Summer Patterns

So, um, wow.  It’s been a while.  I’d like to say that time flies when you’re having fun but, apart from an important summit and some subsequent time in Montreal, I’m not sure where the last month has gone at all.  All of a sudden it’s June and the “most wonderful time of the year” has kicked into high gear.  I find the first part of the summer to be a little bit difficult, work-wise, as I have to adapt to a self-directed schedule, which is lovely but also all too easily gets away from me.  I’m getting stuff done but it all feels a little aimless. Fortunately, I leave in exactly three weeks for a conference in Paris so that deadline will helpfully get things moving.

As evidence of time-slippage, here’s an outfit from the dog days of the end of term.

Everything but the shoes: Target; Nude peep-toes: Me Too

This outfit worked really well for me, in a way that I don’t think the photos quite capture.  I love the mix of coral and periwinkle blue (seriously, coral is totally the best).  The cardigan wasn’t particularly necessary, weather wise, but the top is sleeveless and I wanted a bit more arm coverage.

Again, with another slightly awful picture.  You should see the ones I deleted.  Yikes.  Something about the print was creating some horrifying optical illusions.

Black t-shirt: Gap Outlet; Blue & white maxi skirt: Joe; Silver pendant: H&M; Black patent sandals: Birkenstocks

I bought this excellent skirt on a wonderful excursion to Joe Fresh with A-Dubs, D-Med and Kelly during the IPF summit at the beginning of May.  Up until then, I hadn’t really found a way for the maxi trend to work for me but this skirt sealed the deal.  Somewhat unexpectedly, I find that a printed, rather than solid color, maxi skirt or dress feels much more inconspicuous to me.  It seems more casual, less like I’m wandering around in jersey evening wear.  This styling here isn’t my favorite but it was super comfortable and a good first wear of the skirt.

Any summer trends you’re trying out?  You can’t really see it in these pictures, but I also have neon pink fingernails in the last two.

From One Extreme to Another

So, on Monday, we had D-Med’s thoughts on J.Crew cashmere, complete with photos of arm warmers.  Today, you have pictures of me, bare legged.  We like to cover all the bases here at IPF.

Down here at IPF South, we’re basically out of our 6 week winter (or what passes for such here) and are moving rapidly into the warm spring.  This means each day covers a wide spectrum of temperatures, with occasional torrential downpours.  Not helping matters, the various temperatures in university buildings vary widely so while my office is often on the cool side, the classroom I teach in is often boiling.  Layers have thus been a godsend.

In addition to constantly changeable weather, the approaching spring is making me desperately want color in my wardrobe options.  I’ve long been admiring various blogger’s colorful pencil skirts but have been unwilling to shell out the money for one.  Once again, Target comes to the rescue where I bought not 1 but 3 pencil skirts in veritable rainbow of colors.  They only had 3 colors; believe me, if there had been more options I probably would have bought them!

Cardigan & ruffly top: Gap Coral pencil skirt: Target Black flats: Me Too

Can you spot the mini-FR in this picture?  Even though this picture was taken later in the evening, its colors are definitely bright!  This may well be one of my favorite all-time outfits.  As a bonus, it gave me a chance to wear this yellow top which I got last fall at the outlets but have had trouble wearing.  This is, in part, because it’s made of rayon so just looking at it causes it to wrinkle; therefore, it really needs to be under something.  It’s also got a rounded neck, rather than my preferred v-neck, so it helps to pair it with this v-necked workhorse of a cardigan.

Black drapey cardigan, tank, and periwinkle pencil skirt: Target Belt: NY & Co. Nude flats: Me Too

Here’s the same skirt in a periwinkle blue (I also got a teal one but I haven’t worn it yet).  Both skirts are made out of my favorite ponte knit fabric so they’re super comfortable.  Combine that with this super soft, drape-y cardigan I bought with A-Dubs, and a cotton tank, and this is totally office pajamas.  Plus I even got my seemingly required pop of coral here in my nails!

How’s everyone managing the end of February?  As excited about March and the subsequent arrival of Spring Break as I am?

