30 for 30: Final Countdown

Well, technically, I’m not sure that “final countdown” is entirely accurate since this is my final 30 for 30 post. But, really, I just wanted an excuse to link to what might as well be the IPF theme song. One of us may even have walked down the aisle to it. But, moving on… 30 for 30. Like E at Academichic, I had grand ideas about the perfect, final remix. That didn’t happen. I blame my looming departure for parts northward and the blind panic that has set in as I try to get grading done as well as meet some of my own research deadlines. But the end of the grading is very much in sight and I’ve allowed myself some flexibility where I can manage it in terms of my research. It’ll get done — but maybe in the airport.
As for my promised reflections on the 30 for 30 challenge (I know, I know… you’ve been waiting with bated breath, right?):
1. As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve declared a moratorium on striped items. I have MORE than enough.
2. But I do need to reintroduce more color — something which has never been a problem in the past but I’ve suddenly found myself with a mostly neutral wardrobe.
3. I need boots. Stat. I’ve got my eye on a couple of pairs that I’m going to buy as soon as the financial nightmare that is the holidays passes.
4. A long top and circle skirt is my silhouette of choice 9 times out of 10.
5. I did well with the relatively limited choice. It made getting dressed in the morning easier (today, for instance, was a gong show with the wider variety). I should remember this when I’m tempted to buy something cheap that is quasi-usable.
To the final outfits…
*Full Disclosure: there’s no picture for remix 27. Well, there is. But it’s too awful to contemplate posting. You’ll have to content yourself with the following description:

Grey & purple cardigan + Hanes undershirt + grey pants. It was an outfit that seemed great in my head and looked super blah in real life.
Top: Target
Skirt: Old Navy
Tights: Hue

Gold flats: Nine West
Cuff: The Bay

Ok, so I wore this outfit 3 days ago. I have NO idea what I did that day. I must have been in public and I know I graded at some point. Other than that, it’s like Friday is forever gone from my mind. I think I might have been in my office. Whatever. I liked the outfit.

Top: Joe
Cargos: Old Navy
Shoes: Chucks
Cuff: as above

I wore this into Austin to do some Christmas shopping with a friend. And to introduce her to Ikea. It was pretty successful — though I still have some to do when I get to Montreal later this week. Sigh, shopping in Montreal. Life is hard.

Turtleneck: Target
Cardigan: Joe
Cargos: Old Navy
Shoes: Chucks

On Sunday, I came to the realization that I hate all the other pants I had in my 30 items. And, since I was running errands and hosting people for dinner, I didn’t really want to mess around with a skirt. So on the cargos went again. Now, I love them: they’re comfy and relatively attractive. But, seriously, I feel like I’ve been wearing them constantly. In fact, I had to talk myself out of wearing them again on my first post-30×30 day. Clearly I need some more casual pants.

Anyone else traveling in the immediate future? Got suggestions for airplane wear? My day begins at 5 am on Wednesday and ends at 10:30 pm so I’m wearing sweatpants–something that I don’t normally do but this day will demand it.

30 for 30: The Home Stretch

Almost there, Style Nation. I’ve got 4 remixes left after today. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t looking forward to branching out of these 30 pieces. That said, I’ve also been surprised by how little I’ve been dying to wear my other stuff. I’ll have my final thoughts on this whole experience later on but they can probably be summed up by saying that it’s given me a helpful sense of sartorial focus.
That said, this week’s sprint to the finish line got side-tracked by grading and an oncoming cold. I had big plans to wear real clothes yesterday but I just never got there.
Here’s the other recent outfits:
Sweater: Gap
Striped shirt: Joe
Cargos and slippers: Old Navy

May I present to you a Christmas ham shaped like the mini-FR? He wanted to be in the picture and then, as we waited for the flash, a squirrel had the temerity to scamper across my porch. All of a sudden, blogging seemed like the stupidest thing ever. This is my desperate attempt to hang on to him. Also, you get to see my slippers. Exciting, no? I took this picture later in the day and I forgot to put shoes back on.

Sweater and skirt (it’s the reverse of the blue one): Gap
Undershirt: Target
Tights: Hue — you can’t see it, but they’ve got a chevron pattern.
Shoes: Aerosoles
Necklace: Anthro, super sale. Seriously. I paid $10. It’s original price was $60, which I would NEVER have paid.

