End-of-term – Hoo-ahhh!

Has it really been almost a month since last we posted, StyleNation? Yeesh!

As usual, November was insanely busy at IPF North. In addition to the teaching, applying for things, attending meetings every second hour, and pretending to maintain a research program, I also jetted off to the emerald isle for a conference. For reasons I’ll discuss some other time, I’ll not be filing a conference report.

I have, however, worn some things to the above-noted on-campus activities. Also, perhaps because of my growing excitement about the research leave I begin as soon as this last batch of grades is submitted, I’ve not been following the November rules. Instead I’ve been fiddling around with boots and blue things.

1. Blue and boots

Worn for a day comprised of a long morning meeting, 75 minutes of teaching, then nearly 2 hours of guest lecture and discussion elsewhere on campus. These boots are meant to replace the brown riding boots that have begun to make my feet crazy-achy.


Mexx navy and floral faux silk dress: new to blog (via Mexx); Fuchsia cotton t: mall anchor store; Hue Navy tights: remixed (via The Bay); Brown leather back-lace boots: new to blog (via Browns Shoes)


2. Blue dots, etc

Worn for another meeting and teaching day. I’m still practicing with this skirt and seem to have skewed toward the crazy in this iteration. Whatevs. It’ll happen at some point. But I’m taking suggestions. . .


Dalia Collection navy and neon faux silk blouse: new to blog (via Winners); “Silver” bead necklace: remixed; Zara navy and blue dot midi pencil skirt: remixed; Hue indigo tights: remixed (via The Bay); Fly London navy and pewter flatforms: remixed

What’s up with you, StyleNation?

What rules are you breaking?

Dressing (Just) Outside the Academy: I’m Hot, Then I’m Cold

Greetings, StyleNation!

Has it really been two months since my last post?  I would refuse to believe it, but it seems that WordPress helpfully adds a date to the top of every entry.  Whoops.  To be fair, it’s well-known here at IPF DeskJob that if it ain’t in my BlackBerry, I ain’t showing up, so it’s pretty much a minor miracle that I found my way back at all.

Either that, or A-Dubs and I finally got ourselves in the same room long enough to a) catch up and b) photograph my outfit.  I’m delighted with the results of both.

Spring dressing is tricky for me.  Either I wear winter suits and get all overheated and grumpy on the way to work, or I try to bust out summer clothes too soon, both freezing and looking ridiculous in the process.  Nothing says, “hey, I’m a professional!” like arriving in a light dress and cardigan to find that the rest of your meeting has opted for the winter suit.  (Fortunately, they’re generally too overheated and grumpy to notice.)

The outfit below represents the best of both worlds.  Spring colours on the top, winter colours down below.  A mix of softness and structure, plus plenty of polkadots (for further alliteration).   Also, nude hose, because I don’t feel properly dressed for my job without it.

Cardigan: Ann Taylor; Cami: Smart Set; Pencil skirt: Banana Republic; Black pearls: remixed; BlackBerry: The Man; Pose: Post-Academic-Writer-Reunion-Casual-Kitchen-Hangout

Shoes: as pictured, Calvin Klein, but I felt they were slightly too fetishy for an office setting and swapped ‘em out for dark red Nine West round-toed heels.

PS: Can I reopen the nude hose debate, StyleNation?  Because I have views.

PPS: I feel you should know that in the process of posting this, my first independently formatted guest lecture, I managed both to mangle the alignment and to post a massive picture of my body (no text) to the public blogspace.  I removed it.  You’re welcome.

New Guest Lecture Series: Professional Dressing (just) Outside the Academy

That’s right StyleNation. We’re introducing a new monthly Guest Lecture Series here at IPF, and we’re featuring none other than our stylish friend, partner in all great adventures, and Kelly‘s and my classmate from our M.A. years, janey_emm!! As always, we’re not quite organized enough to have a title for this new lecture series. Please feel free to make suggestions.

(We will, of course, feel free to use or not use said suggestions because we are awesome that way.

But we’ll credit you, if we use your words!)

Janey has lectured here before, of course, when we introduced her just over a year ago. I will, therefore, get out of the way so that janey can (re)introduce herself and get down to business(wear). Take it away, janey – and welcome (more permanently) aboard!:


Greetings, StyleNation! I’m janey_emm, and you may remember me from such guest lectures as 13 Ways of Looking at a Black Suit. If you don’t, you’re out of luck, ‘cause that’s the only one I did. But we press on.

I want to start this post off on the right foot by doing what I never did at the beginning of my M.A. thesis: thanking those who made this possible. I’m delighted to be here, IPFers; thanks for having me!

(Aside: was I really the only one who didn’t know that you were supposed to have an acknowledgements section? Why didn’t anyone tell me? I just launched right into my [tenuous] argument like I knew what I was doing, and no thanks to none of you for nothin’. That’s right: janey_emm, M.A. [with ingratitude].)

