Feeling Kinda Springy

So after my last post’s burst of optimism, the universe decided to even the score, as it always does, with a mountain of service work.  But I’ve clawed my way out of that, for the time being, and now I just need to get through one more week and it’s Spring Break!  And while we’re still a couple of weeks away from the equinox, we’re now at a point at IPF South where it’s light out when I wake up AND when I get home from work — which goes a long way to making things feel manageable.

But, as spring approaches here, that also means that tight and boot weather is fast disappearing — so I’m wearing them while I can.

Dress, Cami, & Blazer: Target; Tights: Hue; Boots: Jessica Simpson

Dress, Cami, & Blazer: Target; Tights: Hue; Boots: Jessica Simpson

This blazer continues to be a workhorse.  And key for making whimsical tights seem serious and important.


In person, the tights are more of a muted berry color, rather than neon pink.  Though, truthfully, I would love them if they were neon pink.

Dress: Old Navy; Scarf: Gap; Tights: Hue; Boots: as above

Dress: Old Navy; Scarf: Gap; Tights: Hue; Boots: as above

This dress is a new addition, and part of my current obsession with all things chambray. Also, the dress wasn’t the wrinkly this morning; this is the result of sitting while my students wrote a mid-term, driving to a coffee shop from the office, sitting in a coffee shop and working, and then driving home.


I bought this scarf at the Gap during their pre-Christmas sale after falling in love with it.  But once I got it home, I’ve struggled with what to pair it with.  This is sort of stupid as I love these colors (seriously I’ve used these paint colors throughout my house) but, for some reason, I’ve got a real block about what to do with it.  Fortunately, everything matches chambray!

How’s everyone (in the Northern Hemisphere) enjoying the increased daylight?  Anyone got any suggestions for the mint/ coral scarf?

Back to School

Hi All!  I’m nearly two weeks into the term and, after a term off of teaching, I am ex. haust. ed.  With the start of term business and the return to department service, the last two weeks have been super busy.  This will all settle itself down shortly, no doubt, but getting back into the swing of things has me crashing with Portlandia marathons when I get home.

One thing that’s unexpectedly taken some adjustment is getting back into the professorial sartorial game.  After eight months of dressing super casually, I’ve found that my sense of appropriate dressing needs some recalibration.  Or, at the very least, demands a ludicrous amount of thought each morning.  Something I super appreciate at 6 am.

Blazer: Target; Navy scoop-neck: Old Navy; Grey pencil skirt: Lane Bryant; Black tights: Hue; Boots: Jessica Simpson

Blazer: Target; Navy scoop-neck: Old Navy; Grey pencil skirt: Lane Bryant; Black tights: Hue; Boots: Jessica Simpson

This was my first day of classes outfit.  In retrospect, I would have worn a necklace.  Though, actually, since these photos are a re-creation 10 days after the fact, I may well have done so and just forgotten.


This blazer is my new favorite thing though.  Well, along with its solid grey twin.  They fit super well and look far more expensive than they were.  So, score.

Cardi: Joe; Dress & tank: Target; Boots & tights: as above

Cardi: Joe; Dress & tank: Target; Boots & tights: as above

Again, clearly I need to re-learn how to accessorize.  Anyhow, I had planned to wear purple tights to introduce some color to the outfit but my purple tights are control tops and since I had a 9 hour day ahead of me, that seemed like a recipe for a stress headache.  So these Hue workhouses were called up from the minors.

How are you managing the doldrums that is the end of January?

Office Pyjamas: Summer Edition

Preamble (scroll down for outfit posts)

Because my PhD is in literature and cultural studies, and perhaps also because I’m a wee bit arrogant about these things, I feel like I can tell when books/authors have not been edited enough.

I’m an avid reader in and outside of my professional existence, and it is one of the banes of my reading life when authors who’ve published a number of excellent works of fiction seem no longer to get edited by their presses. I assume this happens – and I’m really only guessing here – because everyone who might otherwise edit or refine an established author’s next manuscript figures the book will sell with or without significant editing, so why not focus their limited time and money on helping their less experienced authors? This is my imagined explanation for novels written by some of my most beloved authors later in their careers seeming weaker overall, with too-long meandering storylines, under or over-developed characters, extraneous or unresolved subplots, and the like.

I’m also super disappointed by academic superstars who achieve a degree of success publishing utterly ground-breaking, intellectually challenging, and inspired work early in their careers, then proceed to publish the same collection of no-longer-new ideas under different titles for the remainder of their working lives. Why doesn’t their editor tell them to stop? Why tantalize and then disappoint instead?

In short, I value a good editorial process. Now that I’m involved in one myself, however, I get why some of the prestigious ones opt to skip it. That’s right: The Project that Will Not End is back on my desk for another go-’round. This time, it’s got a book contract attached, which is awesome, but it’s sooooo crazy-making to wade back into this work.

