Pencil Skirts, Northern Division

Having woken early to the dulcet tones of a dog puking, I’ve found a whole extra hour with which to blog. How’ve you been, StyleNation? Things here at IPF North have been verging on frantic at least in part because this is now my fourth year at my job and I’m no longer contractually protected from service work at the faculty and university levels. This means I’ve a whole new set of meetings to map onto existing research, teaching, and department-level meetings.

I’ve also discovered that prepping adequately for every meeting (i.e. thoroughly reading ALL attachments emailed prior) cuts into necessary sleep and having-at-least-a-little-life time. I am, therefore, developing a survival strategy. Unless I’m prepping for someone else’s tenure review, I’ll be skimming what appear to be the most important documents in the 10-15 minutes prior to the meeting/s in which they’re to be discussed. I just don’t see any other way to survive the landslide of text-based documents this fall.

In outfit-related news, I’ve been trying to try. This is me saying good-bye to bare legs. The crisp autumn season is now firmly upon this city; but we had one last push of sun and warm breeziness last week:

1. Needs bigger shoes

I’m trying to channel me some E-Jo. Her flats seem to balance her ensembles better than these tiny gold ones. I’ll keep trying!


Black flowered tunic/blouse: ?? (I removed the scratchy tag, remixed); Black sleeveless T: H&M (remixed a LOT); Rose gold leather belt: Smart Set (new to blog); Cream satin-finish cotton pencil skirt: Jacob (remixed); Gold faux-snakeskin embellished flats: David Dixon (remixed)


2. Blacks and blues

This was my first attempt at styling this skirt. I’ve got bigger plans for it, but this is a reasonable warm-up.


Sheer black silk button-up blouse: Equipment (via Winners, new to blog); Black sleeveless T: as above: Silver medallion necklace: The Bay; Navy and blue polka dot midi pencil skirt: Zara: Black suede flats: Browns

How’s fall treating you, StyleNation?

Also, for those of you with meeting-rich professional lives, how do you do it?

Everything is Black and Gold

Yegads, StyleNation! Has it really been more than a month since we met? How’ve you been?

Things here are getting back into their usual October groove following the submission of a grant application that ate up most of August, all of September, and the first two weeks of October. It sort of feels as though said application left a gaping hole in my life that I’ve only just begun to fill, again. To make matters worse, there was some new-friend-related drama at pretty much the EXACT time that my grant-related anxiety had reached a fever pitch.┬áIn short, F&*K, that was awful. Also, I would NEVER have made it through if my research partner were not an intuitive and supportive friend as well as a ridiculously accomplished and prolific scholar.

In more directly blog-related news, I present the following combinations of black and gold for your consideration. The first I wore to a wedding of the A-Dubs-Hubs’s colleague, the second to teach last week.

#1. Wedding Guest Wear

For the late-afternoon wedding, I began with the following. The gold flats happened because (a) I wanted to make a shoe purchase count twice, and these can be worn for teaching, and (b) I have plantar fasciitis that makes high heel wearing too painful to contemplate:

Gold chandelier earrings: Le Chateau (remixed); Dress: BCBG Maxazria (remixed, purchased with janey_em during January 2011’s epic visit); Gold cuffs: Cousin’s shop and I forget (remixed); Invisible black silk clutch: was my maternal grandmother’s (loved her style, miss her a LOT); Gold faux-snakeskin embellished leather flats: David Dixon (via Town Shoes)

The wedding reception featured a series of increasingly ridiculous moments that lead me to self-medicate with wine in order to survive without imploding in rage. (This may have resulted in some drunken texting of E-Jo and janey_em from a bathroom stall. Probably I should not bring a phone to such events.) Over the course of the evening, a certain amount of outfit deconstruction occurred. This was the result:

This version of the ensemble facilitated the dancing which kept me from having to talk to the relative strangers whose every statement seemed either to offend and enrage or really, really bore me. (You know, because I’m incredibly evolved and self-important.)

#2. A-Dubs, if You Get Out of Bed, You Can Wear the Owl Belt

As the subtitle for this ensemble indicates, this was a reward I used to entice myself from under the covers the day after we submitted the grant application. Only the thought of a giant owl belt made of pleather and brass-like metal got me away from my beloved, under-used water pillow that morning.

Top: Vero Moda (new); Brass and pleather Owl belt: thrifted last summer (new to blog); Long patterned skirt: thrifted ages ago (remixed); Black leather “combat” boots: Ben Sherman (for men, new to blog, purchased on sale last spring); Photo-bomber: The Fuzzy Roommate’s Puppy (wearing her fall/winter blue paisley collar – isn’t she huge now?!)

