Wrapping Up

Oh, hi there, internet.  It’s been a while.  So, any theories on where the last six weeks have gone?  It seems as though I blinked and March and April disappeared.  I can’t even say that I’ve been grading the whole time as that was heavier in January and February for me — before next week’s onslaught of final papers.  March, at least, was filled with travel — for work and otherwise.  I spent a delightful week in Montreal with my sisters and their adorable, adorable progeny.  I was also in New York for a lightning fast conference trip — though I DID get to hang out with the delightful Susan and a host of other, non-blogging work friends.  Conferencing is such a mixed bag — it’s a great opportunity to see fun places, hang out with colleagues who are geographically distant, and get some new ideas/ book suggestions BUT it’s also a moment for a reminder of how obnoxious certain aspects of academia can be.  Old dude who tried to score cheap laughs at the expense of his undergraduates and dude grad students who think that my lady-brain can’t possibly match the awesome power of theirs, I’m looking at you.  But now I’m home (or, more accurately, I’ve been home for OVER A MONTH) and am in the dying days of the term.

Chambray: Gap; White v-neck: Old Navy; Pencil skirt: Target; Concrete wedges: Jessica Simpson

Chambray: Gap; White v-neck: Old Navy; Pencil skirt: Target; Concrete wedges: Jessica Simpson

One of the buildings I’m teaching in this term is a bit of a treacherous hike from my office — it’s sloping downward over very uneven pavement — so I haven’t worn heels to teach as that’s a recipe for disaster.  But, over the last two weeks, I’ve been meeting with my students to discuss their final papers, rather than holding class sessions, so I decided to break out the heels for those days where I was just in my office or only teaching in the building that doesn’t require risking life and limb to get to it.  This is also a new chambray shirt.  I’ve long had my eye on this one from the Gap — it’s got western detailing and pearl snaps, which appeals to my Prairie upbringing — so I snapped it up when it was on clearance.  I’m quite smitten with it and plan on wearing the crap out of it until it gets ludicrously hot here and sleeves become unviable.

Blazer & shell: Target; Jeggings: Gap; Suede Booties: Kenneth Cole

Blazer & shell: Target; Jeggings: Gap; Suede Booties: Kenneth Cole

These jeggings are another recent, Gap sale purchase, worn here on a day last week where I met with fifteen students to discuss their papers.  And then promptly passed out at home, never wanting to say another word.  I actually really love doing these paper conferences, as I both love talking about writing with students AND having a captive audience — and this was a day when some of my very favorite students of this term were scheduled.  But, man, by the end of the day, my brain was pretty fried.


How’s everyone doing?  Hanging in there?

Belated Conference Report, Part 1

What is up, StyleNation? You are looking GOOD today. How DO you do it every time?
Let’s get right down to the posting, shall we? 

1. First, an Important Announcement: 

Congratulations to our illustrious Guest Lecturer  
Kelly Bean, Rogue Academic and now Mother of Two Gorgeous Kids! 
Visit Kelly in Beantown to check out the cherubic new Baby T. 
We love you, KB, and wish we could be there with you!

2. Next, a preamble:

In less exciting news, I’ve been holding out on the posting, having convinced myself that I need to take headsuit photos and a complete set of conference outfits pic’s before blogging, again. I’ve decided, however, that this is an unrealistic goal. Instead, things will have to get done in stages.

It is busy here. In the last two weeks I’ve:

* attended a conference (SO good – plus there was some wine drinking with a key contingent)
* visited all too briefly with Rinty the Crusher who lives too far away from me, which is stupid
* hosted my parental units and their dog for five days
* prepped for and attended a disciplinary meeting for a student plagiarist
* hired and started training two research assistants
* plowed through a good portion of The Project That Will Not End (end is in sight – hurrah!)
* looked at about seventy billion houses and put an offer on one (results pending)
* applied to another conference

Currently, there’s one huge and two smaller deadlines fast approaching, but I’m determined to get some blog-reading and posting done before I go back into the breach.

3. And now, the outfit post:

So, the plan to build all conference ensembles around my brown riding boots worked well. As did (IMHO) my effort to be comfortable and semi-professional every day of the conference. Here is Conference Outfit, Day One (a non-presentation day):


Tunic: Cha Cha Vente (via Winners)
Necklace: art show somewhere in southern Ontario
Leggings: Groggy (remixed ad nauseum on this blog)
Riding Boots: Aldo

Because the conference was on a university campus, not at a hotel, we all wore and/or carted around coats all day. For once, I managed to anticipate this important detail and planned all outfits to incorporate this spring coat. I wore this coat everyday, most of the time, because it was chilly indoors and out.

I forget what we call this style of jacket. Swing? Bracelet-length? Mostly I think of it as a necklace highlighter:

Jacket: (I forget but will update when I get home tonight)
I really wanted to style everything around this vintage double-breasted velvet trench, but it’s not a practical option for travelling. What if it gets even more crushed? It’s irreplaceable. So I include it here as the fantasy option. In reality, I wore the above-noted green cotton twill number.  
Trench: thrifted, then switched out gold brass buttons for these faux pewter ones
In closing, I offer the following awesome picture of the Fuzzy Roommate savaging his sock monkey on his new bed cover. My mother loves fabric stores; she shops for quilting materials. I enjoy the stores, too, but barely have time to blow my nose, so when I go to the stores with her, I try to avoid buying fabric for projects that I will never have time to undertake. But a pillow cover is an fast and totally easy thing to make – and who could resist this leopard print?
“Leopard print.” Do you see what I did there?
Conference Report, Part II to follow. 
In the mean time, tell us, all you professionals out there:
what do you do with your coat at professional events?
Wear it? Scrunch it into your bag? Hang it and hope no one swipes it?

