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Happy New Year, everyone!  The last month has been a bit of a whirlwind: I had a delightful 3 day bout of bronchitis. I spent some excellent, but busy, time with family, meeting my (at the time) nearly-three month old niece for the first time and being at the hospital when my nephew decided to arrive, just under the wire, before I flew home.  I’ve been home for nearly two weeks and I’ve been busy trying to catch up with things that were left unfinished before the holidays.  Local key players are slowly returning from their holidays so things are starting to return to normal in this, the last week of break (here at least — I believe that many of our Canadian academic readers are already back at it).

Part of returning to form means doing the rounds of my coffee shops, making sure that baristas remember my order after my absence.

Jacket & unseen tank: Target; Fox in a jaunty top hat t-shirt: American Eagle (gifted from the youngest sister & husband); Jeggings: Gap; Boots: Jessica Simpson

Jacket & unseen tank: Target; Fox in a jaunty top hat t-shirt: American Eagle (gifted from the youngest sister & husband); Jeggings: Gap; Boots: Jessica Simpson

Fortunately, they all passed the implicit test.  It’s as though a three week absence doesn’t make that much difference when you go to a place two to three times a week for the six months previous to this absence.  And are, clearly, awesome.


While we’re experience nothing even remotely similar to the insane deep freeze that IPF North is currently in the midst of, the last few days have been the coldest I’ve ever experienced in IPF South — a location where all windows are only single glazed and, thus, super drafty, and where even the slightest drop below freezing is viewed as apocalyptic.  After four and a half years here, I’ve gotten weak and so today I had to layer underneath my fantastic fox shirt and eat soup in order to manage.  I lead an exceedingly difficult life.

Another form that needs to returning to is having some drinks and tacos.  A difficult task but one that I proved myself up to.

Houndstooth moto jacket: Gap; Neon yellow t shirt: Old Navy; Jeggings: Gap; Scarf: Gifted from the youngest sister from her trip to Milan; Boots: Corso Como

Houndstooth moto jacket: Gap; Neon yellow t shirt: Old Navy; Jeggings: Gap; Scarf: Gifted from the youngest sister from her trip to Milan; Boots: Corso Como

Both outfits are also vehicles for some of my holiday loot (with further such vehicles to come — namely boots): the fox t shirt in the above outfit, and the moto jacket here.  Both outfits are also all about my youngest sister — the one who kindly had a baby five hours before I had to be at the airport so I could meet the little duffer.  I technically bought the moto jacket in this outfit in the Boxing Day sales, but it’s the twin of the one I gifted said sister.  Similarly, she brought back the scarf for me from a recent-ish trip to Milan.


Hope all of your new years are off to a good start!  And if you’re currently in the midst of the polar vortex, that you’re keeping warm!

14 thoughts on “Return to Form

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  2. Wein, if the last year or so have been “of the pencil skirt” at IPF South, you are now in the year of the blazer/jacket. I was seriously coveting the first ensemble – have resisted purchasing the very same foxy shirt during an ill-fated holiday gift shopping excursion (a good portion of which I spent texting you) – until I scrolled to the second outfit. Holy crap these jacket-based ensembles are a serious super-power for you. LOVE the tweed moto-jacket with the neon tee and super-classy sister-gifted scarf.

    ALso, it is hilarious that people are freaking out and buying water because of the cold there. Here, everyone’s bitching about how city council are idiots for not getting the 29 billion feet of snow cleared so we can continue about our important, important lives. Also, some are demanding the mayor pay to fix their cars after the snow-formed ruts on the roads tossed their cars into other cars and smashed them up. Never mind that these same dummies didn’t slow down at all, despite the crazy driving conditions. (You know, because it is the mayor’s fault.)

    • Thanks dude. It’s astonishing how the addition of a jacket takes an outfit that is one teensy step past pajamas and turns into something that seems reasonable. And, yeah, my sister is killing it with the gifts in this post — the other sister gave me a killer purse that I need to photograph at some point.

  3. That moto jacket is absolutely sublime. SUBLIME, I say! I also love the black ponte jeans, which I suspect is exactly what my closet needs.
    You are looking damn good in these headless photos, E-Jo. Return to top form.

    • Thanks dude. Also, ha. That jacket is indeed the greatest. And I got it for $100 off, so, score. They had it in a hot pink that sorely tempted me. The only thing is that I kinda wish I had gone down a size, as the shoulders are slightly large on this one for me. But mostly it’s badass, and so no complaints.

  4. The polar vortex sucks 😦 So I’ll just ignore that for a few minutes to read your post instead.

    I love both of these outfits! And may I add, looking good, E-Jo! 🙂 I’ve been on the lookout for black jeggings myself, and you know I at least tried that Target blazer on (but working from home 80% of the time, I have no need for a new blazer… though I may still pick it up on clearance or something).

    Heh, “Boxing Day sales.” Obviously you know we have the same sales here but they’re just “sales while you’re exchanging your unwanted presents.”

    • Also, I prefer terms like “Chiberia,” “Chilaska,” and “The Windy Shitty” to the “polar vortex.” Just thought that was worth noting.

    • Thanks dude! I love love love these pants: They’re LUDICROUSLY expensive, though, at full price, given what they are. But since things are always on sale on the Gap’s website, it’s just a matter of waiting them out. Also, you can order down a size, which is a delightful moment of novelty sizing. Though in getting that link for you, I see they’re both 50% off and basically sold out. So, yeah. As for that blazer, I was just saying to my sister this morning, that it’s the best $30 I’ve spent in a long time, given how much I wear it. Though I live in a place where I can use it as outer wear much of the year… I promise that neither the Gap nor Target are paying me to say all this — THOUGH THEY SHOULD BE.

      Also, you clearly just envy we Canadians and our classy Anglophilia.

      • Ponte legging jeans? How did I not even know such a thing existed?! Maybe I can track these down in a store. Gap’s customer service once helped me find a pair of clearance jeans I wanted in a store in Montana or something like that, honored the ridiculously cheap store price ($10 or something like that), and shipped them to me for free. So I have plenty of Gap love on my own 🙂

        • I know, right? Greatest. pants. ever. They also seem like the kind of thing that might be permanently in a state of in stock/ out of stock, so if you can’t get them in store, you could just keep watching the website.

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