Variations on a Theme

I second A-Dubs’ jubilation on the end of term.  I submitted my last set of grades for the term yesterday — though now the trick is to rein in my sense that I’m on vacation, until I actually leave on Tuesday — so things are pretty awesome here.  Classes ended last week  so this week has meant a bunch of end of term meetings as I transition out of professional wear, into sweatpants.  I chose — inadvertently — to wear variations on a “grey & black stripes with blue accents” theme.

Blazer: Target; Chambray & black t-shirt: Old Navy; Ponte jeggings: Gap; Boots: Corso Como

Blazer: Target; Chambray & black t-shirt: Old Navy; Ponte jeggings: Gap; Boots: Corso Como

So I wore this today to work at a coffee shop and then to meet other assistant professors from my department for lunch to discuss mentorship.  Also, I’m wearing jeggings.  I know.  I’m surprised too.  But, ohmigod, are they the most comfortable things ever.  I love them.  I’m never wearing anything else (this may be an untruth).


Also, this blazer continues to be a workhorse.  I’m honestly a little surprised by how much wear I get out of a striped blazer.  Perhaps the fact that it is ludicrously flattering helps somewhat.  I mean, seriously.

Sweater & pencil skirt: Target; Scarf: World Market; Tights: Hue; Boots: Corso Como

Sweater & pencil skirt: Target; Scarf: World Market; Tights: Hue; Boots: Corso Como

This, I wore to give an exam earlier this week.  I figured it was one last chance to dress up for my students.  The exam was at 8 in the morning so I couldn’t wear what I wanted (my pajamas, back in bed), so I might as well dress up.  Also, the mini-FR is super into smelling my skirt here for unknown reasons.


I suspect this is it from me until the new year so I hope everyone enjoys the next few weeks!

8 thoughts on “Variations on a Theme

  1. Hi ladies — I just found this blog as a reader suggested link from Already Pretty. You have some really great stuff here . . . but can I make a suggestion? The headless photos are REALLY unnerving. I can’t tell if it is a privacy issue or not wanting to seem vain. . . but clothing is chosen by people, worn by people, to function for people. Even a profile shot that doesn’t show the face would help. If you are just trying to represent the idea of an outfit . . . eliminate the person all together and show polyvore representations or mannequin displays. You might be surprised at how connecting with people increases the number of readers. Sorry for putting this in a post, I looked for a direct email for the blog but couldn’t find one. You have good content here .. .help us figure out how to make it work for us! 🙂

    • Welcome to In Professorial Fashion! Sorry to take so long to reply to your comment — away from the keyboard and all that over the break. The headless photos are absolutely unnerving — just imagine having a whole folder of headless photos of yourself on your laptop! — but are about privacy in a variety of ways. The most important way, for the three of us, is that we’re all at various early-ish stages of academic careers and want to keep a clear distinction between our “blog” selves and our “academic” selves. We prefer the headless shots to the polyvore representations because they still let us convey some of the particular realities of how we each wear our clothes, to connect with readers, as you suggest. But, at the same time, let us maintain our anonymity. While there’s not much that we post (speaking for myself) that I’d be too worried about being connected to me, the sad reality is that internet lives impact tenure cases in all sorts of weird and unpredictable ways (particularly for female and POC academics). Anyhow, thanks for your input and we hope you continue to read along with us!

  2. You aren’t kidding about the flattery of the blazer. Also, I heart those boots, and you are hard core for making it to an 8 am exam AND looking chic while doing it. Enjoy your holiday! You are a weiner for starting before me.

    • Thanks, dude. I also heart those boots, though they get worn less frequently than my riding boots. And while I may have started my holiday before you, yours gets to continue past mine, so I think we even out.

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