Conference Bound!

I leave tomorrow at a ridiculous time for a conference in Vancouver. This is the first conference I’ve done in a while — I’ve been focusing on finishing revisions on my book project so conferencing has seemed like a little bit of a distraction rather than an aid at this point. This makes me slightly nervous about being off my conference game. As A-Dubs’ noted earlier this week, we academics can be a weird lot when we have to socialize in a professional setting. Conferences can be this great space where you get to talk about what you’re most engaged in intellectually and meet great colleagues who share your interests. But they can also feel like a junior high dance where all the cool kids hang out together — and if you don’t have an in, it’s hanging out alone time (also, don’t get me or A-Dubs started on the gender politics of some of these conferences. Gah.).
Cardigan: Gap
White, ruffly shirt: Joe
Pants: NY & Co.
Shoes: Nine West
Brown ring: gifted from my sister
Luckily, for this conference, a current colleague of mine and two of the students from my fall grad course are going. It’s nice to have a small cohort of people you know at these things. And, more importantly, I’m staying with two grad school friends. I’m pretty sure things are going to get awesome.

Also, on a totally unrelated note (and mostly in reference to a conversation I had with A-Dubs), here’s a photo of the dresser I re-painted over Spring Break. It looks more coral, and less orange in person (I also want to replace the knobs but haven’t gotten around to doing so). It used to be a beat-up dark purple and birch.

Dresser: Ikea Robin
Any suggestions for avoiding the conference awkwardness?

Headsuit & Boots

‘Morning, StyleNation, from IPF Northern Division where the countdown to term’s end continues. But we’re not talking about term today; instead, we’re live from The Great White North with ridiculous headsuit photos and a non-presentation-day conference ensemble. First, in response to inexplicable popular demand (see the comments sections), the curled up version of my new(ish) headsuit:

Hair Today, (Pi)goon Tomorrow*

It’s perhaps difficult to see here, but my favourite part of this haircut is the longer dangly wisps by my chin on each side of my face. I also enjoy that only the top layers are highlighted while the bottom and back are dyed a few shades darker than my natural colour.

Now that winter is here in earnest (it snowed ALL weekend, and snow continues to dump down today), the smoother version of this ‘do will probably be a better choice. Because then I can wear hats, not hoods. Hoods create static and fuzz.

* so titled in honour of the author featured at the event for which this ‘do was styled last night

Conference Outfit, Not Presenting

I wore this outfit to a conference in October the day after I delivered my paper. When I present, I dress more formally. On days when I’m just attending others’ panels, I dress more casually but avoid jeans. To my mind, I’m still too junior a scholar to relax entirely at professional conferences.

Poly-blend Dress: Chapter One (via Winners)
Cardigan: Nygard (remixed)
Jersey scarf: Gap (old; it came with a matching tunic that I rarely wear)
Leggings: (label’s rubbed off)
OTK boots: (via Shoe Heaven, remixed)
Wine: key element of conference evenings

Comfortable footwear is often key to good conference experience, don’t you think? It can be a bit of a hike between panel venues, or to the restaurant/pub for dinner, or from your hotel to the conference.

The conference I attended was in my home city, so I came home for cocktails with the A-Dubs-Hubs before heading out for an evening book launch/pub-based hobnobbing thingy.

I’ll remix the dress, again, soon. For now, you’ll have to trust me when I tell you that it’s best under this kind of sweater.

I’m off to meet with panicked students and to power through a pile of papers that MUST be returned tomorrow. Everything seems soooo dire at this time of the term.

What’s your week look like? And will you be dressing up or down for your stuff this week?

Call for Poses: Wonder Woman Pose Conference!

Coming soon
In Professorial Fashion:

The (Virtual) Wonder Woman Pose Conference

What do you do with your arms in your style-blog photos? When we’re at a loss—or trying to showcase either our bracelets or biceps—we do the “Wonder Woman.” (Click on the Wonder Woman “Designer Label” in our left sidebar to review our preliminary efforts.) Now we invite you to assume a Wonder Woman-like pose, too!

To be included in the conference line-up, choose one of your style-y outfits, select one of the three poses shown below,* assume the position, snap a photo, save it as a jpeg image, and email it to professfashion@gmail.com with the Subject Line “WW Conference Entry” by midnight on August 31st. In the body of your email, be sure to include the details for your outfit as well as a link to your blog. If you like, you can include one or two sentences to accompany your image when we post all the conference entries.**

*Note to Wonder Woman purists: Clearly, we favour the television WW played by Linda Carter in the late 1970s and early ’80s. If you really, really want to pose like the drawn character created by DC Comics’ William Moulton Marsden, go ahead—but send us an image of the version of this character you’re emulating.

**This goes without saying, we know, but we’re saying it anyway: no nude, nude-ish, or otherwise sextastic images that may hurt our eyes. This is a style blog; let’s keep it stylish, people. (This means, of course, that we won’t post the nudie pic’s.)

Pose #1: The Classic

Pose #2: The Classic – With Hip-tilt

Pose #3: Bullets & Bracelets