I wore this for my last day of teaching. The necklace is pretty glorious. Made even more so by the deal I got on it. I’m heading into Austin this weekend to do some Christmas shopping and I’m hoping to score some similar deals. But back to my last day of classes, not much to say other than that both my students and I were fried. I’ve made a couple of serious, but relatively minor, mistakes recently that made me particularly happy to see the end of the term — with the home that I can get my crap together for next term.

Dress as skirt: Old Navy
Shirt: Gap
Navy tights: Hue
Gold flats: Nine West

This is today’s outfit. And while it looks relatively dressy, it was/ is actually super comfortable. God bless you, cotton jersey. One thing that I’m continually surprised by is how comfortable these tights are. I only took them off when I got home so that the mini-FR wouldn’t snag them. Otherwise, I totally would have kept them on. This, to me, is astonishing.

How are you guys handling the onslaught of the cold weather? It’s even cold here (and, by cold, I mean the 50s/10s — though it was in the 80s/20s just days ago).

I’m heading back to do some more grading, but am going to give myself a dancing movie marathon after dinner to keep my spirits up. On the ticket? Center Stage and Dirty Dancing. Other suggestions?

30 for 30: Two Thirds of the Way

Today was the last of day of lecturing in my classes — I get final papers and wrap things up on Monday — and, for both my students and me, it’s getting hard to muster anything that even looks like enthusiasm. Now, if I was a more engaged instructor, this would be time to pep up my remixes but, like Rad, I’m getting up later and later and it’s all I can do to put together something reasonable. But the knowledge that I head home for the holidays in, basically, 10 days has lit a fire under me in terms of getting work done so hopefully that’ll carry over into my final week (or so) of remixes.
Here are this week’s outfits!
Top: Target
Cargos: Old Navy
Shoes: Chucks
Scarf: Gifted from my youngest sister

I really like this scarf against the purple and the way it ties in my black and white Chucks. It was a super comfortable outfit — these cargos are almost as comfortable as my house-leggings. That said, I’m getting a little sick of wearing them so frequently. One thing this 30×30 has shown me is that I need more casual pants.

Sweater: Joe
Undershirt: Hanes
Jeans: Old Navy
Shoes: Chucks
Scarf: I can’t remember, some chain store in Canada

Turtleneck: Target
Sweater: Gap
Jeans: Old Navy
Shoes: Chucks

Since these are both basically the same outfit, I’ll put them together. Both are also copycats of Anne and Rad who have mastered the art of cardigan wearing. I particularly like outfit 20. I really like the wider stripes under the coral–though I don’t love that you can see them through the cardigan (though that’s slightly less noticeable in person). These are both comfortable outfits for the end of term — if slightly more casual than I would typically teach in. My self-justifying theory is that students appreciate a gesture of stressed-out solidarity. Though, more likely, they don’t even notice things like what I’m wearing in the midst of their paper-writing, exam-preparing haze.
As La Historiadora de Moda noted, I’m finding it difficult to remember to photograph all of my outfits — especially my super-boring, bumming around the house ones. If it’s all right with y’all, I’m just going to describe outfits 21, 22, & 23.
21: Striped target turtleneck + Old Navy jeans + Purple Joe Flats
22: Grey & purple Old Navy cardigan + Hanes undershirt + Old Navy Jeans + Purple Joe Flats
23: Grey & purple Old Navy cardigan + Hanes undershirt + Old Navy Cargos + Purple Joe Flats
Other 30x30ers how are you feeling about this two-thirds of the way through? Amping up for the finish line? Style Nation, are you sick of these remixes or could you go another 30 days? (Note, you’re out of luck).

Also, make sure to check out the excellent announcement over at The Cohabitating Closet and Be Fabulous Daily. Fun things are afoot!

30 for 30: Last (Full) Week of Classes!

