Snow Day!

Ok.  So there actually is barely enough snow on the ground to count and anyone north of us would totally laugh, but it’s totally a snow day here.  Or a snow morning, anyhow.  IPF South is, in many, many ways, a weird place, but especially about “cold” weather.  Which means we have a glorious reprieve from the morning’s classes, despite it being barely winter outside.  And tomorrow the temperature is supposed to be 17 celsius/ 60 fahrenheit.  So, so weird.

Anyhow, to the outfits:

Dress: Lands End (gifted); Cardigan: Joe; Tights: no clue, probably Hue; Boots: Sofft

Dress: Lands End (gifted); Cardigan: Joe; Tights: no clue, probably Hue; Boots: Sofft

Here’s what I wore for the first day of classes last week.  The dress and boots are recent acquisitions — both gifts, in full or part, from my Mom for Christmas.  Both are pretty great — the boots, in particular, have gotten a LOT of wear since I got them.


As  you can sort of see in this picture, the dress has pockets.  A thing that continues to be the greatest.  A cardigan was necessary last week, but I love the dress on its own as well.


And here’s the obligatory boot close-up.

Jacket & ponte leggings: Gap; Plaid & white t-shirt: Old Navy; Black flats: Me Too

Jacket & ponte leggings: Gap; Plaid & white t-shirt: Old Navy; Black flats: Me Too

This I wore the next day for a writing day at one of my usual haunts.  And I love it.  All of it.  This coat and these pants continue to be my very favorite things as the pants feel like pajamas and the coat ups the game of any and everything else.  I am on the lookout for new black flats, though, as these ones are starting to look a bit rough.


Got big weekend plans?  This weekend is the beginning of candidate visit season so I’ve got a bunch of work things on deck.  


17 thoughts on “Snow Day!

  1. (oops clearly am still having troubles)
    Nyc is like the South in its total freakout over the slightest amount of snow. Even though we are a cold climate, somehow the sea moderates snow fall. And our delicately run city grinds to a halt!

    • Glad to have you back Susanify! Thanks on all fronts. I think it’s almost been long enough since my last wearing of the dress to break it out again… This is the downside to such a dress: it’s hard to wear it as often as you might like because it’s so memorable! There’s something sort of delightful about places that are so flummoxed by snow, isn’t there? I mean, apart from the accidents and so on — but the need to shut down because there *might* be snow, is kind of charming.

  2. I have finally mastered commenting via my phone. But I have been reading and keeping up with you ladies via Feedly, while the demanding one sleeps.
    Let me join the chorus of praise for the LE dress. Way to totally bring it the first day of class! Also, your non teaching outfit is super adorbs. Way to rock the ponte pants.
    NYC is like the South in that we rarely get snow

  3. Add me to the list of people surprised by something that cute from Land’s End. Wow to the find and an extra Wow for you in it. Go forth and buy that same dress in all cuts and colors that appeal. (I am a shopping enabler.)

    Continuing admiration of that awesome jacket. Rocking the black skinnies as well. I really do need a pair of these black ponte jobbies.

    All this talk of tacos and $2 beer makes me want…tacos and beer.

    • In fairness & if you’re at all like me on this point, it doesn’t take much to make me want tacos & beer.

      Also, clearly Land’s End needs to do a better job of shilling its wares. And trust me, I am on it with similar versions of this dress. Plus, if I may so myself, it’s even better in person.

      • True on the tacos & beer.

        During one of Land’s End’s ridiculous sales, I may have to order me up a dress. Pockets? That great shape? Win. Hmmmm. Maybe _you_ should be shilling their wares.

  4. Huh. I can’t even begin to fashion a comment about your snow day. This is at least in part because here in the bitter arctic tundra vortex winter wasteland things are pretty freaking bleak.

    Like Anne, I am surprised and excited to see this beaut of a dress selected from among the pleated khakis and argyle sweaters. Also, it’s totally hawt and full-on profesh. Also (again), those boots are sweet, sweet, sweet.

    In outfit #2, great as it is, I’m so astonished to see bare ankles that I keep forgetting to look up at the rest. Seriously, I can’t even remember what it feels like to go out into the world in anything other than layers of down, wool, and fully-lined boots. It’s, like, crazy-hard to imagine.

    • Dude, in a very short time, you too will be in a place where the bitter arctic tundra will be but a distant memory.

      I think the dress is scientific validation for the inordinate amount of time I spend internet window-shopping.

  5. Wow, I didn’t know Lands End made stuff that cute! That dress looks awesome on you. Rawr!

    Sigh, I can barely even laugh at your “snow day,” as our weather has been continually sh*tty around here. I, once again, had a trip home totally derailed by the weather this weekend. Seems like we’re just getting pounded non-stop by snow and ridiculously cold weather. UGH. I should just come visit you.

    Also, I thought you should know I ended up buying myself a pair of black skinny jeans – close enough to the ponte leggings that are impossible to find. I was rocking them with brown boots today, all E-Jo-style!

    • Thanks, dude. They’ve got some cute stuff amongst the pleated khakis & fleece vests. There’s actually a bunch of ponte dresses that I like right now.

      And, yeah, I think our “snow” day rubs salt in the wounds of those of you who are actually having a pretty brutal winter. Probably you should come visit. Plus, we have lots and lots of delicious tacos.

      And, yay, matching pants. I think I’m going to need to see pictures as proof though…

      • What’s not cute about pleated khakis? Or all pleated pants?

        Ooh, tacos? I do love tacos, a lot. And warmer weather.

        I should have snapped a pic before I put my sweats on to be lazy all afternoon. I’ll try again, perhaps this weekend.

        • I mean, who doesn’t love a pair of pants that gives the illusion of extra bulk around the waist? And when that comes made in a light, almost colorless cotton, so much the better…

          And, trust me, there are hot and cold running tacos here. Also, $2 beer.

          • $2 beer? Is it GOOD beer though? Also, is there perhaps some sort of beer festival or something? I suppose I’d need a “reason” to visit. Other than, you know, escaping Polar Vortex 3.0 (which is headed straight this way).

          • No beer festival, just weekly $2 pint nights at two different bars (there’s also cheap wine nights at the wine bar — this is truly the place to visit and drink reasonably cheaply). I don’t know that it’s GREAT beer (at both places it’s everything they have on tap, which includes a variety of import & local), but it’s not bad beer…

    • It didn’t even get that cold here — I think we bottomed out at maybe 20 degrees. And by the time I went on campus in the afternoon, the roads were basically dry.

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