Once More with Feeling

Happy End-of-term academics, and welcome, StyleNation, to the sweet buttery month of May, the lovely era that follows regularly upon The Watch That Ends the Night!

I really, really hope this is my last preggo post. As of tomorrow morning, I’ll be 41 weeks pregnant. That is more than enough, I think.

My maternity leave began May 1st, but I’m just going to work until the baby’s born – 3 papers done, 1 more to go! Also, my research team will keep working while I’m on leave, and I’ve got to supervise them until my research partner gets back from the other side of the world this June. In short, things are busy but this is good; I need the distraction from my extreme pregnancy-related discomfort.

And so, while it’s increasingly difficult to fit into professional(ish) clothing, I persevere.

#1. Worn for Student-run Event on Campus a Few Weeks Ago

Ha! This isn’t even a maternity dress; it’s a cheap super-stretchy jersey midi dress from H&M. I suspect its clinginess would render it inappropriate on its own in profesh settings when I’m no longer pregnant. But I like super-fitted preggo stylez. They highlight the bump without making me look more gigantic than I am.


Black jersey midi dress: H&M (new to blog); Leather and rhinestone rose cuff: mall anchor store in Florida (new to blog); Black plus-sized tights: Hue (via The Bay); Boots: Khrio (remixed)

In other news, my fellow model here is Foxy T, a friend of the Fuzzy Roommate and the Fuzzy Roommate’s Dog. She stayed with us for March and April while her people are away doing research.

#2. Worn for Off-campus Supervisory Meeting with Grad Students (Last Week)

The floral item here is technically a dress; on a long-body like me, and at this stage of my life, it’s most definitely a tunic. Foxy T kindly supervised the photo-taking, again. I miss her attentiveness and willingness to participate as she deems necessary. The FR and his dog are no longer into blogging with me.


Black floral maternity dress/tunic: New Look (new to blog); Black rayon knit twist-front sweater: Simons (new to blog, purchased with janey_em in Montreal in February; Black pleather and pointe knit maternity leggings: (remixed); Boots: Khrio (remixed)

DSC_0028 2

Silver Tiffany necklace: remixed; Bootage: (remixed)

What’s up with you, StyleNation?

Please send me contraction-centred thoughts this week!

Wonder Woman – Not the Pose

My colleague looked at me in this outfit today and said, “Wow! That is one big belt!” I could have gotten all bloggery on her a$$ and explained how long-bodies blah, blah, need wide belts, blah, blah. But I held it together and instead told her it was my power source. I added that without it, I lose my superpowers. Then I turned and powerfully walked into the wall.

Not on purpose. I missed the doorway.

Gray cotton jersey top with off-centre neckline: Cassis

Blue cotton cardigan: Smart Set

Floral cotton skirt: Esprit

White leather Wonder Belt: Winners (remixed)

Pink t-strap platform flats: Kenneth Cole (remixed)

I’m still skipping accessories; it’s too hot, they’re too sticky, and I am too easily annoyed (by them and too many other things) in the heat.

Also, I know: the skirt should be an inch or two shorter. In my defence, it used to be. Thus far, I’ve been too lazy (and have not trusted the weight loss to stick) to bother having it altered. Instead, I wear it around my hips, but disguise its placement with long tops, etc.

And speaking of tops, this one needs a shave; it’s starting to pill because I wear it so much. But gun-metal gray is one of my favourite colours; it doesn’t wash me out quite as much as black. In addition, it looks great with fall colours like wine, rose, blueberry, teal, and chocolate brown. Oh goddess, I cannot wait for the release of the September issues of every fashion magazine known to humankind!

Until then, I’ll be wowing my colleagues with my grace.

‘Embarrassing work moments, anyone (else)?

Care to share? It’ll be like a support group.

(I promise to say sympathetic & encouraging things.)

Thrifted sundress, Take One

I had every intention of making it to campus today, so I dressed for the office. But there were a zillion errands to run and meetings to have, so I didn’t make it. As a result, tonight will be a late one as I struggle to meet my (self-imposed) work quota. I’ve (finally) hit that point when the guilt, self-loathing, and (metaphoric) self-flagellation have amped up to fever pitch. This means I’m finally in a work groove – one I intend to remain in until my current project is off my desk and onto someone else’s.

But before I get grooving, here’s my first attempt at styling a recently-thrifted sundress. My first tries are always on the safe side:

Dress: thrifted

Denim jacket: Smart Set

Red wood & bead necklace: Le Chateau

Wood & brass bracelet: The Bay (remixed)

Brown sandals: Dansko (remixed)

I suspect this dress is a petite, which would normally be out of the question for me. The petite dropped waist falls a couple of inches below my natural waist, however, so I’ve decided it’s working for me, not against me, just this once.

I’m considering taking up the hem so it hits an inch or two above the knee so that I can wear gladiator flats with this dress. ‘Thoughts? Advice?

In other news, here’s Fuzzy Roommate with his new splint on his poor broken toe (the lettering reads “ouch”):

Today, the groomer agreed to cover our vet bills. Thus, although it’s still heart-breaking to see him hop around, the sympathy I feel for FR is less tied up with rage against the groomer.

How do you get into (and stay in) a work groove? More significantly, how would you style this dress? (It took way longer than expected for me to do so this morning, so all suggestions will be appreciated!)

Don’t Stop Believing

What’s up, internets? I’m back from the wilds of Bobby-C and the hot streets of the T-dot, and there’s been some shopping (more on this later). In other news, I’m panicking about this summer’s research projects—gah! how is May over already? I thus return to my obsessive-academic mantra: “It’ll get done; it always does.” This tiny hopeful phrase—coupled, of course, with some actual getting down to it—helps to abate the panic.

Nonetheless, I must report re: the shopping. First, a pre-weekend purchase: this Sally Ann piece of awesomeness:

(I will, eventually, tire of fiddling with photo editor. Eventually.)

Gold, bronze, & silver braided leather-look Belt: thrifted (for $1.99!)

Black sleeveless v-neck T: American Apparel

Black linen wide-leg Pants: H&M

Black leather & cork Wedges: Clarks

I know. As a long-body, I should be trying to raise my waist, not sparkly-belting low-slung wide-leg pants. But just this one time, I’m breaking the rules. Because that’s just how I roll. And also, this belt is B.A., no?

This is what I wore to the super-cheese Rock of Ages. The T-dot show is worth checking out just for the lead dude’s panty-dropping power note at the end of “Oh Sherrie.” The whole thing was hairbandilicious, baby. And oh god, I’m a sucker for Pat Benatar, even though, in this show, no one pretends to fly planes over Nazi Germany while belting out her tunes.

Finally, and perhaps most significantly, here’s a ubiquitous link to the Best. Glamrock. Cover. Ever. How much do you love a head-banging cello player? (Or, are you a purist? Is this too much for you?)

p.s. This.

p.p.s. Please share your successful strategies for cutting the work-panic.