Things that are Especially Rare

To echo E-Jo, (belated) Happy New Year, StyleNation! Welcome to IPF 2014 and, more particularly, Research Leave at IPF North! That’s right. I get a break from teaching and service work for the next six months as I prepare to apply for tenure and promotion in the next year or so.

Today’s post, a bit of a catch-up from the end of last term, includes boots, bada$$ery, and a bit of a reveal. Here we go.

#1. Office Pyjamas as Teaching Wear

That’s right. I wore this to teach – but just in my 4th-year honours seminar – in late November. Because I couldn’t make myself care about wearing anything but this bada$$ ensemble.


Draped black wool/angora/acrylic turtleneck tunic thingy: gifted (from my elegant sis-in-law, Designer Shoe Whore); Stainless steel non-boob-wrangling necklace: gifted (from the A-Dubs-Hubs); Black pleather-front and pointe leggings: H&M (new to blog); Black leather buckled up winter boots: Cougar (new to blog, purchased in Canada’s most stylish ville with janey-em and kelly last spring

Here’s a better bootal view:


Remember when Cougar boots were those tan coloured lace-ups that we wore undone so the tongues would flap around and show the red cloth lining? It was the ’80s. Cougar’s changed things up a bit since, it seems.

#2. Holiday Party – New booties and a reveal

Both janey_em and Rinty the Crusher informed me that my search for kick-ass black pumps for the A-Dubs-Hubs’s work holiday party would be fruitless. They said I should relent and get some damn ankle booties already. So I did. Possibly I will never wear these again as I am supposed to be retired from high heels. But they were too hard core to pass up.

In other news, I am pregnant, so that’s why I have a different belly than usual in these pic’s:


Black polyester jersey and lace blazer: Thyme Maternity (new to blog); Black jersey and gold sequin short-sleeved maternity tunic/dress: Séraphine Luxe (new to blog); Black leather, gold metal, and crystal belt: gift with purchase of dress at local prego store; Black micro fibre leggings: remixed; Black leather and gold metal booties: Steve Madden (new to blog)


And now, to complete today’s Sei Shōnagon-inspired list,

Things that are Especially Rare

5. Blessed, blessed research leave

4. Wicked black pumps this winter

3. Regular posts on this blog (sorry!)

2. Holiday seasons during which I cannot consume booze (thank the goddess these are rare)

1. Canadian cities that are colder than mars

What’s especially rare in your life, StyleNation?

Also, is anyone else totally over booties, yet? 

Things that can be seen comfortably

Hi All! Who’s ready for end-of-term? Much as I’m enjoying my two courses this term, I cannot wait for this term to be over. Because then I’ll be on research leave for 6 months and can wear mostly real pyjamas – not office pyjamas – for much of the winter.

To pass the time until then, I offer two ensembles that can be seen comfortably. Mostly because of these new patent leather booties. With the platform, they’re barely high heels at all. This is good as I am trying to retire from wearing uncomfortable shoes. I’ve completely lost patience with footwear that hurts my feet, knees, hips, and back; and I’m no longer willing to tolerate shoes in which I can do little more than mince or tiptoe around.

1. Belting a Cardigan Like we Did Back in the Day (i.e. 2008)


Navy floral-printed draped cardigan: Melanie Lyne (remixed); Satine cotton cami: Jockey (via The Bay); Silver leather skinny belt: Smart Set; Black cotton twill pencil skirt (lined): Melanie Lyne; Tights: Hue; Black patent leather booties: Rockport (new to blog)


2. Black and Gold and Booties


Cream rayon knit t-neck: BCBG Maxazria; Black and gold dress: BCBG Maxazria (remixed); Leggings: Smart Set (remixed); Booties: as above


And finally, let’s finish today’s Sei Shōnagon-inspired list:

Things That Can be Seen Comfortably

1. These booties.

2. The first snow of the season (already happened here, fyi – probably you’re jealous)

3. Cherry blossoms anywhere (seriously: online, in visual media, in person – they’re always exquisite)

4. Puppies and kittens

5. Mannequins shaped like real women

What will you add to the list, StyleNation?