Here’s a close-up of the owl:

Does anyone remember a Hallowe’en song called “Black and Gold”?: “Everything is black and gold, black and gold tonight! Yellow pumpkin, yellow moon, yellow candle light.” I’m pretty sure I sang something like this in Grade Two music class.

Also, what up, StyleNation?

Stripes, Tights, and a Gratuitous Dog Picture

Wow, November & December is a swirling vortex, isn’t it?  I’m almost on the other side of it now — I’ve submitted grades for one class and will be done with the other on Thursday or so — so things seem suddenly, wonderfully manageable.  This is the first December in nearly 10 years where I haven’t jetted out the door as soon as exams were written so the rest of the month will be calmer in a very new way for me — for which I’m excited.

Striped cardigan: Gap Outlet
Tank (unseen): Target
Khaki skirt: Gap
Navy tights: Hue
Gold flats: Nine West

I wore this today to work in a coffee shop, and make a brief appearance on campus for the department’s winter lunch (can I just say that a winter lunch without alcohol is a somewhat poor substitute for the traditional holiday party?  Though this did feature a delicious 7 layer dip in the shape of the state I live in).  As I was getting dressed, I decided on the navy tights first and then wished that I had a navy, breton striped top to wear, forgetting about this sweater’s very existence.  Now, this hardly matches the Platonic ideal of the navy breton striped shirt that exists in my mind, but it worked as a substitute in a pinch.

Scarf: Gifted from a friend of my mom

This scarf, which I hardly ever wear (it’s slightly too upholstery-y for me), worked perfectly — tying together the blues, greens and golds.  Matching while pattern mixing FTW.

A gratuitous mini-FR shot, since he’s totally over the outfit photo shoots.  I’m biased, but, seriously, can you imagine a cuter face??
How is everyone feeling about the middle of December?  Academics, you surviving?  Non-academics, are sick of academic bloggers complaining about December yet?

Also, great blog alert: Celebrity Gossip, Academic Style.  Lots of fun and really thoughtful articles here about celebrity and gossip (like about why everyone loves Michael Fassbender, and Claire Dane’s return to television).

Monday, Monday

Man, does it ever feel like November here (apart from the fact that I still can’t completely turn off the air-conditioning): I spent the weekend grading, it’s gray and blustery today, and I just want to stay in my pjs all day.  While I work out some way to dress today that’s basically pajamas but still teaching acceptable, here’s a couple of things I was wearing last week.

Black faux-wrap shirt: Joe
Black tank: Target
Jeggings: Old Navy
Gold flats: Nine West
Feather print scarf: France

Here’s an outfit built around the scarf I bought in France (detail shot below).  It’s silk and gorgeous, and subtly the colors of the tricolore.  The rest of the outfit didn’t photography well here but it’s really beside the point: it’s merely a background for feathery goodness.

Dress: Old Navy
Cardigan: Gap
Gold flats: Nine West
Purple tights: Target
Scarf: Germany

I love this dress.  It’s the perfect piece for showing off things like scarfs or bright blue cardigans.  This is also my first foray into the colorful tights arena.  I love a dark purple so this seemed well within my comfort zone.  

Inspired by M. of An Epic Battle in High Heels, I went for a long overdue head suit alteration.  I didn’t get a shot of it when doing these outfit pictures, but one’s coming…  My hair’s the longest it’s been in years so I find that haircuts appear less significant but there’s something to be said for the psychological effect of having a tidied up head–even if just externally!  

Leaving on a Jet Plane

Man, this fall seems to be slowing us right down here at In Professorial Fashion.  Postings, on my part, have been few and far between because I leave tomorrow for a conference trip to France, followed by a couple of days in Berlin, visiting my youngest sister who’s there organizing a conference for urologists.  Leaving for a somewhat extended break, mid-semester, is one of the perks of the way my teaching schedule works out this term.  However, unsurprisingly, it means that I need to get on top of both conference things, and things related to my absence (pre-trip grading, arranging guest lecturers and mid-terms, etc…).

Nonetheless, I have managed to take a couple of outfit pictures in the last week or so that have gone unblogged.

