Repetition 2.0

StyleNation, how did summer get to be almost over?

Like many academics, I am currently scrambling to complete and send off multiple writing/research projects, to write proposals for conferences to which I’ll regret applying come spring, and to draft grant applications that will be due in the next couple of months. I am also placing the book orders I meant to submit ages ago, finalizing course outlines, securing guest speakers, creating course websites, and resisting the urge to delete immediately any and all keener-student requests for information about courses I’m not done planning.

In short, some of us – myself included – are losing the plot right now. Some of us – myself included – are lucky if we remember to brush our hair and put on pants most days. The Summer Uniform regularly saves valuable brain cells. Summer uniform-wise, here’s what’s cooking at IPF North.

Uniform #1: for cooler days, on campus but no meetings

version 1:

Dress: Chapter One (remixed); cami: H&M; Cuff: Le Chateau; Microfibre leggings: ?? (via Winners – they are scratchy, uncomfortable, and stupid. This was their last wearing.); Black leather and brass sandals: Sam & Libby (via Shoe Heaven, this season)

version 2:

Dress: as above; Cami: H&M; Green bead necklace: little shop in Rinty the Crusher’s new hometown last summer; Boot-cut jeggings: Hue (via The Bay – you should check these babies out. they’re stupid-comfortable and they stay up when you walk); White leather flats: Camper (via Barcelona shop during Key Player shopping tour 2006)

Uniform #2: for hotter days, casual student meetings on campus

version 1:

Cotton jersey top: Mexx (new to blog); Striped cotton blazer: Tribal (via Winners, remixed; Necklace: gifted (and only worn at night in summer, otherwise it burns); Cotton and brushed metal belt: Nine West (via Winners); White cargos: Mango (remixed); Gold wedges: Portia (via Shoe Heaven, last summer)

Obvy, the jacket comes off outside but goes on, again, under the a/c in my office.

version 2: (Ok, so not the best for campus, but I wore this for a meeting I had to host at my house this morning since the FR’s Puppy requires supervision and the A-Dubs-Hubs’s schedule is even more insane than my own)

Chambray top: Smart Set (last year; but they’ve got the same one this year for all seasons); Cami: H&M; Cargos: as above; Silver leather, canvas and neoprene flipflops: DKNY

Exciting, no? I almost fell asleep while posting all of the above. Here’s hoping I can step things up a little when term begins next week. (Gah!)

In the mean time, ‘good thing the FR’s Puppy photo bombed in her colour-coordinated puffy neck cone. The poor sweetie was spayed yesterday, so she’s especially heartbreakingly sore AND cute right now. Case in point:

What’s shaking with you, StyleNation?

How do you prepare for September,

if indeed you must prepare for September?

Office Pyjamas: Summer Edition

Preamble (scroll down for outfit posts)

Because my PhD is in literature and cultural studies, and perhaps also because I’m a wee bit arrogant about these things, I feel like I can tell when books/authors have not been edited enough.

I’m an avid reader in and outside of my professional existence, and it is one of the banes of my reading life when authors who’ve published a number of excellent works of fiction seem no longer to get edited by their presses. I assume this happens – and I’m really only guessing here – because everyone who might otherwise edit or refine an established author’s next manuscript figures the book will sell with or without significant editing, so why not focus their limited time and money on helping their less experienced authors? This is my imagined explanation for novels written by some of my most beloved authors later in their careers seeming weaker overall, with too-long meandering storylines, under or over-developed characters, extraneous or unresolved subplots, and the like.

I’m also super disappointed by academic superstars who achieve a degree of success publishing utterly ground-breaking, intellectually challenging, and inspired work early in their careers, then proceed to publish the same collection of no-longer-new ideas under different titles for the remainder of their working lives. Why doesn’t their editor tell them to stop? Why tantalize and then disappoint instead?

In short, I value a good editorial process. Now that I’m involved in one myself, however, I get why some of the prestigious ones opt to skip it. That’s right: The Project that Will Not End is back on my desk for another go-’round. This time, it’s got a book contract attached, which is awesome, but it’s sooooo crazy-making to wade back into this work.

Outfit Post/Amble: Summer office pyjamas

Office pyjamas are but one of an array of de-crazifying tools I’m employing to get through this process, one more time (with feeling). We had a short stint of cooler weather last week, so I wore this. I added the bracelet to channel E-Jo’s mad colour-mixing skillz and to cut the pyjama-vibe (which I readily allow is still quite strong here):

Embroidered office pj tunic: Joe Fresh; Bracelet: Nordstrom; Cami: Joe Fresh; Leggings: ?, I cut out the scratchy tag (via Winners); Shoes: Fly London Yaya

It’s much hotter and humid today, so just looking at the layers, sleeves, and near-full-leg-and-foot coverage featured here is making me sweaty. The next version of these office pj’s will probably be pared down significantly. Also, OK. The tunic is ACTUAL pyjamas. As in, it came from the pj section of the shop. I’ve decided, however, that it’s way too pretty – and frankly, its polyester is too scratchy – to be worn to bed. It needs to go out into the world.

Who/what are you reading this summer, StyleNation?

Are they edited enough for you?

Don’t Stop Believing

What’s up, internets? I’m back from the wilds of Bobby-C and the hot streets of the T-dot, and there’s been some shopping (more on this later). In other news, I’m panicking about this summer’s research projects—gah! how is May over already? I thus return to my obsessive-academic mantra: “It’ll get done; it always does.” This tiny hopeful phrase—coupled, of course, with some actual getting down to it—helps to abate the panic.

Nonetheless, I must report re: the shopping. First, a pre-weekend purchase: this Sally Ann piece of awesomeness:

(I will, eventually, tire of fiddling with photo editor. Eventually.)

Gold, bronze, & silver braided leather-look Belt: thrifted (for $1.99!)

Black sleeveless v-neck T: American Apparel

Black linen wide-leg Pants: H&M

Black leather & cork Wedges: Clarks

I know. As a long-body, I should be trying to raise my waist, not sparkly-belting low-slung wide-leg pants. But just this one time, I’m breaking the rules. Because that’s just how I roll. And also, this belt is B.A., no?

This is what I wore to the super-cheese Rock of Ages. The T-dot show is worth checking out just for the lead dude’s panty-dropping power note at the end of “Oh Sherrie.” The whole thing was hairbandilicious, baby. And oh god, I’m a sucker for Pat Benatar, even though, in this show, no one pretends to fly planes over Nazi Germany while belting out her tunes.

Finally, and perhaps most significantly, here’s a ubiquitous link to the Best. Glamrock. Cover. Ever. How much do you love a head-banging cello player? (Or, are you a purist? Is this too much for you?)

p.s. This.

p.p.s. Please share your successful strategies for cutting the work-panic.