As I mentioned last time ‘round, I am not an academic. All the same, I like to think of myself as your sartorial sister. I don’t wear a uniform, but I don’t have a wardrobe of theory suits, either. I have to look both professional and personable. I understand that on any given day, my clothing choices signal my role, who I’m meeting with, and how cold it is in my office (VERY), so I think I get where you’re coming from. Also, I like boots and tights and excellent accessories. I’m pretty sure we’re going to get along.

With introductions out of the way, I want to get right to the clothes.

I’ve been following the Office Pajamas series with barely disguised naked envy over here at IPF DeskJob. My office environment is fairly conservative, which means that most days, I am being squeezed, smoothed, or otherwise jammed into some fairly uncomfy duds, except when I wear the wool pants that are far too big for me. (I refuse to give them up. See above, re: temperature of office.) The outfit below is the closest I get to living the Office PJ dream.


White blouse: 172 Grams; Sweater vest: H&M; Black pencil skirt: Michael Kors; Black tights: no clue; Black boots: pictured, Zara; actually worn at work and forgotten under desk, Kelsi Dagger’s Amarylis boot; Black pearls: remixed; BlackBerry: The Man; Pose: I-invited-my-friend-over-for-dinner-and-then-made-her-take-a-crazy-headless-pic-of-my-work-clothes (with a kick)


Postscript from A-Dubs: Watch for janey_emm’s posts here at IPF once a month from now on.

If you need a janey fix in between guest lectures, check her out at It’s So Involved Being Me.

Guest Lecture: Thirteen ways of looking at a black suit (plus or minus 10)

You know how Thursdays are awesome in the StyleNation? Some of us are done teaching for the week (oh, thank goddess), some of us are offering thrifting advice (or preparing to do so the next day ;), and most of us are perusing the extreme awesomeness that is Interrobangs Anonymous’s Thursday Links
Well hold on, StyleNation, because things are about to get almost unbearably awesome. Because here at In Professorial Fashion, 
we’ve got a Guest Speaker for this excellent Thursday!
Introducing janey emm, StyleNation member, author of the hilarious blog It’s So Involved Being Me, serious student of all things fashion, and a voice from that fashionable suit-wearing world that some of us in academia visit only occasionally. ALL of us at IPF, including regular Guest Lecturer, Kelly Bean, have shopped, played, studied, travelled, and/or danced in a bus-mo in Vegas with the hilarious Ms. em. 
Moreover, I, Academic Writer, have a special appreciation for her as she and I are exactly the same size, but with different enough body types that we can shop together, but never battle over clothes. If it’s a widener on me, it’s bound to look fantastic on em, and vice versa(ish). 
But I digress. Without further ado, here’s janey!
Greetings, StyleNation! My name is janey emm, and I am delighted (if slightly intimidated) to be delivering a Guest Lecture here at IPF. 
First things first: I am not an academic, but don’t let that worry you. While I may have abandoned my dreams of a doctorate to work for The Man, I know your people and I understand your ways. More importantly, my fashion credentials are impeccable.
Office Blazer: Tristan and America
Heels: gifted
Silver pantaloons: $5 bin in a Boxing Day sale (can you believe it?)
BlackBerry: The Man
Hooded wool romper:  a brave, unknown designer (via The Bay)
Giant rubber suit: Helly Hansen (via my dad, via Canadian Tire)
Hat: Tilley Endurables
Shoes: Pumas
Red boat: some guy’s driveway (via a classified ad in my dad’s local paper)
Today, I bring you my philosophy on suitin’ up. The way I see it, there are several upsides to the suit: it’s easy! It’s professional! It matches! However, there are a few downsides: it’s boring! It’s expensive! It sometimes makes me look like a rectangle, or possibly a middle-aged banker!
Well, yes. But it doesn’t have to. Below, you’ll find three takes on a basic black suit (Calvin Klein, via Filene’s Basement), all built around the same principle: let the suit do the work. When it comes to underneaths and accessories, I like to pick ‘em as if I’m going to take off my jacket and head straight out for dinner and drinks. It helps me walk the fine line between acceptable-for-work and fun-for-me, even when the only place I’ll be heading is straight for my couch and a can of Coke Zero.
1. there’s no such thing as too much neutral
Cream cami: Club Monaco
Obi: unknown (via local boutique)
Heels: Modern Vintage
Black pearls: gifted
BlackBerry: The Man
Rockband guitar: awesome
Studded snakeskin is a neutral, right?

2. hey, everyone!  Look at my neck!
Cowl-necked tank: Ann Taylor
Necklace: art shop in Barcelona
3. party on the top, Parisian cinq-a-sept down below
Ruffly tank: Anthropologie
Earrings: local boutique
Textured hose: Hue
Shoes: Calvin Klein
Pose: classic (with a kick)
Bottom line, StyleNation? Embrace The Rectangle. And if you happen to be oddly proportioned and freakishly long of limb, abandon all hope of pants and stick to the skirt suits. You’ll be a happier StyleCitizen (if colder in winter). Trust me.