What visual things are comfortable for you to see?

Studies in Grey

What’s up, fashionable people? It’s nice to be able to stop in to talk about clothes before digging back into tonight’s marking, lecture prep, and research planning. In addition, let the official record show that there is significantly more morning light these days (as V also recently noted). Somehow, for me, this makes everything more manageable.

Anyway, let’s talk about clothes already, before I succumb to the temptation to talk about sex instead.

1. First, there’s this grey sweater, purchased in Florida of all places, on a mini-break with Janey Emm a few years ago, and worn for a non-teaching, no meeting day on campus:

Wool/angora/nylon blend sweater: Shine New York
Necklace: January sale at The Bay
Cotton jersey dress: Kataya
Invisible grey leggings: Joe Fresh
Bootage: Rieker (gifted from stylish sis-in-law, remixed)

Then there was a boot switch, because I decided darker coloured boots would be better.

Mystery booties: ?? – it’s a mystery (via Winners, remixed)

2. Then, because E-Jo wore this (see second ensemble), and E of Academichic wore this, I was inspired to teach in this:

Necklace: awesome gift from Janey Emm
Cardigan: Smart Set
Shell: Alfani (remixed)
Trousers: Tahari (via Winners, remixed)
Belt: Winners
Invisible mystery booties: as above

And you’re probably excited to see that I struck an entirely different pose to better highlight this brilliant necklace:

That’s all I’ve got today. 

Who’s inspiring your sartorial choices of late? 

Also, northern hemisphere dwellers, are mornings getting easier for you, 
now that there’s a wee bit more light? 

Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day, StyleNation! I have to say, I’m pretty indifferent to this holiday — it seems neither so wonderful nor so awful to me as pop culture would lead me to believe I should feel (it’s almost as though pop culture tries to *gasp* manufacture feelings). Today was a good V-Day though. Nothing in the way of romance, but, because we had a speaker here today who’s work is related to mine and who spoke in one of my classes (so, score! no lecture writing), I got taken out for both lunch and dinner on the university’s dime. Good times ensued. Particularly, our dinner where we, a bunch of academic women, discussed Annie Sprinkle well within earshot of our neighboring teenage diners (who were totes adorable. The dude had matched his tie to his girlfriend’s dress).
Anyhow, here’s what I wore today.
Dress & maroon pullover: Joe
Navy tights: Hue
Pink flats: Gap
Pink bracelet: World Market

I got this dress over Christmas and then promptly forgot I had it. It’s sleeveless so not entirely weather appropriate yet here (give it a couple of weeks). But I really like it under this v-neck sweater. This picture doesn’t show it off as well as it did in real life. The v-neck of the dress is sort of blouse-y so it added some nice dimension to the sweater.

I wore this last Friday to teach, attend a long faculty meeting, and then drink some delicious dirty martinis with goat cheese stuffed olives with friends.

Top: Joe
Skirt: NY & Co.
Scarf: Gift from A-Dubs
Black, chevron patterned tights: Hue
Ankle booties: Franco Sarto, ages and ages ago
I haven’t worn these boots in ages. I got them nearly seven years ago when I was a MA student and wore them constantly for a couple of years–though exclusively with pants. This is the first time I’ve worn them like this. It’s probably been two years at least since I pulled them out but, in the spirit of not keeping things I don’t wear, I pulled them to out to either wear or abandon forever. I feel like it was a mixed experiment. On one hand, they’re pretty comfortable because they’re super worn in and they’ve got a 2 1/2 inch wedge which works well with my feet. I also like the look of them when I’m looking down at them. On the other hand, I’m not sure that they entirely work on me. I occasionally felt slightly ridiculous in them — like they were wearing me, not the other way around. So I’m keeping them for now and will try to remix them again soon to see if I just need to get a little more comfortable with the idea of visible short boots.
How do you broaden your sartorial horizons? Have a good Valentine’s Day, full of chocolate or other good things?