Switching Gears

It ended!
The Project That Will Not End (sort of, for now) has ended. 
It is (for the time being) on someone else’s desk!

In celebration, I’m committing myself in earnest to The New Project until my 7-day summer holiday begins this Wednesday. Such is the life and times of a (relatively) newly minted academic.

I am, however, scheduling time for some extended reading of the last month or two of your blogs, StyleNation. I cannot wait to see what you’ve been wearing!

In the mean time, here’s what I’ve worn since summer finally arrived in IPF North. (I am still in meetings of various kinds 3-5 times a week in pursuit of The New Project.)

#1. Green Skirt, Hot-Hot Day

I love this colour of green. Maybe you guessed this fact already, given that this is the colour of my wedding dress. I wore this ensemble (not the wedding one) for a meeting on the other side of campus late last week. The black turned out to be the right choice as it didn’t show my extreme sweatiness after that slog. The green was touch and go, embarrassing sweat-mark-wise. Fortunately, the slip I threw on before dashing out of my house that morning took the brunt of the load.

Anne Klein black embellished sleeveless T: new to blog (via Winners)
Kelly Green cotton twill skirt: new to blog (via Winners)
Black leather belt: Nine West
Eject white leather peep-toe slingbacks: new to blog (deeply discounted in last summer’s sales)

I talked myself out of this top two separate times before I finally picked it up. The feathery parts are a bit fru-fru and silly; but I’ve decided one can never have too many boat neck black sleeveless tops.  Because black is awesome (obviously), and because it’s nice not to worry about cleavage allowance during meetings.

#2. Matchy-matchy, Muggy Day

This is what I’ve got on today. It’s hot and sticky, but I had a meeting with a new research assistant, so I was going for floaty (read: air circulation under the clothes), not clingy, but still on the profesh side.

Forever Fashion embellished mauve sleeveless T: new (via Winners)
Esprit cotton drop-waist pleated flower skirt: remixed
Silver-link metal belt: thrifted, remixed
Nine West nude platform wedges: remixed

All this sweating is heightening my anticipation of cottage week. If all goes as planned, I will be cottage-bobbing with E-Jo, Rinty the Crusher, and another key player or two by late Wednesday afternoon. Probably we’ll look something like this (some faces obscured to protect the innocent;)

Sweet buckets of relief! I cannot wait to not be sweating alone in my office. 
We will think of you fondly, StyleNation.
What, if anything, are you doing for holidays this summer?

Quantity, not Quality

StyleNation, What. Is. Up? I hope it’s sunny and awesome where you are, at least. Here at In Professorial Fashion, Northern Division, it’s been crap for days.


Academic things at IPF North continue apace, with today marking the first of the two smaller deadlines noted in my last post. That paper proposal needs one more read-through to cut 30 words, then it’s off. As a reward for this good work, I’m granting myself a lunch-time blogging session.

After this sweet interlude with you, StyleNation, I must resume working through the To Do list, which has been augmented significantly by a positive response to the grant application I submitted in January. I’m not complaining, of course – this is the first time this particular granting agency has shown me any love. But this means the summer’s work will involve much more research travel, so The Project That Will Not End MUST end asap. Moreover, ALL pending deadlines MUST be prepped for before July gets here and starts really kicking my buttocks.

In other news, the A-Dubs-Hubs and I bought a house, which we take possession of August 1st, and move into in early September. Excited as I am to (finally) become a homeowner, academics in the crowd will note that the September move-in date sucketh as it corresponds with the commencement of the new term. Such is the life of an academic, I’m told: anything non-academic can start to seem like it’s getting in the way of one’s life’s work. But life must extend beyond academia, and this is one step for me in that direction! Hurrah!

Outfit(s) Post:

Clothing-wise, I’ve not been enjoying the shoulder season, and my sartorial choices reflect this lack of engagement. I thus include a series of recent outfits each of which has one lovely element, and many others that I think suck.

