Prego Profesh-ish

StyleNation, February is almost over and I’m betting MANY of you across North America are more than ready for the end of this crappy stormy month.

Outfit #1: Off-campus meeting

In other news, I’m on research leave but still occasionally have to get out of my pyjamas. For instance, I wore this relatively casual ensemble for an off-campus meeting with a research assistant:


Cotton jersey tunic: Boden (new to blog); White cotton cami: ??; Wool/acrylic stripe drape-front cardigan: (remixed, via Winners); Maternity under-belly dark-wash skinny jeans: Indigo Blue (via Motherhood Maternity – worst store name ever – new to blog); Black leather riding boots: Blondo (via Brown’s, remixed ad nauseum on this blog)

And here, just because I have it, is another view. Can you tell I’m trying to emphasize the baby belly? People keep missing that I’m pregnant. Case in point: upon learning that I am almost 7 months along, a woman I met at a meeting last week said, “Oh, that’s exciting! I thought you were just chunky!


Outfit 1: Things are exactly as they appear

I wore this for a fantastic but very long day on and off-campus during which I co-hosted multiple events with multiple guest speakers. I needed to be super-comfortable.


Wool/acrylic beige and silver cable 3/4 sleeve cardigan: H&M (very old but new to blog); Cotton jersey blue and grey stripe ruched maternity dress: Isabella Oliver (via the indie prego store down the street, new to blog – also, it can be worn post-pregnancy because of all the wicked ruching!); “Silver” bead necklace: craft fair (remixed, old); Brown tights: Hue (plus-size, for my prego comfort); Brown leather boots: Browns (remixed)

Here’s another view. Apologies for cutting out the bootage. It was very early, and I was in a HUGE rush:


Sadly, even with this fantastic dress, things got dire, comfort-wise, by hour 16. Also, tights are the worst if you are (a) pregnant (and thus have ridiculously sensitive skin on the back of your stupid legs), and (b) sitting on hard chairs for much of the day. That said, the dress held its shape all day. Also, its horizontal stripes emphasized the baby belly and minimized the “chunky” talk.

Do you use fashion to help others know/recognize things about you?

How so?

Luke, I am your Marker.

Yeah, I know. But I couldn’t leave the Star Wars stuff alone.

What’s up, StyleNation? As it’s horrifically close – and yet so far away – to the The Most Wonderful Time of the Year, I’ll keep this short. Kind of like my fuse right now. Not with you, of course. With the students who’ve shown little interest all term in achieving more than the bare minimum to pass. And now, they “disagree” with their marks, they want to “discuss” their papers/grades, they want a meeting outside of regular office hours and it needs to be tomorrow between 1 and 1:15pm because they are super-busy and important and as their professor, I probably live in my office praying that yet another student will “drop by” and make my life meaningful.

‘Bitter and burnt out? Who me?

Outfit #1: Worn for a Teaching Day

There’s nothing like a big-ass skirt to make a rectangular person appear curvy-ish:

Top: Anne Klein (remixed); Belt: Mexx (remixed); Skirt: Tommy Hilfiger (via The Bay); Tights: Hue; Boots: Blondo (remixed); Wonder Woman Pose: all IPF, all the time

Outfit #2: Less is Much, Much More

The less you see of this dress, the better it looks. See? It looks pretty good this way (for a day of marking papers in my office, at least – it’s a little low cut for teaching):

Cardigan: Max Studio (remixed); Dress: Chapter One (via Winners, remixed); Bracelet: The Bay (remixed); Leggings: Smart Set (new-to-blog); Boots: Rieker (remixed)

I bought it because it reminded me of dress of Sheila’s. Without the cardigan, however, my dress is utterly cheap and silly looking. Case in point:

See the wing-like flaps? Not only is the lighter back of the polyester on display, but the flappy parts are unfinished. Seriously. The fabric’s just been cut into wingy shapes and sewn on with raw edges. It’s ridiculous.

What do you have to hide, sartorially speaking, StyleNation?

Come on – you can tell us! We won’t tell a soul!

Office Pyjamas: Air of The Jedi

I feel like a Jedi in this ensemble. Not a master; more like the pre-Vadar Anakin Skywalker/Hayden Christensen. This pyjama-like combo carried me through an intense day of visiting speaker hosting and lecturing myself.

I know. Office pyjamas should, by definition, be worn exclusively for in-office days. But it’s March, the slackers have begun to torture me via inane and not-at-all persuasive reasons why they deserve to rewrite their terrible papers, and I recently got some very bad (personal) news (to be discussed here at a later date). More than ever, this month is about survival. Pyjama-like ensembles are key in this endeavour.

