Snow Day!

Ok.  So there actually is barely enough snow on the ground to count and anyone north of us would totally laugh, but it’s totally a snow day here.  Or a snow morning, anyhow.  IPF South is, in many, many ways, a weird place, but especially about “cold” weather.  Which means we have a glorious reprieve from the morning’s classes, despite it being barely winter outside.  And tomorrow the temperature is supposed to be 17 celsius/ 60 fahrenheit.  So, so weird.

Anyhow, to the outfits:

Dress: Lands End (gifted); Cardigan: Joe; Tights: no clue, probably Hue; Boots: Sofft

Dress: Lands End (gifted); Cardigan: Joe; Tights: no clue, probably Hue; Boots: Sofft

Here’s what I wore for the first day of classes last week.  The dress and boots are recent acquisitions — both gifts, in full or part, from my Mom for Christmas.  Both are pretty great — the boots, in particular, have gotten a LOT of wear since I got them.


As  you can sort of see in this picture, the dress has pockets.  A thing that continues to be the greatest.  A cardigan was necessary last week, but I love the dress on its own as well.


And here’s the obligatory boot close-up.

Jacket & ponte leggings: Gap; Plaid & white t-shirt: Old Navy; Black flats: Me Too

Jacket & ponte leggings: Gap; Plaid & white t-shirt: Old Navy; Black flats: Me Too

This I wore the next day for a writing day at one of my usual haunts.  And I love it.  All of it.  This coat and these pants continue to be my very favorite things as the pants feel like pajamas and the coat ups the game of any and everything else.  I am on the lookout for new black flats, though, as these ones are starting to look a bit rough.


Got big weekend plans?  This weekend is the beginning of candidate visit season so I’ve got a bunch of work things on deck.  


Return to Form

Happy New Year, everyone!  The last month has been a bit of a whirlwind: I had a delightful 3 day bout of bronchitis. I spent some excellent, but busy, time with family, meeting my (at the time) nearly-three month old niece for the first time and being at the hospital when my nephew decided to arrive, just under the wire, before I flew home.  I’ve been home for nearly two weeks and I’ve been busy trying to catch up with things that were left unfinished before the holidays.  Local key players are slowly returning from their holidays so things are starting to return to normal in this, the last week of break (here at least — I believe that many of our Canadian academic readers are already back at it).

Part of returning to form means doing the rounds of my coffee shops, making sure that baristas remember my order after my absence.

Jacket & unseen tank: Target; Fox in a jaunty top hat t-shirt: American Eagle (gifted from the youngest sister & husband); Jeggings: Gap; Boots: Jessica Simpson

Jacket & unseen tank: Target; Fox in a jaunty top hat t-shirt: American Eagle (gifted from the youngest sister & husband); Jeggings: Gap; Boots: Jessica Simpson

Fortunately, they all passed the implicit test.  It’s as though a three week absence doesn’t make that much difference when you go to a place two to three times a week for the six months previous to this absence.  And are, clearly, awesome.


While we’re experience nothing even remotely similar to the insane deep freeze that IPF North is currently in the midst of, the last few days have been the coldest I’ve ever experienced in IPF South — a location where all windows are only single glazed and, thus, super drafty, and where even the slightest drop below freezing is viewed as apocalyptic.  After four and a half years here, I’ve gotten weak and so today I had to layer underneath my fantastic fox shirt and eat soup in order to manage.  I lead an exceedingly difficult life.

Another form that needs to returning to is having some drinks and tacos.  A difficult task but one that I proved myself up to.

Houndstooth moto jacket: Gap; Neon yellow t shirt: Old Navy; Jeggings: Gap; Scarf: Gifted from the youngest sister from her trip to Milan; Boots: Corso Como

Houndstooth moto jacket: Gap; Neon yellow t shirt: Old Navy; Jeggings: Gap; Scarf: Gifted from the youngest sister from her trip to Milan; Boots: Corso Como

Both outfits are also vehicles for some of my holiday loot (with further such vehicles to come — namely boots): the fox t shirt in the above outfit, and the moto jacket here.  Both outfits are also all about my youngest sister — the one who kindly had a baby five hours before I had to be at the airport so I could meet the little duffer.  I technically bought the moto jacket in this outfit in the Boxing Day sales, but it’s the twin of the one I gifted said sister.  Similarly, she brought back the scarf for me from a recent-ish trip to Milan.