Oh, end of term, I couldn’t love you more if I tried. Maybe if you didn’t inflict such a heap of grading on me… (Though really I have no one but myself to blame for the schedule) Hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving Style Nation — or a lovely fourth weekend of November to our non-American members. Mine was good — filled with relaxing, eating of turkey, buying of TV, having a credit check performed by a current student to purchase said TV, and not getting enough work done. All in all, not a bad weekend.
Since I’ve got roughly a gazillion outfits to post to catch up my 30 for 30 adventures, let’s get to the pictures.
Top: Joe
Skirt: Gap
Tights: Target
Shoes: Aerosoles
Necklace-as-bracelet: Gifted from my Mom (Silpada, though)

Eagle-eyed readers may have noticed that I skipped this outfit in my last post. Lest I be anything short of transparent on this blog and in my completion of the 30 for 30 challenge, here’s outfit #10. I quite liked it in person — and in fact was complimented on it by my most style-y colleague. I hate these particular tights with these shoes; they’re not opaque enough so that my toes didn’t really look like they were covered in a way that seemed weird. Fortunately, I stocked up on new Hue tights after this outfit so hopefully this problem is a thing of the past.

Top and skirt: Gap
Tights: Hue
Shoes: Nine West
Necklace: The Bay

I wore this for Thanksgiving at a colleague’s house (I’m wearing some of my new tights — navy, here). After a bit of a heat wave, the temperatures dropped precipitously on Thanksgiving which was perfect for cramming my face with delicious food.

Top: Target
Cargos: Old Navy
Shoes: Chucks

This is what I wore to have the aforementioned awkward-est credit check ever. At least I looked relatively cute. And it was run by a student who’s doing well in my class and, thus, isn’t likely to be vindictive. And at least my salary was disclosed by me to the computer and not to him. But, still, GAH. This is why sort-of small towns suck. And it’s also an important lesson that if I can’t afford to pay for something without a store credit card, I probably shouldn’t buy it. Because it could be embarrassing. Not because it’s financially irresponsible.

Sweater: Gap
Tank: Hanes
Jeans: Old Navy
Shoes: Chucks
Necklace: Gifted from one of my sisters (the middle one, I think)

I think I wore this outfit for about an hour to do some errands on Saturday and then promptly changed into sweats. Just keeping it real here at IPF South.

Top: Joe
Skirt: Gap
Tights: Target

Ubiquitous gold flats: Nine West
Silver cuff: Forever 21 about a million years ago

So, here’s where I started making some substitutions in my 30 items. I traded this skirt for the purple plaid shirt I had in. The plaid shirt is one I want to love but just don’t for anything outside of working at home. This is partly because it doesn’t fit super well in the chestal arena, but mostly, I think this is a trend that just doesn’t work for my style. I’ve imagined lots of outfits for it but every one I put on I switch out of. Clearly, if it ain’t a striped shirt, I’m having none of it. Anyhow, this skirt is the twin to my workhorse khaki green — and is reversible and brown on the other side so it’s super versatile for the final half of these 30 days.

Any tips for making a trend work? Or do you just concede that one person doesn’t need to try everything?

Also, have you entered our giveaway yet? If not, you should probably do that.

30 for 30: Catching Up

Hello Style Nation on this glorious Thanksgiving-eve. Mostly it’s glorious here because I cancelled my class today (fortunately, unlike for Rad, it’s not a problem here) so I’ve got effectively a week off. And then only 4 teaching days left! Woohoo! I’ve also booked my ticket home (sort of — we’re doing Christmas in Montreal with my two sisters this year) for the holidays (which are going to be sadly A-Dubs and D-Med free) and I fly out in exactly three weeks. Things are looking up! There’s something about the end of term where the insanity becomes manageable because you know that it’ll be over with soon (mostly). Also, I’ve lucked out this term and have non-complaining students (though, that’s one of the benefits of my (very) conservative students: they tend to cave in the face of even a modicum of authority).*
Anyhow… to the outfits!
Black top & purple flats: Joe
White t-shirt: Gap Outlet
Grey pants: Target

So, it’s decided to get weirdly warm again here which has made working with my 30 items a little difficult this week as I’ve got lots of sweaters and very few short sleeves. Thank god for a single teaching day.