First. Guest Post. Ever.

StyleNation, I have news.  I now write Guest Posts.  Well, one, I wrote one Guest Post.  
Check it out here at the lovely and amazing and tres, tres charmante A Femme d’un Certain Age

My mission, and of course I chose to accept it, was to represent my blogging colleagues, A-Dubs and E-Jo, in our European debut.  Bloggerista Tish Jett is in France, sweeties, France.  
Does this make us kind of a big deal?  At least in our own minds?  Je pense que oui

Guest Lecture: Steig Larsson Styles

From time to time, IPF friend, fashion consultant and rogue academic, Kelly Bean, drops in to do a guest post.  This is one of those times.

Many of StyleNation’s academics are counting down the semester’s remaining classroom days. What better time for a little fantasy professorial fashion? Over in the rogue sector of academia, where the dress code is hazy at best, I’ve been doing some archival closet research in pursuit of an unlikely classroom style that’s just perfect for end-of-term.
Lizbeth Salander Teaches a First-Year Survey Course.


black leather moto jacket (nicknamed the “sexy bitch jacket” before I even bought it): Le Chateau, c. 2002
black and burgundy striped blouse: Insight via Filene’s, c. 2009
navy tunic: American Apparel, c. 2010
big bad beloved black boots: Fluevog Cece, c. 1998
chunky ring: bought in Mexico and gifted by my parents, who are much nicer than Lisbeth’s, c. 2008
black and grey bead necklace: Aldo Accessories, c. 1996
not pictured: heavy black eyeliner, high-tech classroom setup, death glare
You. Where is your essay? Technological difficulties are not valid excuses in my class. I am the best hacker in the entire university.”
 “I keep a laser pointer and a switchblade in my boot at all times.”
(Aside: I can no longer wear these much-loved boots without them eating my feet. This makes me sad.)
What would Lisbeth do?
“We’ll be doing exam review next class, so be sure to bring any questions you might have. 

And don’t make me use this bike lock.”

What do you wish you could wear during the last week of classes?

Surprise, Part Two: Guest Lecture Series

Remember when we said we had another surprise? Well, here it is! Our grad-school pal and colleague KellyBean – some of you may know her already from over at Kelly in Beantown – has graciously agreed to drop in from time to time to report on life on the outside. (We’d heard rumours that there is life outside academia but needed a reliable source.) KellyBean can thrift circles around all of us when she isn’t sewing fabulous clothes for herself and accessorizing like a stylist to the stars.

This is the first in a series from KellyBean we are calling “Posts from the Edge.” “Edgy Posts.” “Bean Posts.” (Okay, we haven’t worked out the name yet. Give us a break, it’s the first week of school.) And so. . . .
Heeeeere’s Kelly!
My name is KellyBean, and I’m a rogue academic. Scholars in my position are often said to be “underemployed,” which is quite polite; but some time ago D-Med coined the phrase “rogue academic,” which is much better. I’m in a strange place vis-à-vis academia and am considering breaking up with it altogether. Think of the post-breakup makeover that might require. For now, though, I’ve gone rogue, and I’m very excited about doing so alongside the fine ladies of In Professorial Fashion.
It’s back-to-school season. I am not headed back to school, not this year (and maybe not ever – take that, academia! Hmph.) As my first IPF Guest Lecture, I’m going to indulge my back-to-school impulse by figuring out what to wear for my (pretend) first day of teaching.
When I was in high school, the first day of school consisted of finding your homeroom, getting your class schedule, finding your locker, and getting your school picture taken. First day of school and school pictures on the same day? Way to combine pressures, clever high school administrators!
For my (pretend) first day as a professor, I will wear this:
pale blue blouse: Calvin Klein via Filene’s Basement
black and grey houndstooth pants: Smart Set
blue metallic flats: Donald J. Pliner
multistrand freshwater pearl necklace: it’s a long story
This outfit is comfortable, seasonally appropriate, and conference-tested this summer. It’s professional yet low-key and would work well with my teaching style.
But wouldn’t it be fun to wear this?

red wool cardigan: no label, thrifted
orange pleated skirt: Ann Taylor LOFT, thrifted
black low heels with red stitching: Reaction Kenneth Cole
big silver kilt pin: gifted
Very The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie, no? The wool sweater might give me heatstroke, but I love the color combination. I would have to be a little more authoritative if I wanted to teach in this, hence the finger-waggling in the photo.
Or what about this??

pale blue blouse & orange pleated skirt: as before
white-stitched black sash repurposed as tie: no idea
black ruffle-topped, ruffle-backed knee socks: Hue, gifted
black ankle boots: Aubrey via Gravity Pope
This one is rather more Deconstructed Schoolgirl and would require the extreme seriousness indicated by accusative finger-pointing. Students would stay in my class, just to see what I’d wear next. (Hey, I’ve seen worse teaching strategies.)

What do you wish you could wear, but should not, for work?
What makes you think twice and change before you leave the house?