Hope all of your new years are off to a good start!  And if you’re currently in the midst of the polar vortex, that you’re keeping warm!

Repetition 2.0

StyleNation, how did summer get to be almost over?

Like many academics, I am currently scrambling to complete and send off multiple writing/research projects, to write proposals for conferences to which I’ll regret applying come spring, and to draft grant applications that will be due in the next couple of months. I am also placing the book orders I meant to submit ages ago, finalizing course outlines, securing guest speakers, creating course websites, and resisting the urge to delete immediately any and all keener-student requests for information about courses I’m not done planning.

In short, some of us – myself included – are losing the plot right now. Some of us – myself included – are lucky if we remember to brush our hair and put on pants most days. The Summer Uniform regularly saves valuable brain cells. Summer uniform-wise, here’s what’s cooking at IPF North.

Uniform #1: for cooler days, on campus but no meetings

version 1:

Dress: Chapter One (remixed); cami: H&M; Cuff: Le Chateau; Microfibre leggings: ?? (via Winners – they are scratchy, uncomfortable, and stupid. This was their last wearing.); Black leather and brass sandals: Sam & Libby (via Shoe Heaven, this season)

version 2:

Dress: as above; Cami: H&M; Green bead necklace: little shop in Rinty the Crusher’s new hometown last summer; Boot-cut jeggings: Hue (via The Bay – you should check these babies out. they’re stupid-comfortable and they stay up when you walk); White leather flats: Camper (via Barcelona shop during Key Player shopping tour 2006)

Uniform #2: for hotter days, casual student meetings on campus

version 1:

Cotton jersey top: Mexx (new to blog); Striped cotton blazer: Tribal (via Winners, remixed; Necklace: gifted (and only worn at night in summer, otherwise it burns); Cotton and brushed metal belt: Nine West (via Winners); White cargos: Mango (remixed); Gold wedges: Portia (via Shoe Heaven, last summer)

Obvy, the jacket comes off outside but goes on, again, under the a/c in my office.

version 2: (Ok, so not the best for campus, but I wore this for a meeting I had to host at my house this morning since the FR’s Puppy requires supervision and the A-Dubs-Hubs’s schedule is even more insane than my own)

Chambray top: Smart Set (last year; but they’ve got the same one this year for all seasons); Cami: H&M; Cargos: as above; Silver leather, canvas and neoprene flipflops: DKNY

Exciting, no? I almost fell asleep while posting all of the above. Here’s hoping I can step things up a little when term begins next week. (Gah!)

In the mean time, ‘good thing the FR’s Puppy photo bombed in her colour-coordinated puffy neck cone. The poor sweetie was spayed yesterday, so she’s especially heartbreakingly sore AND cute right now. Case in point:

What’s shaking with you, StyleNation?

How do you prepare for September,

if indeed you must prepare for September?

Monday, Monday

Man, does it ever feel like November here (apart from the fact that I still can’t completely turn off the air-conditioning): I spent the weekend grading, it’s gray and blustery today, and I just want to stay in my pjs all day.  While I work out some way to dress today that’s basically pajamas but still teaching acceptable, here’s a couple of things I was wearing last week.

Black faux-wrap shirt: Joe
Black tank: Target
Jeggings: Old Navy
Gold flats: Nine West
Feather print scarf: France

Here’s an outfit built around the scarf I bought in France (detail shot below).  It’s silk and gorgeous, and subtly the colors of the tricolore.  The rest of the outfit didn’t photography well here but it’s really beside the point: it’s merely a background for feathery goodness.

Dress: Old Navy
Cardigan: Gap
Gold flats: Nine West
Purple tights: Target
Scarf: Germany

I love this dress.  It’s the perfect piece for showing off things like scarfs or bright blue cardigans.  This is also my first foray into the colorful tights arena.  I love a dark purple so this seemed well within my comfort zone.  

Inspired by M. of An Epic Battle in High Heels, I went for a long overdue head suit alteration.  I didn’t get a shot of it when doing these outfit pictures, but one’s coming…  My hair’s the longest it’s been in years so I find that haircuts appear less significant but there’s something to be said for the psychological effect of having a tidied up head–even if just externally!  

