First Week Back

Well, I’ve survived the first week back! After a week where I couldn’t motivate myself to do anything productive, it’s nice to be back in the swing of things. I’m teaching my Modernism course this term which is old hat now so it’s pretty easy to get into but I’ve also got a new course I’m developing on post-1980s British literature which I’m really excited about. I’m sure in a few weeks the stress of the term will catch up but, for the time being, I’m enjoying being back in the classroom.
Here’s what I wore on the first day:
Dress: Lane Bryant (part of my 30×30 cheating)
Sweater: Gap
Tights: Hue
Gold flats: Nine West
Pink bracelet that you can’t really see in this picture: World Market

I love this dress. It’s a thick ponte jersey so it’s both super comfortable and professional. I think this dress is going to be a conference staple for me. It came with a ridiculous belt but I’ve got a belt that’ll work nicely when I don’t have a cardi on top.

These bracelets are both recent purchases. I haven’t worn the mother of pearl one yet but I’m pretty confident both are going to become staples (along with a black & white one my sister brought me back from Morocco).
Today, for my second day of classes and for surreptitiously trying to convince one of my grad students from last term that he wants to slightly tweak his project and get me to supervise it, I wore this:
Navy Cardi: Gap
White, ruffly top & purple flats: Joe
Grey pin-striped pants: Target
Amber-colored biga$$ cocktail ring: gifted, my sister (blurry closeup below)

By the way, this cardigan isn’t this see-through. It’s just the stupid flash. I’m trying to take pictures without it (see the outfit above) but my non-flash pictures weren’t working today and I refuse to take more than 3 pictures. Anyhow, this white shirt is weirdly a closet orphan for me. I have the exact same shirt in black which I have to actively prevent myself from wearing everyday. This white version, however? I think this might be only my 3rd wearing of it over the last year. Part of the problem is that it’s pretty sheer — though today when I put it on, it didn’t seem so bad. However, inspired by A-Dubs, Cynthia, Rad and Anne, I’m determined to make this orphan work for me.

Anyone else have this problem of owning duplicates of an item where one is a closet workhorse and the other a closet orphan?
Any tricks for flash-less photos?

Not Red and Black, II

Today, I am breaking my unofficial red-and-black-ensemble ban. But let’s not talk about such rule-breakiness on this most wonderful of days. On this, my last lecture day of the term, let’s focus on success. (This weekend’s marking will bring failures enough, I suspect.)

Let’s speak instead about my Tuesday ensemble. On Tuesday, I played by the rules. On Tuesday, I wore this to teach twice, then attend an evening event on campus:

Velveteen jacket (it’s actually teal, not blue): Rubber Ducky (thrifted)
Brooch: Blue in the Face (craft show, old)
Black shell: H&M
Clown pants: Tahari (remixed – note that I’ve not yet taken D-Med’s advice to put black ink on the pulled thread on the right pocket)
Shoes: Hilary Radley (remixed)
Trouser Socks: Hue (via Winners)

Now that I see the photos on this larger screen, I don’t love the pant-belt matchiness. I chose this belt so that there wouldn’t be too much going on in front, accessory-wise. But things just didn’t blend the way I imagined they would. Next time, I think I might skip the brooch and wear either a thin grey or black belt. (I have to belt; the pants are too big otherwise. But I like them this size. I think.)

When this jacket first joined my wardrobe this fall, it had fru-fru plastic sparkly buttons in a matching shade of teal. I switched those out for the pewter ones. Here’s a closer look at the buttons and brooch.

I used to love this brooch, but now it bothers me, despite its sparkle. It doesn’t seem like the best idea to pin the face of a much more glamorous woman next to one’s own visage. Especially when one is sickly and pale (as I currently am).*

Obligatory shoe close-up:

And finally, this photo’s for D-Med, who hates monkeys. The FR’s no friend to the monkey either. Especially the sock monkey:

Style Nation, do you think non-black velvet and velvet-like jackets are inherently casual? 
Mine always seem to work better with denim. How do yours work?

* That’s why I haven’t been commenting the last week or so. But I’m on the mend and can’t wait to see what you’ve been wearing while I’ve been broken. 

Professorial Fashion: Boob Highlighting

Every once in a while I forget about the vagaries of longish necklaces. And by “vagaries” I mean the tendency for necklaces of a certain length to loop around one boob or the other like improvised boob-highlighting devices. But maybe I forget because I don’t care that much. I move around a lot in lectures; the boob looping happens only for a second or two each time.