#1: Double Denim (meh)

Shirt: Smart Set
Necklace: craft show (remixed)
Lacey gold cuff: cousin’s shop (remixed)
Trouser jeans: Joe Fresh (remixed)
Nude wedges: Nine West (remixed)

Outside of yogawear and pyjamas, it doesn’t get much more comfortable than a slightly-too-big, soft denim shirt untucked over worked in trouser jeans, with platform shoes made of buttery-soft leather and cork. Really, the denim shirt needs to be lighter, and the bottom half here needs to be slimmer. Also, there’s a chance neither ensemble is particularly profesh.

Comfort factor aside, the only winning elements of this ensemble, for me, are the shoes. As previously noted, they are wicked comfortable. Like they’re made of butter and awesomeness. Welcome back, sweet nude platform wedges!

#2: More Pants (yawn)

Striped jersey T, Coral Cardigan, and Necklace: (all remixed from here)
Cotton-linen blend gray trousers: Melanie Lyne
Invisible pointy-toed flats: Fugitive de Francesco Rossi (remixed)

Aside from some work with an iron, the fix here is, I think, a bigger shoe. But I just couldn’t face buckles or heels that day. Side note: those pants are so comfortable they should be illegal.

#3: Black Stuff, No Student Meetings

Polyester jersey dress: Chapter One (via Winners)
Polka dot cotton cardigan: Topshop (purchased while visiting D-Med in England ages ago)
Cotton cami: H&M
Silver cuff: The Bay (remixed)
Summer-weight leggings: ?? (I cut out the tag. It was scratchy)
Black ballet flats: I forget. I’ll update when I get home.

I don’t mind this outfit as is. But the shoes from the next outfit would make it a bit more grown-up, don’t you think?

#4: Black Stuff, Student Meetings

Black cotton dress: Mexx
Printed leather belt: Winners
Shoes: Fly London Yayas 

Obvy, the best part of this ensemble is the shoe part. These sweet babies are replacing my cork-heeled Clarks wedges, and they’re buttery soft and wicked comfortable (especially since they stopped pinching off circulation to my baby toes – this took 4 wearings).

As is generally the case for me when it comes to tailored dresses, the top of this dress fits perfectly, but the bottom is too big in all areas except the part that crosses my hips. Even when I iron it, the dress hangs a bit like a bag, pulls awkwardly at the hips, and the stupid belt loops are way too big. I keep thinking the right accessories will make it better. ‘Thoughts? ‘Suggestions? Perhaps it’s time to let it go?

Not Yet Back to School

On this, the first day of school for many of our awesome Stateside readers, I have to ask if all ya’ll have read this enraging piece in The Chronicle of Higher Education on the perils of academic hotness. If not, you could skip reading that and read this, instead: La Historiadora de Moda’s response to same.

And while we’re on the topic of awesome Fashionable Academics, don’t forget about their “Back to School First Day Finery” conference (check the top right sidebar). Things are going to get even more awesome over there shortly.

In addition, don’t hate me because I don’t start back until September 8th. In other news, I briefly considered this ensemble for first-day-back:

Aside #1: Gah! What to with expanse of space? The updated blogger editing tools are screwing with my preferred layout.  Please stand by (perhaps for up to a month) while I attempt to update my skills.

Poly-cotton jersey dress: Winners, last-chance clearance rack
Studded leather & elastic belt: same as dress
Bangles: The Bay, and cousin’s shop (remixed)
Nude platform wedges: Nine West (remixed)

Aside #2: The strangeness of my hair in these images may give pause. But don’t worry: it’s not this weird. It’s actually jaunty, but in a just-got-a-blowout kind of way. You know, because I just got a blowout. 

But I’m not as full-on sold as I used to be on the unapologetically summery and casual vibe of the bare legs and wedges. Probably I will profesh things up a bit more. Probably the dress would be better with black tights and shoes. But September continues to be pretty intensely hot and humid here at IPF, northern division, so I’ll save that look for a little later in the term.

In the mean time, I’ve little else to report, except that D-Med and E-Jo continue to be away having awesome lives, and I continue to struggle bravely onward, alone. I will, however, provide us all with a comforting image of the Fuzzy Roommate cuddling with his mini-toy self. He’s pretending this is a serious moment.

Are you ready to work your fall fashions into the rotation? 
Even if it’s still really hot where you live?

