I am required to hit caps lock.

  2. There’s an overload of pencil skirt awesomeness in this post!

    Hmmm….. I’ll have to plot out my next move. I think that exact outfit is exhausted on my end (I’ve done it with a blue cardigan too), but I’m sure I can come up with something inspired by you dressing as me dressing as you dressing in costume as me.

    I like the peplum with the pencil skirt! It is a really flattering look. And I’d definitely like to see it with a cardigan, since you know, I add those to everything.

    • Thanks! I think this exact outfit is probably exhausted on this end as well… but I’m excited to see what you come up with!

      I actually tried the peplum with a cardigan the other day, after I posted this, and didn’t love it. This is partly because my cardigans are all a little off, size-wise, right now and I’m apparently too cheap to update that key group of my wardrobe. BUT I wore it out with the dark skinnies and the striped blazer from last Monday’s post and it was pretty great. So that makes me think that a shorter and more fitted cardigan than any I currently have might do the trick…

      • OMG, I totally hear you on not updating clothes while in between sizes. Basically all I bought was stuff I could later get tailored. But, since I’m such an awesome enabler, Target’s website has a sale on sweaters (15% if you buy two, 20% if you buy 3); the Cartwheel app has a 15% off sweaters in-store coupon through 11/23, and this week’s mobile coupons on the Target app includes $3 off a $15 apparel purchase. Um, I spend way too much time couponing. But their cardigans are stretchy enough that a new size would last you a long time.

        Peplum + blazer sounds cute!

        • Here’s the thing, I feel like I’ve bought a ton of stuff in the last month or so — more than I probably should have — just no cardigans, in spite of their obvious usefulness. Part of this is that I seem to be really drawn to more neutral things right now (*cough, store merchandising is working, *cough), and the piles of cardigan seem too colorful. Anyhow, thanks for your effort at enabling! I’m going to try to be hardcore and resist, in favor of dropping some coin around Black Friday.

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