That’s all I’ve got for an intro today. Things are crazy busy this month; grant proposals, on top of lecturing, committee meetings, letter-writing (for students), and the holding of office hours for 100-odd students make it so it’s all I can do to push through the weeks. Once it all becomes routine – around mid-October, I predict – I hope to feel halfway human, again.

However that turns out, here’s the ensemble in question, with its questionable necklace doing questionable things (in the second photo):

~ ‘trying a shoe-highting pose

Top: Le Chateau (remixed)
Cardigan:  (remixed)
Trousers: Mexx
Boob-looping necklace: mall anchor store (remixed – sort of. I got two and clicked them together.)
Shoes: United Nude (remixed)
Mug: a prop I’m considering having surgically attached to my hand
(would’ve done so already, but for the fact that evening wine tastes better from a glass)

If you’ve got any strategies for avoiding such emboobening (Sal’s word), please share. 
Or we could talk about what you’re reading for fun these days. 
Book recommendations are always welcome!

Butterfly Necklace

Katie/The (Former) Butterfly Girl, this one is for you. Maybe.
But then again, maybe you shouldn’t read it as I’m certain butterflies were harmed in (the events leading up to) its making.
I am adding the following to the list of horrible things that haunt me of late:

This necklace by Aurelie Biedermann for Jason Wu is
made from actual butterflies encapsulated in gold.
When was the last time you saw a dead butterfly just lying on the ground?

Champagne Tastes: Tiffany Anchor Pendant, revisited

Remember this, from Tiffany’s where nothing very bad could happen to you?:
Very bad things can happen to your credit card though (well, to my credit card).
So imagine my delight when, via an interview at Grit and Glamour with Etsy seller Amanda Deer, I found this Tiny Silver Anchor Necklace:

It’s delicate. It’s sterling silver. And it’s about ten times gentler on the credit card than the Tiffany version.
Someone always mentions how pretty it is when I wear it and they want it to have a story.
I’m working on one right now about my charitable work with sailors during Fleet Week.
Do you have any Champagne Tastes that came true? (I now have two.)
Please note that my delight in this necklace is not a compensated endorsement. I admire Amanda Deer’s pretty designs independently.
And Tiffany’s has no idea I exist because I only fantasy shop there.

Champagne Tastes:Tiffany "S" Pendant

When I was a child, I had a nameplate necklace that proclaimed my name in cursive long before I ever could (and long before Carrie Bradshaw ever did), so I’ve always had a secret love of monograms even though I have nothing monogrammed. I do love this necklace, however:

Elsa Peretti Letter “S” Pendant, Tiffany’s
Photo source:
How I would wear it: With everything. It’s a signature piece, quite literally. It’s from Tiffany’s, designed by Elsa Peretti (of the Tiffany bean, which I also covet) and I love its curvy confidence. Most people call me “Medievalist” (including my students) because it’s my last name but I love the interrupted moebius-quality of this “s” (full name S. Dorky Medievalist) and its nod to my secret, secret self.
And nothing very bad could happen to you in Tiffany’s.
Reasons to hesitate: Funding, as usual. Can we just agree that funding is an inherent deterrent in “Champagne Tastes”? It’s not so out-of-reach for something I would plan to have forever, though.
But I also love this, which has a similar allure with a much more reasonable price tag:
Letter “S” Vintage Typewriter Key Necklace
How I would wear it: As above, though it is a little more casual and perhaps less of a “forever” piece. But maybe not. It’s made out of an old typewriter key, so it is actually more appropriate for me in that sense. And I enjoy its no-nonsense and modern simplicity.
Reasons to hesitate: Few. And I would be supporting an independent designer. And recycling.
But what I really love, is this:

Anchor Pendant in Sterling Silver, Tiffany’s
Photo source:

An anchor charm signals hope. My Mum wants to buy me a robot vacuum cleaner, which would be fun to watch the cats ride around on, but I’m willing to forgo that for a Tiffany’s anchor pendant, because it’s nice to be reminded that there is hope.
* In Professorial Fashion is not sponsored by Keys and Memories at Etsy or by Tiffany’s. My endorsement is entirely independent.

Do you have a signature piece of jewellery? Something that you rarely are without? Something that signals hope?