It is Stupid Here

It’s been a strange, sticky, frustrating week here at IPF, Northern Division. The project I’m trying to get off my desk hates me and will not let me finish it. Thunder storms the last three nights have kept Fuzzy Roommate freaking out into the wee hours, but the humidity has yet to break. And teaching prep keeps getting in the way of the project-that-will-not-end. And let’s not forget about yet another mix-up with my pay (Why? Why always too low?!). In short and to sum up: it is stupid here.

Sartorially, I’m having issues with photos. “Issues” is code for “I’m positive these outfits are way better than pictures suggest.” This means that instead of changing clothes, there’s been a lot of craning, twisting, and adding of accessories to capture what I’m certain is really going on.
For example, the house-hunting ensemble (note: wear SLIP-ON SHOES next time):

Bag employed to fix (disguise) waist bunching. It’s too hot for a belt.
Red cotton embellished tank: Mexx
Cotton poppy skirt: Mac & Jac
Cotton & Leather bag: Esprit (You don’t want a close-up, do you? It’s a very basic bag.)
Nude platform wedges: Nine West (remixed)
Next up: the balancing series, brought to you by my inane efforts to offer a semi-rear view of the skinny pants without turning all the way around. A full-on rear view seems gauche in skinny pants (but not in an acid wash jean skirt, apparently). This series is also brought to you by my refusal to take more than 4 outfit shots in one go.

~toppling forward
Embroidered cotton top: Bianca Nygard (via The Bay)
Cotton skinny pants: Mexx (remixed)
Bracelets: The Bay
Sequin espadrille wedges: Roman Tenza (bought with D-Med while visiting IPF, Eastern Division)
Screw it. This pose shall hence forth be known as
the “totally-intentional” (and thus not-at-all ridiculous)
Back Stretch ~
This weekend, I’m working on the project-that-will-not-end.
What up with you? And what are you wearing to do it?
(Also, don’t forget our upcoming surprise – or the WW Conference.)

Casual Monday: Acid Wash Jean Skirt

**Reminder: please enter our upcoming Wonder Woman Pose Conference.**
Show us your powers. Do it soon! (or by midnight on August 31st)
In other news, today’s outfit is brought to you by Sal and Sheila. Specifically, I was inspired by the long lines of Sal’s draped cardigans with platform sandals (woman has the most beautiful shoes), and by Sheila’s B.A. acid wash denim skirt. Sadly, I have neither Sheila’s wicked snakeskin pumps, nor Sal’s hot monster wedges, so I’m remixing my buttery-awesome nude platforms:

Linen/cotton cardigan: Mexx
Ruched cotton top: Le Chateau
Acid wash jean skirt: Azzure (purchased in fit of nostalgia 5 years ago – clearly, I am sartorially prescient)
Silver link necklace: sad sale at Suzy Shier
Nude platform wedges: Nine West (remixed)
Even though it seems appropriate, professionally, that I’m covering my bare arms and back, it’s a teensy bit sad that such coverage also hides this:

It wasn’t just nostalgia that led me to this skirt. It also has magical buttock-enhancing powers. I would have been a fool to pass it up. (But perhaps that makes me a fool, now, for covering up. Even though I do not come to campus to show off my rear view.)
Have you got any pieces that have exceptional body-enhancing powers?
What’ve you got, and what is it/they make even more awesome?

Thrifted Sundress, Take Two

Campus is getting crowded, again, as students begin their last summer courses today. I’m bringing my own caffeinated beverages until things settle down. But that’s neither here nor there, is it? Let’s move on.

