First Days: Dresses

Whew! September is flying  by, thank the gods. It’s always a full-on month-long scramble I can’t wait to be over, despite the piles of marking that arrive with October. Also, one of the courses I’m teaching this term is a 3-hour afternoon one I’ve not taught before. This means eons of prep time and a LOT of dashing around last minute, searching for books, making copies, and throwing tech into bags to haul to class just in case it’s needed.

All of this dashing and scrambling generally means I spend less time than I should planning outfits. Thus, there’ve been some misses of late, sartorially speaking. I offer the following for your consideration/commentary:

1. Dress that Hangs like a Bag

Purchased last year in a funky shop that makes me want to be as cool as it is. The dress/bag itself is made of summer weight wool and lycra, so it’s super-comfortable. I’m forced to admit, however, that it looks like a potato sack. Tits.


Banana Blue Mauve/gray dress: new to blog; Black cotton T and leggings: ubiquitous on this blog; Beaded silver bracelets: remixed; Fly London Yayas in black: remixed

Here’s another iteration, equally unsuccessful:


Dress: as above; Mexx long white linen cardigan: remixed; Stella & Dot silver bib necklace: remixed; “Silver” beaded bracelets: remixed; Mexx white camp: remixed; Ecco Silver leather sandals: new to blog

2. Summer-Sale Misfire

This dress is sort of insane; it has a LOT going on. Probably too much. I can see why it was in the sales, but it’s redonk comfortable, and I kind of dig the crazy. Also,  I think I can style it better than this. In short, I am keeping it but recognize that this first iteration leaves a lot to be desired:


Kenneth Cole insane dress: new to blog (via Kenneth Cole online); Black cotton/lycra cropped cardigan: ?? (I cut out the itchy, itchy tag); Black bamboo capri leggings: Joe Fresh (technically pyjamas, purchase last year before we knew exactly how much Joe Fresh, the brand, sucketh); David Dixon embellished pewter “snakeskin” leather flats: remixed

And here it is from the back. I told you there’s a LOT going on:


3. This One I Love

It’s got everything on my new work-dress checklist: high neckline? check; Heavy cotton jersey that doesn’t show my underwear line? check; Colour that is kind to my complexion? check. In other news, there’s no big dark wet patch on the right side. The camera put that there. Or maybe it’s a ghost.


Neon Buddha steel-grey cotton jersey dress: new to blog; Loft cream cotton short-sleeved cropped cardigan: remixed; Necklace: remixed; Naturalizer nude-for-my-skin-tone leather wedge sandals: remixed

I’d love to stay and chat, but I need my hands for eating cake. The A-Dubs-Hubs is working late, so the dogs and I are having a picnic in bed.

Here’s a final question: is the dress I love too casual for work? Is it a going-to-yoga thing?

(I am easily seduced by yoga clothes.)

Spring On-campus Jeanage

What up, StyleNation? Who’s having a spring to remember?

Recent crappy events at IPF North have encouraged me to appreciate life while I’ve got it, and I’ve been doing so in my garden. My gardening goal for this summer is to encourage as many bumblebees, butterflies, hummingbirds, and bunnies as possible to stop by for pollination, snacks, and/or general frolicking.

When on campus, I’m alone in my office for much of the day (sweet solace!), so I’ve been doing some significant dressing down. Case in point:

1. Should have tucked the shirt, but can’t make myself care

I can’t believe I don’t post these jeans more often. They’ve been a non-teaching-day staple for ages (or since 2008):

Blouse: Mexx (remixed); Necklace: gifted (remixed); Pin-stripe grey trouser jeans: Parasuco for Smart Set (2008, remixed); Shoes: Fugitive de Francesco Rossi (remixed)


And here, just because I have it, is a much less flattering angle that potentially gives a better view of the jean stripe:

Mug: ubiquitous in morning photos

2. Even though I’m broken up with Distressed Denim, I still have this skirt

I don’t know. Should we get rid of stone-washed or otherwise distressed denim so as not to contribute to the trend that results in factory/sweatshop-worker deaths? I’ve considered dyeing the skirt but suspect the wash variation would be reproduced in some way regardless. ‘Thoughts?

Necklace: gifted (remixed); Cotton jersey top: MaxStudio (remixed); Denim skirt: Bebe (remixed); Green leather belt: purchased with D-Med in England ages ago (remixed); Brown leather bootage: Rockport (super-old, remixed)

And here, because I’m the modelliest, is a slightly modified pose that does not, despite my best intentions, highlight the boots:

Mug: ubiquitous

Tell us about your spring, StyleNation!

How are you spending your down time these increasingly warm days?

The Importance of Morning Photos: Summer Black-out 3&4

Two days ago, this happened:

This is Fuzzy Roommate’s poor little foot, splinted and wrapped, because an accident at the (very negligent) groomer’s left him with a broken toe. Now he’s on bed rest and pain meds, and the A-Dubs-Hubs and I carry him out for a “placing” each night. (i.e. We place him on the grass so he can empty himself, then we carry him back inside. He can hop around on three legs during the day, even though it’s incredibly pathetic to see. But at night he gets a little wobbly and it’s too heartbreaking to watch him try to be his usual independent cat-like self.)

Anyway, today—not on purpose—he and I arrived at my office (where he has to accompany me so I can monitor his pain meds) matching.See?

Striped Jacket: Tribal (remixed)

Cotton striped T: Theory (Vegas outlet)

Necklaces: gifted

Belt: ?? (remixed)

Trouser jeans: Joe Fresh (remixed)

Navy sequin wedges: Roman Tenza (remixed)

I had a much more exciting ensemble planned around a thrifted sundress, but it’s only 14 degrees (57 fahrenheit) today, so I had to be reasonable—and I had to do so “live” as I’d not planned for “reasonable warmth.” Luckily, I tried taking some morning photos, so my first effort was scrapped.I simultaneously enjoy and regret the honest styling appraisal the camera enables: on the one hand, I’m grateful for the help in avoiding bad things.On the other, I miss my pre-blog-photo confidence that “things are probably fine.”

Frankly, I wish I’d tried the morning-photo plan yesterday before I left my apartment in this:


Printed cotton blouse: Kenzie

Necklace: gifted

Cardigan & Cami: Smart Set (remixed)

Khakis: Joe Fresh

Peach & brown leather wedges: Geox

As you’ll perhaps begin to discern from these images, it’s relatively easy for me to look like a very poorly styled soccer mom. This is especially true when I wear khakis. Yet somehow, I need to learn this lesson repeatedly. Every couple of years I start to miss the khakis that I made myself adios last time. So I pick up yet another pair of khakis and give things another go.At least these ones were cheap.

Here, I tried (and failed) to do that gorgeous shoe-highlighting rolled-up-pant-legs thing that much stylier bloggers like Jentine of My Edit do. I surely enjoy these shoes; but things really got too matchy-matchy, and I am appropriately ashamed. (But not ashamed enough to keep it off the internet. I’m making myself post so I have to learn these lessons.) I am VERY glad I didn’t bump into any students yesterday.

Don’t you think, however, that if these pants were slimmer and a darker shade of khaki or olive drab, if I were wearing some high-heeled gladiator sandals in some kind of nude or metallic, and if I’d left off the silver necklace, the rest could work? Or maybe I should also ditch the brown cardigan and go with a cropped close-fitting jean jacket?

For better or worse, nothing here is black, so my Summer Black-out 2010 participation is still on.