It’s a bonus if such clothes assist in battling metaphoric Sith:

Yes, I am eating breakfast in this photo. Somehow, I am always rushing through the morning meals.

Probably, you cannot see the floral pattern on the jedi cardigan, but this is not because I haven’t tried to photograph it. Someday, I’ll learn how to light and take photos, but that day is not today:

Draped jedi cardigan: Melanie Lyne (new to blog); Brushed silver necklace: Foxy (remixed, lengthened with another necklace at the top); Invisible black stretchy dress: Max Studio (new to blog, via Winners); Ubiquitous black pointe knit jedi leggings: Smart Set (remixed); Jedi bootage: Blondo (via Browns Shoes, remixed)

Black Month, Black Things, ‘Tocks of Pup

I can’t help worrying that our blogger followers haven’t found us over here. We were getting so close to 100 followers! It was going to be a modest, but exciting milestone for us!

As an academic working in the humanities, I cannot stress enough how awesome it is to have more than 2 people read what I write. This is especially true because I am an amateur – a fledgling, even – in this fashion genre/discipline (i.e. in the field in which I am a specialist, I dream of even 3 other specialists reading the stuff I sweat blood to produce).

In short, StyleNation, I miss you and your wonderful commentary. (And thank-you to those of you who have been commenting over here.) I hope the others will come back to talk with us, again, someday.

Let’s have a quick outfit photo to break up the relentless text here, shall we?

Outfit #1: For Teaching Last Week:

ImageMexx ruffle-front dress (as tunic): remixed; Max Studio bias-cut black short-sleeved cardigan: remixed; Cotton Mossimo t-shirt: Target (bought in Texas with E-Jo during the beautiful, warm, wine-soaked dream); Grey “pearl” stretchy bracelets: The Bay; Black leggings: remixed ad nauseum on this blog; Blondo lined riding boots: Browns (remixed)

Here’s another view – note my skillful change of pose:


In other news, February persists and continues to SUCK. This is in part because I am very close to being overwhelmed by marking responsibilities of late, and in part because, according to a not-at-all rigorous or even-close-to-clinical self-diagnosis on the internet, I may have a smidge of seasonal affective disorder. Also, the Hubs and I are living mostly in the basement of our new house because we’re having the kitchen renovated this winter. That’s right: I live underground, like a mole, and it is stupid.

‘Good thing we have the Fuzzy Roommate and His Puppy. The FR continues to avoid the camera, but His Puppy is a total publicity whore. Case in point:

Outfit #2: Worn for Office Hours and a Meeting with Two Women I Really, Really Admire


BcbgMaxazria Cardigan: new to blog (via Winners, January sales); Necklace: gifted; H&M t-shirt: new to blog (but old to me); Mexx pointe knit trousers: remixed; Nine West belt: remixed (via The Bay); Invisible Hush Puppy winter ankle boots: remixed; Prop: flappy, bumble bee puppy chew toy; The FR’s Dog: not into the bee just now

Something about this cardigan makes me think of Sal. She’s like the jedi master of long flowy cardigan wearing. Also, check out the FR’s Pup’s adorable ‘tocks:

Finally, just because I have it:

‘Got any survival strategies for February, StyleNation?

I’d sooo appreciate anything advice you’re willing to offer.

A Dress and a Dog

So glad you decided to join us over here at WordPress, StyleNation. Who doesn’t like a little more light in this, the dark month of February?

Things at IPF North are intense of late. My awesome visit to E-Jo and the Mini-FR at IPF South is but a beautiful, warm, wine-soaked, Mini-FR-rich dream. Also, teaching and research are totally kicking my a$$, of course. But there’s more:

Not only am I sitting in a purple dog fart haze as we speak, but the A-Dubs-Hubs and I got the Fuzzy Roommate his own dog. Thus far, however, the FR is really not doing his part in training and caring for his new puppy. So the Hubs and I have stepped up. (Oh goddess, StyleNation. How do people with human babies retain any semblance of sanity or self?)

Anywho, here’s the FR’s dog, and here’s what I wore today to teach twice, then to help host three guest speakers at my department:

Dress: BCBGMazazria, remixed; Cotton t-shirt: Missoni (via Target, purchased with E-Jo during The Beautiful Dream); Leggings: remixed, LOT; Boots: Blondo (via Browns Shoes, remixed)

Adorable hypoallergenic puppy: imported from Canada's east coast

(can you see the puppy’s hobo-clown beard?)

What’s up with you, SN?

Have you any survival strategies for this dark crappy month?

p.s. Please, teach me how to do links and lists of garment details like we did over at Blogger.