Last month, I picked up this sundress for a song at my local Value Village (pronounced, of course, “Va-LOO, Ville-AGE,” with chic French accent). I’ve tried styling it once, with limited success here (note comments). Here’s my second try:

Dress: thrifted
Short-sleeved cardi: Loft
Shoes: Nine West (remixed)
Beads & solid cuff bracelet:
Le Chateau
Other cuff: ?? (remixed)

This pic >
is included almost
exclusively to showcase
the platform foothugs
And just in case you were craving a poorly lit close-up of the Wonder Woman pose/the accessories:
Finally, I think I’ve shown improvement. I’ve decided that for now, I’m too lazy to hem the skirt, so I’ll keep wearing the dress with heels. But I really wish I had either a yellow or a soft coral 3/4-sleeve cardigan to wear. Then I could skip the necklace and brighter cuff, right?
I imagine the summer sales are picked over by now and have thus been reduced to a sad, over-crowded single rack at the back of the store, a rack through which one somehow feels just as sad browsing (not that I don’t do it – I can get over being sad if it gets me an unbelievable deal). Maybe I’ll venture out. . .
What treasures, if any, have you found in the end of the end-of-season sales? Or is the sadness overwhelming for you?

Friend Friday: Versatility & Nude Wedges (the shoes)

**Probably you will want to check out my “Friday Top 10 Links” post over at Shoe-A-Day. I’m just saying.**

Also, for the first time in ages (if we understand ages to mean “2 weeks”), In Professorial Fashion is getting in on Katy of Modly Chic’s “Friend Friday” discussion. This week, Katy asks us about mixing and matching clothes. Katy’s questions appear in bold below, with my answers in regular type directly after.

1. What’s your most versatile piece of clothing? How do you wear it?

I find shoes to be the most versatile pieces, especially in summer. My most versatile shoes this summer are a recent summer-sale purchase: nude Nine West platform wedges. When I picked them up two weeks ago, I mixed ’em with this “play” skirt (yes, I fiddled too much with the exposure here & in some images below. And now I can’t undo it):

White top: gifted

Green cami: Esprit (remixed)

Brown print cotton skirt: H&M

Nude platform wedges: Nine West

Awesome rack: courtesy of this pose & a wonderful trick of the camera & lighting

Then, for my first day of New Faculty Orientation, I remixed them with my brown linen shirtdress and this thrifted printed silk scarf-as-a-belt. (Wow. Scarves as belts are high maintenance items. By 9am, I wished I’d stapled that thing in place):

I’ve got MANY more plans for these foot hugs. They are like butter, like slippers made of butter and awesomeness. In fact, I did some more remixing, which I’ll show you in a minute. . . .

2. What one piece should every woman own?

A go-to super-nuclear-awesome dress for work that doesn’t need to be ironed, skims and drapes in all the right spots, can be thrown on with heels or flats, looks great with or without accessories, and makes dressing easy on bleak mornings. I have one for winter. I continue in my quest for a summer version. I wish it were this one:

Silk print dress: Anthropologie

White leather belt: Winners

Nude Platform Wedges: You know.

But the print of this dress makes it a bit too memorable, so it can’t be worn as often as the desired dress must be. Also, it requires a strapless bra, an addition that makes things bleaker, not easier.

3. What Summer trends do you love because of their versatility?

See above re: nude platform wedges.

4. What’s the most creative combination you’ve put together from your closet?

Whether or not it actually works, I’d say this man-shirt neutrals ensemble is my most creative to date – or at least, it’s the one I like most right now:

Men’s white dress shirt: A-Dubs-Hubs’s closet
(He is not amused. Also, the shirt’s a large. Maybe I need my own man-shirt.)
Grey cotton shorts: Smart Set
Disco belt: remixed
Plastic bangle: gifted (from D-Med)
Nude Platform Wedges: you know

To be frank, however, this outfit is mostly inspired-by-Style-Underdog’s-man-shirt-&-neutrals ensemble, so it’s not really a product of my own creativity. . . . Crap. Maybe the mixed stripes with my grocery store trouser jeans?

5. If you had the guts, what items would you pair and then wear out in public?

Frankly, I’m still kind of excited about the man-shirt ensemble. If I’d had time the morning I put it on, I probably would have changed because I wasn’t sure if I’d hit the right note. But I had New Faculty Orientation Day #2 to attend and there was no time.

Sidenote update re: new friends pulled from pool of new hires: So far, so good. ‘Got some contact info for potential new buds. No one even remotely close to my field of study, but I’ll be emailing all of them anyway. ‘Will just wait a requisite couple of days so I don’t seem too needy or desperate.