Coral tank: Addition-Elle
Chartreuse tank: Target
Brown skirt: Gap
Brown suede flats: Joe
70s style, macrame necklace: RW&Co., ages ago
I posted a version of this outfit over the summer with shorts (or at least I think I did; I can’t seem to find the post however…), rather than the skirt, but I love the combination of coral and chartreuse.  And with that much color up-top, the rest really needs to be neutral.  I don’t think I’ve blogged this necklace before, which is crazy as it’s one of my favorites.  I’ll try to wear it again soon and actually take a detail shot.  I’m teaching until 7 pm this term and it’s really hard to take more than a couple of basic shots when I get home.  
Black cardi: Gap
Purple tank: Target
Olive pencil skirt: Lane Bryant
Faux-snakeskin flats: Old Navy
Silver necklace that never photographs true to color: LOFT Outlet 
This skirt purchase was inspired by Jessica over at Surely Sonsy.  She’s been rocking some awesome pencil skirts, reminding me how fantastic and versatile they can be.  This one’s a ponte knit so it’s really comfy.  I also bought it in charcoal grey so expect to see some version of that soon.
Bright blue cardi & black tee: Gap
Brown pencil skirt: NY & Co.
Gold flats: Nine West
Silver pendant: H&M
As you can see with these last two outfits, I’m totally trying to make cooler weather happen here.  With very little success.  Nonetheless, this bright blue cardi is totally a workhorse for me, unexpectedly.  I love how it jazzes it up an otherwise fairly unexciting combo.  
I’ll try to take some outfit photos in exotic European locales but I make no promises.  Hope you all have a good week or so!

Grainy Blues

So this outfit is from last week, when we were still in the midst of a glorious string of days in the 80s/90/ high 20s/ low 30s, which explains my ability to wear sleeves.  Somehow, even though it’s almost October, we’re back into the 100s which means sleeves are out the window and it’s impossible to take pictures when I get home as I’m such a sticky, humid mess.

But, weather complaining aside, I loved this outfit and only wish the pictures did it justice.  These are, in fact, the (probably) final shots (for the blog, at least) from my old point-n-shoot.  I got a fancy new camera for my birthday and it’s dying to be taken out for some outfit shots, not just pictures of my dog.

Blue cardi: Gap OutletDress: Old NavyNecklace: AnthroYe olde familiar gold flats: Nine West

It was a delightful outfit, perfect for getting some work done in the office and meeting with the new department chair to set up my committee for my half way to tenure review (eep).  I figured that, when going to an important meeting, what’s better than wearing a slightly distracting and sparkly necklace?
What’s it like in the world of fall?  Could you send some of it here?  Especially your rain — we need it pretty desperately!

Back in the Saddle

Ummm… seriously, has it been over a month since I’ve posted?  Yikes.  Also, is September really two thirds over?  Really?  The last six weeks have been crazy busy with the start of term, a short notice but excellent visit from my sister during which I indoctrinated her into the Party Down club, and the delight that is an increased array of departmental service roles (I’ve totally been reading your blogs though.  I just haven’t had a chance to keep up with commenting).  
While my sister was here, I was introduced to the wonder that is Nordstrom Rack.  It is awesome.  For our Canadian readers, it’s like Winners but all drawn from Nordstrom so lots of good deals on high end brands.  My sister got a $300 blazer for $30.  This could be dangerous.
Coral cardigan: Nordstrom Rack
White tank: Target
Brown pencil skirt: NY & Co.
Gold flats: Nine West
Silver pendant: H&M
It was there that I found this awesome cardigan.  I love coral and, given that we’re only starting to get into temperatures below 100/ 40, its short sleeves make it much more wearable for me.  I wasn’t on the drapey cardigan bandwagon last year but I think I might be converted.  It’s going to look awesome belted and it hangs really nicely.  
How are you doing, Style Nation?  I’ve got to say that, while I’d like September to be touch less crazy, I’m kind of digging being back in professorial garb after a summer of, mostly, schlubbiness.

Summer and Floaty Skirts

In an effort to avoid the early summer lethargy that’s all too easy to fall into after the craziness of the end of term, I’m trying to keep dressing in a semi-professional manner — whether I’m going to the office, the coffee shop or working at home. So far this has produced mixed, though mostly positive results (ie. sometimes I’m dressed up while busy not-working). I’m hoping to get a couple of things off my plate before I head to Montreal in a couple of weeks for my sister’s wedding so it’s full steam ahead here at IPF South.
The other day I picked up a floaty, mid-length skirt — like those that have been popping up all over the blogosphere in the last couple of months. I was initially skeptical about how this length would look on me. I’m not a full convert yet but I’m enjoying the extra length and floatiness so far.
Top & Skirt: Old Navy
Gold flats (which look like canoes for some reason in these photos): Nine West
I tend to avoid overly whimsical styles — I like them on others but resist them for myself — so I like the graphic print on this one.

The mini-FR, sun worshipper that he is, is enjoying the hot and sunny weather we’ve been having. Here he is, patrolling the yard while I took photos. He is nothing if not vigilant.

How was your weekend Style Nation? I saw Bridesmaids — it was awesome (and reinforced my love for Jon Hamm) and very apropos given the next couple of weeks.