Coming Up for Air

Man, I can.not. wait for Spring Break.  Just two days to go until I head for parts northward where I get to visit with my adorable niece and nephew, and get some precious days off of work (and, I suppose, hang out with my sisters and their husbands).  This last month has been totally chaotic and did its very best to make me cry in public as deadlines overlapped one another and assignments just kept coming in and coming in.  I’ve got to take work with me when I travel but I’m definitely taking the weekend off completely.  Though I said that LAST weekend and I ended up doing my typical “work all the days” trick so… Anyhow, since I’ve just been trying to keep my head above water, there’s been a lot of repeats and generally underwhelming sartorial decisions throughout February.  But by the end of last week, I decided I needed to pick my game up a bit in order to keep myself awake.

Sweather, t-shirt, skirt: Target; Tights: Hue; Boots: Corso Como

Sweather, t-shirt, skirt: Target; Tights: Hue; Boots: Corso Como

This t-shirt is from the Jason Wu for Target collection of a couple of years ago and has an adorable little black and grey wagon wheel print.  The shirt itself is pretty transparent so it’s strictly a layering piece — and one that I tend to forget about.  The bow is a little twee for me sometimes but pairs nicely with the v neck sweater and the pencil skirt.


I don’t have much to say about this, really, apart from observing that one way you can tell I’ve been busy/ stressed is that my nails aren’t done.  I think it’s going to take Spring Break for me to get back on that habit.

Dress: Old Navy; Scarf: Bought in Berlin; Tights: Spanx; Boots: Jessica Simpson

Dress: Old Navy; Scarf: Bought in Berlin; Tights: Spanx; Boots: Jessica Simpson

So, yesterday morning it was 25 Celsius/ 77 Fahrenheit here.  Two hours later it was 0 Celsius/ 32 Fahrenheit.  Which is a ludicrous change in temperature in such a short time.  This place I live in is weird.  This morning I woke up to -13 Celsius/ 9 Fahrenheit.  So, as any other smart individual would do, I put on my shortest dress & tights and went to work.  I am, obviously, some sort of super genius.


The dress is new so its shortness came as a bit of surprise plus it kept riding up my tights as I walked & in the wind.  Altogether, then, it was the best possible choice today.

So… March has definitely come in as a lion, right?  This means we’re due some lamb-like weather soon, right?




10 thoughts on “Coming Up for Air

  1. I like the bow peeking out from the sweater — not too twee, not at all — and continue to admire your pencil skirt skills. The striped dress outfit is superb, and once it warms up enough for me to wear a dress I am totally going to copycat.

    • Also, sorry to hear your workload is trying to crush you. Soldier on, E-Jo! Enjoy spring break and try not to freeze while northward.

    • Thanks! The pencil skirt is key, I think, in reducing the twee-ness of the bow. Imagine this outfit with a circle skirt and, man, that’s more than I can/ want to pull off. I’m doing my best to soldier on — I’m off shortly to grade at my fave wine bar so there’s that at least. I shall try not to freeze, though I’m making no promises… Fortunately, it’s both warmed up a little there and cooled down significantly here so it’ll be less of a shock to the old system when I arrive.

  2. Nice work, E-Jo. Even at your busiest/craziest, you are lovely and stylish. Obvy, I love all the boots, and the striped dress with Berlin scarf is perfect. Dresses riding up on tights is why I’ve started buying half and full slips again. But the polyester ones in most shops are unbearably sweaty, I find, so I’m saving up for some silk ones I found on the interwebz.

    in other news, when is spring break? And how go the deadlines? You’re kicking butt, aren’t you?

  3. Dude, that sucks that things are so crazy right now. I can relate, what with my annual March 15th deadline (clearly I’m busy since I’m taking time to read blogs now, HA!). It feels like everything does seem to just pile up at once. I’m glad you have a break to look forward to!

    I love both of these outfits. I actually had what I needed to copycat both of them, except that my black & white patterned top with a bow on it (seriously, I had one), ripped in the wash not too long ago. But the bows never seem “tween” to me, they always make me think of Peggy Olson and her trademark bows (they’re called “pussy bows,” which makes me giggle a little too much). That second outfit just screams “Anne,” which is probably what you were going for.

    Geez, I really hope we’re due for some lamb-like weather soon. It was 1 degree and snowing when I woke up today, which is so depressing. How is it even snowing when it’s this cold?!

    • Dude, even in, these, our dark times, we need some sort of momentary distraction. I’ve been reading blogs, but mostly I’ve been reading unbelievably trashy fiction in the evenings when my brain is too tired to even follow TV. Here’s hoping the break will get to be a break — it’s looking a little less and less likely that I’ll be able to actually take a full weekend off though.

      I am shocked, SHOCKED, that you could (or could recently) copycat these outfits. And I am right there with you on that giggling…

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