Conference Report: the gentle hands series

Good goddess, StyleNation. Where the hell did November go? How is it the end of the month already?! (Here’s hoping our American members enjoyed their long weekend.)

As I noted this time last year, I’ve learned to amplify the profesh in my on-campus ensembles as the term winds down. I need to bring what authority I can to in-office and classroom interactions, especially at this time in the term. Struggling and slacker students can get downright nasty as grades for their final assignments come in.

After this post, profesh is the word.

Today, I owe you a conference report. So, here goes.

Please note that the white walls in my new, as-yet-unfurnished home office are weird in photos. Thus, when I place my hands against the wall to hold myself up (or in a pose – I’m tippy), the walls disappear and it looks like I’m trying to be graceful, or gently balletic (yep. I’m calling “balletic” a word). I am not balletic or graceful; but I am tired (and lacking in camera know-how). And so, I offer the following “Gentle Hands Series”:

Day 1: Teaching & Mad Dash to Airport for Conference Travel

In retrospect, I don’t think I’d do the bow-belt on the dress, again. It seems a little girlish, no? Otherwise, the dress is perfect conference attire in that it’s polyester (read: non-wrinkling, even after hours in airports, planes, and trains), profesh without being overly polished (my field is not an especially formal one), densely printed (read: won’t show spills, even if they’re red wine), and mix-and-matchable. Also, it has pockets (read: options for hand placement that avoid awkwardness like that shown below).

Dress: Rachel Roy (via The Bay, new to blog)
Cotton t-shirt: mall anchor store (Smart Set, I think)
Leggings: Groggy (remixed ad nauseum on this blog)
Waterproof black knee-high winter boots: Blondo (via Browns Shoes)
Day 3: Dress Remixing, Non-presentation Day
Full disclosure: I actually wore the shorter cardigan (pictured in the bottom two images) at the conference. But when I saw that cardigan in pictures, it made the dress look babydollish and I wish I hadn’t worn it that way.
Here’s what I wish I’d worn. Also, I wore this ensemble to teach earlier this week, and then to speak at an event later that evening. I began the day with a wide black belt over the cardigan and dress, but things got waaayyy too sweaty, so the belt was discarded after my first class that morning. It’s still in my office (the belt, not the class), so it’s not pictured here.
Silver necklace: gifted from the Hubs (more on this later)
Long black cardigan: Nygard (remixed)
Day 2: First Day of Conference, & Day 4: Presentation Day

Originally, for my presentation on Day 4, I’d planned to wear this black wool dress with the pashmina pictured below, and the boots and leggings shown above. This more casual ensemble was meant to be worn on Day 2 only. But I’d forgotten about the extreme blond shagginess of the dog at my brother’s place – where I crashed for a portion of my stay. That huge, friendly dog leaves carpets of fur on everyone within a 2-mile radius. The black dress was impossible to wear under these circumstances.

Fortunately, I had these lycra-rich, skinny trousers on deck. Also a polyester blend, these babies don’t wrinkle at all (again, this is key for conference travel – who wants to iron when there are panels to attend first thing every morning?). Even more importantly in my case, dog fur doesn’t adhere to these unnatural tightly-woven fibres.

Grey-mix cardigan: ?? (remixed, via Winners, slightly better image below)
Black polyester jersey top: Anne Klein (via Winners, remixed)
Pashmina: gifted (remixed)
Skinny poly-lycra-rayon trousers: Mexx (new to blog)
Boots: as above

Here’s a better image of the trousers. Despite appearances, I am NOT gently stroking the leaf of that plant. The plant is well in the foreground, but the bloody white walls and poor lighting are throwing everything off kilter.

Overall, to me, the building of conference-wear around on pair of conference-friendly boots worked really well, again. The boots were foot-friendly – low-heeled, rubber-soled, warm without being too warm, and comfortable for hiking around the conference city and campus – and dressy enough for my sartorial tastes.
As an added bonus, these boots bring me one comfortable step closer to my professional goal of modelling good footwear “behaviour” for my students. Currently, I use my wearing of high heels to teach the concept of hegemony – what better way to illustrate my own consent to gender subordination?* Having taught this lesson numerous times to date, I hope, someday, to require a different illustrative example.
* Interesting side note: young women in one of this year’s classes were especially interested in promoting rather than discouraging my high heel wearing via multiple suggestions of “comfortable” or wedge heels as “cute and more comfortable than stilettos.” My suggestion that no wedge or exceptionally-well-padded high heel was as comfortable as any of my husband’s shoes was met with peels of laughter.