A Short Post

It’s hot and I’ve not got air-conditioning, but there’s also no drought or drought-famine here (yet), so I am thankful.*

In significantly less life-or-death-related news, how do we feel about shorts for work or play? Last summer I found these linen-cotten-lycra blend shorts and have developed a deep and abiding love for them. I’ve been wearing them to campus and out at night around the city.

As Sal over at Already Pretty is discussing today, others are wearing (much) shorter things with (much) higher heels. I did short-shorts in the nineties, however, and have no patience (or buttocks) to take on, again, all the little irritations that accompany such sartorial choices.

1. On-campus, Student Meeting (a casual one)

Lucite necklace: thrifted; Cardigan: Mexx (old, but new to blog); Billowy silk-look tunic: Winners (I cut out the scratchy tag); Shorts: Winners (new to blog); White-girl nude sandals: Naturalizer (purchased with D-Med on the way to Rinty the Crusher’s wedding); Puppy: the FR’s Dog, almost all grown up; Super-natural-looking pose: an attempt at shoe-highlighting. I am a natural both in front and behind the camera.

Next time, I’ll probably tack the cardigan over the straps of the top. Otherwise, I was pretty happy with the get-up as it maximized air flow. Also, I used the necklace to fill in the chestal expanse (FYI: the necklace isn’t lit from within and I am not pinching a small white thing between my thumb and pointer finger on my left hand. These are funky photo tricks. Yegads, I’m good with a camera.)

I wouldn’t wear this top for teaching because any bending for pages, etc., at the front of the class could bare a little cleavage.

2. Casual Evening Art Show and Out for Dinner

This is not a teaching top either. I used to think it was, but I’ve come to believe it’s a bad idea to take things this low in front of undergrads or older male professors.

Cotton blazer: Tribal (via Winners, remixed); Ruffle-front top: Zokai (via a shop in Steeltown, remixed); Shorts & Sandals: as above; Brown woven leather clutch: a little shop in Steeltown

Yeah, I know. This is kind of low key for evening. I tried to jazz it up with bright lipstick that matched my pedicure, but really, it needs a necklace, at least. Maybe also a little less cotton and some funner shoes. In my defence, I was zonked that day and couldn’t make myself care more than this.

What are your thoughts on shorts for work and play, StyleNation?

How much chestal expanse is too much for work?

* Let’s all be sure to give what we can for famine victims here and abroad. Let’s also continue lobbying government to make environmental responsibility a priority.


Like so many other Style Nation members, I’ve been going through my closet and doing some purging. This was both out of need for more room and a desire to streamline my decisions in the morning. It was taking me forever to get dressed in the morning when I had to paw through items that no longer fit or I don’t like anymore. One thing I discovered in this process is that, despite a closet rail full of them, I really own one pair of pants that are acceptable for teaching (and, in fact, I wore them just last week). As I think I’ve mentioned before, I find pants shopping difficult. I find that skirts are generally more flattering on me and pants are generally not all that exciting in their options. However (and who didn’t see this transition coming?) I lucked into some in a shopping excursion this weekend.
Top & purple flats: Joe
Pants: NY & Co.
Bracelet: World Market (detail shot here)

Style Nation, I’m in love with these pants. They’re a lovely comfortable double knit so they’re basically like wearing yoga pants (one thing I’m less enamored with: their elastic waist. But that’s easily hidden). They hang really well; they’re slightly long (they work slightly better with heels, rather than the flats I’m wearing here) but I prefer my pants this way anyhow. AND they were $10. Score all around. These ones are a slightly strange brownish color. I’m going back tomorrow for the same pair in grey.

Related to my ongoing closet purge, I’ve found a couple of items which I haven’t gotten much use out of in the past but which I still like. So I’m giving myself some time to try and work them into outfits or just bite the bullet and admit they don’t work for me. Here’s one such outfit:

Coral top: Addition-Elle
Black under shirt: Target
Grey skirt: Old Navy
Black tights: Hue
Lucite necklace: Anthro
Pink ballet flats: Gap

I have had this coral top for several years now and this is maybe the third time I’ve worn it. Coral’s recent crowning by Pantone as one of the key colors of Spring 2011 will hopefully give me the kick in the pants necessary to start making more use of this.

Wonder Woman-esque Silver cuff: F21

How was your weekend? Did you spend it cleaning your closet as well?

*This title is a homage to my middle sister who, for some reason, likes to randomly yell “pants” to get my attention.

Blue Velvet if you please

So, apparently, this week is blue velvet blazer week here at IPF. In an attempt to dress for the widely fluctuating temperatures of IPF South (seriously, it was 32 (O) when I left for work this morning, and 63 (17) when I got home. PICK A TEMPERATURE WEATHER), I’ve been wearing a bunch of layers and, sick of wearing a cardi for billionth day in a row, I broke out my blue velvet blazer which I haven’t worn in ages. Only to then see that our own A-Dubs has worn two in the last week. Great minds, etc…
Cardi & striped shirt: Gap
Brown-ish ponte pencil skirt: NY & Co.
Navy tights: Hue
Ubiquitous gold flats: Nine West

My love affair with ponte fabrics continued on Monday. I got this pencil skirt in the January sales for less than $10. I had almost bought it at full price in the fall so I was particular happy with this steal. It’s, again, super comfortable and professional and I anticipate it getting a lot of use. The rest of the outfit, meh. It seems a little dark. I need some brighter professorial shirts to lighten things up I think. Also, the somewhat sloppy cardi only highlights how desperately in need of a haircut I am.

Blue velvet blazer: Addition-Elle, AGES ago
Brown turtleneck: Eddie Bauer Outlet
Skirt: Gap (it’s the reverse of my khaki green workhorse)
Brown tights: Hue
Bright blue flats: Joe
mini FR: wondering when the eff I’ll stop taking pictures of myself and take him to the dog park already

This outfit, as noted above, coincides nicely with A-Dubs’ blazers but, also, was inspired by Sal from Already Pretty‘s love of color and use of tights and top to suggest a single color body suit. I, for some crazy reason, rarely wear these brown tights — they seem harder to style than black or navy blue. Crazy, right? But I was determined to wear them today. I’m also breaking out a series of old but never blogged items in addition to the blazer. I rarely wear this side of this skirt. And these blue flats have been my office flats for the last year which means I haven’t worn them too much (there’s a detail shot below). They’re less comfortable than I’d like but I love the color — particularly against the brown.

Anyone else surprised that I didn’t manage to wear stripes this week for Everybody, Everywear‘s Breton Stripes day? I sure am — even though I’m trying to address my addiction to stripes. That said, I’m obsessed right now with the UK version of Skins and the lead character, Tony, often wears striped cardigans which has me coveting one hardcore. (I also can’t currently stop listening to the angsty music of my high school years. Clearly, I’m going through some sort of weird high school moment. Ugh.)