Outfit Post/Amble: Summer office pyjamas

Office pyjamas are but one of an array of de-crazifying tools I’m employing to get through this process, one more time (with feeling). We had a short stint of cooler weather last week, so I wore this. I added the bracelet to channel E-Jo’s mad colour-mixing skillz and to cut the pyjama-vibe (which I readily allow is still quite strong here):

Embroidered office pj tunic: Joe Fresh; Bracelet: Nordstrom; Cami: Joe Fresh; Leggings: ?, I cut out the scratchy tag (via Winners); Shoes: Fly London Yaya

It’s much hotter and humid today, so just looking at the layers, sleeves, and near-full-leg-and-foot coverage featured here is making me sweaty. The next version of these office pj’s will probably be pared down significantly. Also, OK. The tunic is ACTUAL pyjamas. As in, it came from the pj section of the shop. I’ve decided, however, that it’s way too pretty – and frankly, its polyester is too scratchy – to be worn to bed. It needs to go out into the world.

Who/what are you reading this summer, StyleNation?

Are they edited enough for you?

Business in the Front, Party in the Back

Dudes.  I bought a mullet skirt.

In related news, brightly colored, jersey skirts from Target continue to be my addiction of choice.

I also bought it in bright blue, because, really, why buy just one?  The sandals are also new and super comfortable — bought in advance of my big trip.  Things I learned while sandal shopping? It’s difficult to find sandals that are good for tromping around European capitals but aren’t also designed for an 80 year old, or someone with a far sportier aesthetic than I have.

Sandals: Ecco

Here’s the close up.  I don’t know why I didn’t fully do them up.  I think they’re pretty cute and will be a good pair to alternate with my Birkenstocks.

Top: Old Navy; Skirt: Target; Nail polish: Essie Tart Deco

This outfit could use some accessories but it’s in the 90s/ 30s here, I’m trying to get a bunch of things off my plate before I leave next week, and I was dog sitting an adorable, though somewhat needy, golden retriever so accessorizing slipped pretty low down on the priority list.

Got any longest day of the year plans?

How would you wear it?

*Just a reminder to get your submissions in for our Wonder Woman CFP. The deadline is tonight at midnight!*

Well, I’ve survived the first day of class. So far, so good but it’s hard to believe that summer is over and the term has begun. Today’s a non-teaching day so I’m working from home which clearly means it’s time to go through my closet and figure out what to wear for the rest of the week.

As I was going through my closet, I came upon three pieces that I have trouble styling and, therefore, hardly wear. I need your help interweb.

Exhibit A:

Despite starring in an ill-fated drunk-drunketty-drunk night at A-Dubs’ Steeltown apartment, I hardly ever wear this wrap dress. I like the silhouette of it — and it’s fairly flattering. And I like the pattern. But for some reason I can’t completely get behind it.
Dress: gifted, Nygard
Exhibit B:
This has been my go-to conference dress this last year. It’s comfortable as it’s jersey and easily presentable. Yet each time I wear it, I hate it more. Both this dress and the previous one tend to make me feel matronly and boring. I’m prepared to give to Goodwill but want to redeem it if possible. Part of the problem, I think, is the color scheme. I find it really difficult to style blue, black, and white and just end up piling on more black or white.

Dress: Loft

Exhibit C:
I love this skirt. I like that it’s poofy & floaty. I LOVE the pattern and the grey & blue. But what the heck do I wear on top? I’ve tried it with black, white, and grey which work to varying degrees but seem a little blah. The black and white often seem too harsh in comparison to the relatively delicate colors of the skirt. I feel like there’s a more adventurous, awesome outfit ready to be made with this skirt but I can’t for the life of me figure out what it is.
Skirt: Old Navy

At what point do you just decide that an article of clothing won’t work for you — no matter how much you like it — and give it up?

Fragility & Sartorial Self-Care

What do you when you start to feel fragile? In addition to transgressive women’s sexuality, my work examines the kidnappings and violent murders of negatively racialized poor women. In Canada, there are currently 520 confirmed missing Indigenous women, many of whom are also confirmed murdered in exceptionally violent ways.
After two-and-half months editing a manuscript on these enraging and distressingly immediate cases – and even as I recognize the cultural privilege that enables me to discuss and respond to these circumstances rather than experiencing them firsthand – I’m in need of some self-care. But the manuscript must be sent out before the fall term begins, so my efforts to address this personal fragility are necessarily limited.
This is all a very long way of saying, I’m using clothes to make myself feel better. Often I do this with soft fabrics in colours I find comforting. And I continue to be inspired by your blogs for this project, so thanks for being so awesome.
Todays’ outfit is part of my ongoing efforts to channel some Style Underdog. One of Bev’s many superpowers is accessorizing, and I want to learn. This is me trying to learn, while also doing some sartorial self-care:

Pale pink silk & lycra embellished cami: Le Chateau
White cotton cami: H&M (remixed)
Pale blue cotton & lycra boyfriend cardigan: Mexx
Cream cotton & lycra skirt: Jacob
(I’ve decided self-care does not involve ironing)
Brushed silver necklace: Foxy
Nude platform wedges: Nine West (remixed)
Watch: grandfather’s Pulsar (remixed)
Bracelets: various gifted & thrifted sources

Do clothes make you feel better?
What do you do for yourself when you start to feel fragile?