The Final Push

I just realized that this week is the first of the final third of the term.  Yikes.  Also, how has this term gone by so quickly?  I get a bunch of assignments in today that really kickstart the unending pattern of grading, returning assignments, receiving more that characterizes the end of term.  It’s also the part of the term where students who’ve previously treated things lackadaisically begin to realize that they’ve been doing so and want to try and wheedle extensions out of me.  I’m kind of a hard ass on the topic of extensions, though, right now, I’m kind of feeling their pain a bit as I could use an extension or two myself.  At least the weather is finally cooling down…

Coral tank: Addition-Elle
White tank: Target
Black & grey striped pencil skirt: Old Navy
Scarf: German find (better detail shot here)
Gold flats: Nine West

These outfits are from before the temperature began to drop. As part of “Operation: Wear nothing but Pencil Skirts,” this skirt is a recent addition.  It’s made of really stretchy jersey so it’s actually somewhat difficult to walk in, at least until it stretches out a bit (it’s kind of like a jersey covered elastic band).  It’s also quite a bit longer than I might like — I’ve got it really hiked up here (wearing it at my waist puts it several inches below my knees) — and so I’m deciding whether I want to get it hemmed or leave it with a somewhat flexible length.

Tank & Jeans: Old Navy
Flats: as above
B&W bracelet: Gift from my sister’s trip to Morocco
Pink bracelet: World Market

This was from a non-teaching day.  And, confession time, I’m pretty sure these are actually jeggings.  However, they’re flared and made of denim, rather than denim-printed spandex so I’m ok with this.  They’re super comfy and replace, for the time being, my jeans of a heavier denim.  I also enjoy how the mini-FR is all blur, all the time in his most recent appearances.  This is probably a fairly accurate representation of him.

My Halloween plans include teaching this evening, and bribing my students with candy.  As I’m a bit of a Halloween grinch, this works for me.  Any of you got big plans?

End-of-term, Awkwardness, Outfits

Sweet end-of-term, how I’ve anticipated your arrival. With just four classes left, I can sense your presence all around me – in students’ exhausted faces, in the reappearance in class of faces I’ve not seen for weeks, in the ever-lengthening coffee line-ups on campus, in the tense buzz of library study spaces, and in my own tendency to lose time staring vacantly at my computer screen or out my office window. End-of-term, you complete me. 

In just two short weeks, I will once again have great spaces of time in which to tackle my research, and coffee breaks on campus will feature some of my absolute favourite things about exam period: students gamely rushing the season, wearing flip-flops and shorts as soon as the temperature climbs a degree above zero, finding spaces to stretch out or to toss footballs between the remaining muddied-but-melting piles of snow and the still-brown and not-quite-thawed blades of grass. And let’s not forget the re-emergence of colleagues I’ve not seen for months, or the frenzied-but-sorta-fun preparation for all of those conferences it seemed such a good idea to apply to throughout the fall and winter. End-of-term, without you, this job would defeat me. 

In clothing related news, I offer the following:

1. A teaching outfit, worn because both the dress and cardigan are springy & cotton, and because it’s possible to wear shoes, again – if one jumps carefully from one patch of bare concrete to the next, avoiding the frozen puddles, and keeping a damp cloth in one’s office with which to wipe away the splatters.

Cardigan: house brand at The Bay
Dress: H&M
Belt: I forget (remixed)
Tights: Hue
Shoes: Aerosoles (remixed)

2. Next, a more casual outfit worn to chair an evening public panel with a guest lecturer I brought to the city and a faculty member from my institution whom I really hope to work with in future. I had planned to change before the event, but there was so much to do beforehand that I barely made it from campus to pick up the speaker at her hotel on time. So this was it. Panicked or no, I had to chair in jeggings.

Cardigan: Nygard (remixed)
Necklace: mall anchor store
Dress: Chapter One (remixed)
Belt: Mexx (remixed ad nauseum)
Jeggings: impulse purchase by the register (purchased after seeing how awesome Terri’s looked)
Boots: Rieker (remixed)

I also wore this for the painfully awkward dinner with the speakers and a couple of students before the panel. Why are academic dinners so awful? Awkwardness brings out the absolute worst in me; I always feel compelled to break the tension through jokes and silliness. The job market trained me out of these habits, or so I thought. I managed to hold it together this time, but I feel my patience with the strained silences and too-careful small talk waning. But maybe it’s just end-of-term.

How do you tackle the awkwardness, StyleNation? 
What strategies do you employ to keep the small talk flowing – but also to keep said talk from becoming painfully tiny and embarrassing?