Dressing (Just) Outside the Academy: Business Up Top, A Slightly Less Formal Business Down Below

It is with no small amount of envy that I have been reading recent IPF dispatches about mullet skirts, office pyjamas, and The Most Wonderful Time of the Year.  You see, here at IPF DeskJob, we joke about “summer hours” like they’re a good thing, but what “summer hours” really means is “you will be putting in more of them.  Also, where’s your suit, slacker?”

It is in that spirit, then, that I ask you to receive my version of the mullet skirt: a particularly daring ensemble in which I mix two different types of business attire.

know, right?

Check it out: on the top, you’ve got your standard suit jacket.  But on the bottom?  Wait for it, kids: you’ve got a pencil skirt purchased from AN ENTIRELY DIFFERENT STORE.  And on the feet, you’ve got the flats I walked to and from work in, because I forgot about our self-timer photoshoot and left my heels at work.

There is clearly a lot more to be said about my sartorial bravery, but I’ll have to leave that up to you in the comments field since I’m going in early this morning.  Summer hours, dontcha know?

Jacket: Mexx; tank: H&M; pencil skirt: J. Crew (#2 pencil); flats: Bloch; pendant: stall at a faux-hippie market; BlackBerry: The Man

How are summer hours treating you, StyleNation? 

Dressing (Just) Outside the Academy: I’m Hot, Then I’m Cold

Greetings, StyleNation!

Has it really been two months since my last post?  I would refuse to believe it, but it seems that WordPress helpfully adds a date to the top of every entry.  Whoops.  To be fair, it’s well-known here at IPF DeskJob that if it ain’t in my BlackBerry, I ain’t showing up, so it’s pretty much a minor miracle that I found my way back at all.

Either that, or A-Dubs and I finally got ourselves in the same room long enough to a) catch up and b) photograph my outfit.  I’m delighted with the results of both.

Spring dressing is tricky for me.  Either I wear winter suits and get all overheated and grumpy on the way to work, or I try to bust out summer clothes too soon, both freezing and looking ridiculous in the process.  Nothing says, “hey, I’m a professional!” like arriving in a light dress and cardigan to find that the rest of your meeting has opted for the winter suit.  (Fortunately, they’re generally too overheated and grumpy to notice.)

The outfit below represents the best of both worlds.  Spring colours on the top, winter colours down below.  A mix of softness and structure, plus plenty of polkadots (for further alliteration).   Also, nude hose, because I don’t feel properly dressed for my job without it.

Cardigan: Ann Taylor; Cami: Smart Set; Pencil skirt: Banana Republic; Black pearls: remixed; BlackBerry: The Man; Pose: Post-Academic-Writer-Reunion-Casual-Kitchen-Hangout

Shoes: as pictured, Calvin Klein, but I felt they were slightly too fetishy for an office setting and swapped ‘em out for dark red Nine West round-toed heels.

PS: Can I reopen the nude hose debate, StyleNation?  Because I have views.

PPS: I feel you should know that in the process of posting this, my first independently formatted guest lecture, I managed both to mangle the alignment and to post a massive picture of my body (no text) to the public blogspace.  I removed it.  You’re welcome.