Dress: Old Navy
Gold flats: Nine West
Gorgeous purple scarf: gifted from A-Dubs
One thing you might not know about A-Dubs and D-Med is that they are two of finest gift givers around. This scarf is one such gift. The photo doesn’t do justice to the gorgeousness of the purple — it’s both brighter and richer. It helped punch up this dress nicely and made the chestal arena SFW.

Top: Gap Outlet
Skirt: Gap, ages ago
Purple flats: Joe
Scarf: Old Navy
So you’re probably all getting a little sick of these gold and purple flats. I know I am, just a little. The last weeks have been busy in a way that has me reaching for easy & comfortable footwear — leaving my lovely heels languishing in my house. Next week, however, I promise to wear them, setting them free from their gilded cage.

*Apparently, I’d should be giving thanks for whoever invented parentheses. They can consider themselves thanked.

So, American readers, what are you looking forward to making yourself sick on in the next few days? And for our Canadian readers, what wisdom can you pass on to us in terms of digestion aids?

30 for 30 Week 2

Wow, what a lame title for today’s post. My apologies, Style Nation. I’ll try to do better next time. I offer pictures that include the mini-FR as penance.
Today’s post is a little later than I had planned as, inspired by Anne and Karl Weathers (I tried to find clips from him on Arrested Development where he talks about making a stew. No dice), I decided that today was just cold enough to make stew. So while that’s bubbling away, here’s what I’ve been wearing the last couple of days.
Sweater: Gap
Striped tank: Addition-Elle
Skirt: Old Navy
Ubiquitous Gold Flats: Nine West
Tights: Target

I really loved this outfit — though it was a bit warm for a full teaching day. I haven’t worn patterned tights since I was a child but I like them a lot as a way of broadening my horizons beyond basic black. I had big plans to not wear flats; however, I realized that morning how much my heels need the pads in them to limit toe-slippage. Once that’s taken care of, heels will be back in the 30 for 30 rotation.

Striped top: Target
Dress: Old Navy
Even more ubiquitous purple flats: Joe

This outfit was for a non-teaching day and was, more or less, a dry run for layering this dress in different ways. Next time, I’m going to throw on black tights and belt this sucker to make the darkness of the shirt less glaring against the lightness of the dress. So this wasn’t entirely successful in other words but it gave me some good ideas about where to go.

Striped turtleneck: Target
Grey pinstripe pants: Target
Bronze wedges: Etienne Aigner
Red & gold necklace: Gifted from my sister (though I’m pretty sure she got it at the Bay)

I’ve been finding this turtleneck difficult to style all of a sudden. I wore it a ton before the 30 for 30 challenge begun so it was a no-brainer to include. But since I’ve started this, I’ve planned to wear it on four or five different occasions only to change at the last minute. Hopefully, this wearing is the start of an upswing with it. Also, I’m wearing black and red in solidarity with A-Dubs (a combination I don’t wear that frequently — for instance, I love this necklace but have worn it only a handful of times).

Sweater: Joe
Tank: Hanes
Jeans: Old Navy
Gold flats: Nine West
Necklace: gifted from brother-in-law-to-be

And here’s today’s outfit. Perfect for stew-making and errand-running; not as perfect for the work I should be doing but is gathering dust instead. I’m justifying it by having worked straight through each of the previous three weekends. That’s how it works, right?

What articles of clothing are misbehaving for you? How do you get them back in line?

Days Four and Five

I had big plans to try and get a sixth outfit in this week. Then I decided that I’d way rather wear sweatpants today as I try to get on top of my huge pile o’ work. Clearly I’ve got awesome weekend plans. However, Thanksgiving is only one full week of classes away which makes everything seem do-able. And then I have a glorious week off.
Top and purple flats: Joe
Skirt: Gap

This was another non-teaching day outfit that I wore to run errands and go for dinner with a friend. I adore these purple flats and don’t want to contemplate their eventual demise (as they were super cheap, that day is going to come all too soon).

Sweater: Old Navy
Skirt: Eddie Bauer
Purple flats: Joe
Undershirt: Hanes

I had a different outfit planned out for Day 5 but, in the frantic early morning, I couldn’t get it to work the way I wanted. So I switched it up to this–which was decidedly too warm for the temperatures in the 80s we had yesterday. The sweater’s comfy though and has sleeves that are long enough for my gangly arms which is always a good thing.

