End-of-term – Hoo-ahhh!

Has it really been almost a month since last we posted, StyleNation? Yeesh!

As usual, November was insanely busy at IPF North. In addition to the teaching, applying for things, attending meetings every second hour, and pretending to maintain a research program, I also jetted off to the emerald isle for a conference. For reasons I’ll discuss some other time, I’ll not be filing a conference report.

I have, however, worn some things to the above-noted on-campus activities. Also, perhaps because of my growing excitement about the research leave I begin as soon as this last batch of grades is submitted, I’ve not been following the November rules. Instead I’ve been fiddling around with boots and blue things.

1. Blue and boots

Worn for a day comprised of a long morning meeting, 75 minutes of teaching, then nearly 2 hours of guest lecture and discussion elsewhere on campus. These boots are meant to replace the brown riding boots that have begun to make my feet crazy-achy.


Mexx navy and floral faux silk dress: new to blog (via Mexx); Fuchsia cotton t: mall anchor store; Hue Navy tights: remixed (via The Bay); Brown leather back-lace boots: new to blog (via Browns Shoes)


2. Blue dots, etc

Worn for another meeting and teaching day. I’m still practicing with this skirt and seem to have skewed toward the crazy in this iteration. Whatevs. It’ll happen at some point. But I’m taking suggestions. . .


Dalia Collection navy and neon faux silk blouse: new to blog (via Winners); “Silver” bead necklace: remixed; Zara navy and blue dot midi pencil skirt: remixed; Hue indigo tights: remixed (via The Bay); Fly London navy and pewter flatforms: remixed

What’s up with you, StyleNation?

What rules are you breaking?

12 thoughts on “End-of-term – Hoo-ahhh!

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  3. Oooh, I love the layering in the first outfit! I would never think to do that, I always just throw a cardigan (or, when I’m feeling fancy, a blazer) on top of short sleeves.

    Your new boots are super cute! I like what little bit of the lace-back we can see 🙂

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  5. I like these a lot. I’m with “Kelly” on LOVING the navy & neon blouse. Again, navy proving why it’s the secret neutral hero. I also agree that maybe a more contrast heavy top half might work. I think it would look killer with a white v-neck t-shirt (crisp or slouchy) and some sort of blazer. Ooh, ooh, or, instead of the blazer, some sort of BA leather/ leather-ish jacket. In unrelated news, I’m currently fantasy-shopping leather jackets.

    Also, probably we’re going to need a close up shot of those new boots… And I’m pretty sure we’re caught up on any rule-breaking, post-epic phone date.

    • Woman, we are like this (I’m doing the fingers to eyes thing). Have been fantasy shopping leather jackets instead ofmarking things for much of today. And I love the t-shirt with jacket of some kind (especially a leather moto). I am on it.

  6. I love how you rock color in the depths of November! The pansy dress is splendid, as is the luscious navy-and-neon blouse. I also really like the midi pencil skirt. I have been intrigued by them ever since Angie at YouLookFab featured a striped one, but I worried that I would have no idea how to work it. Ideas…navy tights for the long-line thing linking skirt, tights and shoes, maybe with a more contrasting top? I like the flowy shape of this blouse over the pencil skirt, but perhaps a more top half vs. bottom half color scheme?


    Breaking rules on my end:
    Retrieving a well-loved (i.e. slightly ragged) sweater front the Donate pile.
    Wearing wide-length pants with flat shoes while being short.
    Leaving the house without makeup while being over the age of 30.

    • Thanks woman. I love the suggestion of a more contrasting top and will totally try that next.

      Your rule-breaking is great and fully appropriate. Some things are to be kept no matter how well-worn they become. Also, I’ve seen you in the wide-leg pants and flats look: you look great in it. Finally, make-up wearing is way over-rated. I really find I care less and less about it the older I get. Is your interest also waning, or have you just got your hands full on those days?

      • Thanks for the flats kudos! As for makeup, I could find 5 minutes to Carmindize my face on all but the busiest mornings, but my interest is waning. I still like makeup and enjoy slapping some on for special occasions, but care less about its supposed day-to-day necessity. Except for lip color, because I seem to more lose lip pigment with each passing year, but even that gets a serious “meh” some days.

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