What are your weekend plans Stylenation? Catching up on work or do you have lovely, fall-like plans?


In Which I (Finally) Get in the Game

It’s been fun watching the start to this here 30 for 30 challenge. It’s been fun so far doing it, too. I haven’t been too adventurous with my remixing so far, figuring that I should start with basic outfits so that, later on, I can re-invigorate my sure-to-be fading interest in these items. That said, working with a limited selection is working wonders on my getting-ready time in the mornings.
To the outfits…
Top and skirt: Gap
Gold flats: Nine West

This is a shirt I’ve yet to wear on the blog but put into the 30 for 30 rotation as, for some reason, I’ve had some difficulties styling it–even though it goes with a bunch of stuff I have. I figured this would force me to make use of it.

Top: Target
Cargo pants: Old Navy
Purple flats: Joe
Scarf: gift from my grandma

This was for a non-teaching day where I worked off campus. The pants are super comfy, if a little messy. Perfect for revising my manuscript; less perfect for professional attire in the office.

Black top: Joe
White t-shirt: Gap
Skirt: Old Navy
Tan wedges: Aerosoles
Green necklace: gift from my mom

Gifted accessories are totally getting a workout this week. This necklace is fab. It’s in a color that I probably wouldn’t have picked myself but that I love. I also love this pose; don’t I totally look natural & casual? (The hem of the white shirt was properly covered all day but decided to make its presence known during my photo session but I was too tired to take more shots. So, clearly, the shirt and I are at an impasse.)

Here’s a detail shot of the necklace. The beads are similar to papier-mache:

How’s your week going Stylenation? I’ve been showing Modern Times to my undergrad class which has been awesome both because the movie is fabulous and because I also don’t have to lecture.

Enjoying the unseasonably warm weather that seems to be everywhere, despite its ominous confirmation of environmental destruction?


30 for 30 List

So, like a number of others, I’m doing Kendi’s 30 for 30 Fall Challenge. It was a surprisingly difficult task, picking out only 30 items. Before I started I thought that I’d be lucky to have enough (though obviously I was forgetting shoes). Turns out, I had GROSSLY underestimated how many things I own and use on a semi-regular basis for teaching.
Once I got past the challenge of picking things out, it made me realize a couple of things about my wardrobe:
1. No more bloody stripes. I have more than enough (and I have striped tops that didn’t make the cut).
2. Once I’m allowed to make some purchases again, I need to start building color back in. I used to have a ton but, after a late summer purge of old & worn-out items, the number has drastically dwindled.
So I feel like this 30 for 30 challenge has been useful already!
On to my items:
The Basics (Layering Tees)

Black tees: Gap & Target
White tee: Gap
Purple tee: Target

Surprisingly, these aren’t shirts that have made it onto the blog yet but are some of my most worn items.

Other Shirts:

Top L-R: Addition-Elle; Joe; Target: Joe
Bottom L-R: Target, Gap, Joe; Old Navy

There are a surprisingly high number of new-to-the-blog items here. Mostly, with all of these 30 items, this is because we’re finally getting to cooler weather here so I can break out sleeves.


Purple & Grey Stripes: Old Navy
Coral: Gap
Grey: Joe (Note the nice, pleated detail on the back)


Jeans: Old Navy
Grey Pin-striped: Target
Cargos: Old Navy

As I only have 10 classes left (which is both great and horrifying), I’m going to be wearing my 30 items on non-teaching days so I decided to include some more casual pant options for those days that I’m working in coffee shops, etc…


Khaki green: Gap, ages ago
Black jersey: Eddie Bauer, even older ages ago
Grey: Old Navy

Dress: Old Navy

I was initially not going to include this dress (which I love but somehow haven’t worn on the blog yet) but then I put together an outfit with it on Friday that is my favorite thing I’ve worn in a long, long time. All of a sudden, I couldn’t imagine going 30 days without wearing it so it’s in. Here’s the outfit:


L-R: Converse; Joe; Aerosoles; Nine West: Madden Girl; Etienne Angier

So, here’s how we’ll proceed here at IPF: I’m not going to post every day but, instead, I’ll post twice a week with 3 or so outfits. Let the challenge begin!