End-of-term – Hoo-ahhh!

Has it really been almost a month since last we posted, StyleNation? Yeesh!

As usual, November was insanely busy at IPF North. In addition to the teaching, applying for things, attending meetings every second hour, and pretending to maintain a research program, I also jetted off to the emerald isle for a conference. For reasons I’ll discuss some other time, I’ll not be filing a conference report.

I have, however, worn some things to the above-noted on-campus activities. Also, perhaps because of my growing excitement about the research leave I begin as soon as this last batch of grades is submitted, I’ve not been following the November rules. Instead I’ve been fiddling around with boots and blue things.

1. Blue and boots

Worn for a day comprised of a long morning meeting, 75 minutes of teaching, then nearly 2 hours of guest lecture and discussion elsewhere on campus. These boots are meant to replace the brown riding boots that have begun to make my feet crazy-achy.


Mexx navy and floral faux silk dress: new to blog (via Mexx); Fuchsia cotton t: mall anchor store; Hue Navy tights: remixed (via The Bay); Brown leather back-lace boots: new to blog (via Browns Shoes)


2. Blue dots, etc

Worn for another meeting and teaching day. I’m still practicing with this skirt and seem to have skewed toward the crazy in this iteration. Whatevs. It’ll happen at some point. But I’m taking suggestions. . .


Dalia Collection navy and neon faux silk blouse: new to blog (via Winners); “Silver” bead necklace: remixed; Zara navy and blue dot midi pencil skirt: remixed; Hue indigo tights: remixed (via The Bay); Fly London navy and pewter flatforms: remixed

What’s up with you, StyleNation?

What rules are you breaking?

Pencil Skirts, Northern Division

Having woken early to the dulcet tones of a dog puking, I’ve found a whole extra hour with which to blog. How’ve you been, StyleNation? Things here at IPF North have been verging on frantic at least in part because this is now my fourth year at my job and I’m no longer contractually protected from service work at the faculty and university levels. This means I’ve a whole new set of meetings to map onto existing research, teaching, and department-level meetings.

I’ve also discovered that prepping adequately for every meeting (i.e. thoroughly reading ALL attachments emailed prior) cuts into necessary sleep and having-at-least-a-little-life time. I am, therefore, developing a survival strategy. Unless I’m prepping for someone else’s tenure review, I’ll be skimming what appear to be the most important documents in the 10-15 minutes prior to the meeting/s in which they’re to be discussed. I just don’t see any other way to survive the landslide of text-based documents this fall.

In outfit-related news, I’ve been trying to try. This is me saying good-bye to bare legs. The crisp autumn season is now firmly upon this city; but we had one last push of sun and warm breeziness last week:

1. Needs bigger shoes

I’m trying to channel me some E-Jo. Her flats seem to balance her ensembles better than these tiny gold ones. I’ll keep trying!


Black flowered tunic/blouse: ?? (I removed the scratchy tag, remixed); Black sleeveless T: H&M (remixed a LOT); Rose gold leather belt: Smart Set (new to blog); Cream satin-finish cotton pencil skirt: Jacob (remixed); Gold faux-snakeskin embellished flats: David Dixon (remixed)


2. Blacks and blues

This was my first attempt at styling this skirt. I’ve got bigger plans for it, but this is a reasonable warm-up.


Sheer black silk button-up blouse: Equipment (via Winners, new to blog); Black sleeveless T: as above: Silver medallion necklace: The Bay; Navy and blue polka dot midi pencil skirt: Zara: Black suede flats: Browns

How’s fall treating you, StyleNation?

Also, for those of you with meeting-rich professional lives, how do you do it?

Polka Dots & Cardigans

In a shocking change of pace, I’m blogging the outfit that I wore today.  In the ongoing bid to get stuff done in the month before the term starts, I’m apparently also including “take outfit photos” and “blog about them in a timely fashion.”  We’ll see how long THIS lasts.

In fact, this is an outfit chosen in direct response to the exigencies of coffee shop work marathons: ie. they’re freezing, so bring a cardi.  I felt a bit strange pulling one out this morning given the blazing heat, but, after a week of work-related hypothermia, I learned my lesson.  I can only explain the length of time I needed to learn this particular lesson by the fact that I’m generally overheated in most situations so I was in a state of disbelief.

Cardi: Old Navy; Dress & leggings: Target; Birkenstocks

I got this dress on sale just before I left on my trip and I’m kind of in love with it.  It’s hard to see in the pictures (the following one is a little better on this front) but it’s got a faux wrap panel on the bottom half which jazzes the whole thing up a bit.  It’s a touch short for sitting around, working, but leggings fix that pretty readily.  And, in a different context, the length would be fine.  I’m planning, also, to stitch together the top about an inch higher so I’ll fidget with it less.

Also in this picture, which features a new photo location: my bedroom, is the chair I painted months ago and made wild promises about pictures.  It’s a pretty basic Ikea chair I bought through Craigslist.  The frame was initially a light birch but, as a team Color member, that seemed a bit dull.  So it’s coral now!  Thrilling story, no?  This picture is also a touch misleading as the chair is generally covered in clothes, with a small smooth dog burrowed underneath them.

Any new (to you or otherwise) and fun house decor purchases that provide excellent photo posing possibilities?  (To be clear, the poses above are the extent to which I’m making use of the chair as a prop.  Pictures taken while seated seem far too unflattering for my degree of vanity.)


A Short Post

It’s hot and I’ve not got air-conditioning, but there’s also no drought or drought-famine here (yet), so I am thankful.*

In significantly less life-or-death-related news, how do we feel about shorts for work or play? Last summer I found these linen-cotten-lycra blend shorts and have developed a deep and abiding love for them. I’ve been wearing them to campus and out at night around the city.

As Sal over at Already Pretty is discussing today, others are wearing (much) shorter things with (much) higher heels. I did short-shorts in the nineties, however, and have no patience (or buttocks) to take on, again, all the little irritations that accompany such sartorial choices.

1. On-campus, Student Meeting (a casual one)

Lucite necklace: thrifted; Cardigan: Mexx (old, but new to blog); Billowy silk-look tunic: Winners (I cut out the scratchy tag); Shorts: Winners (new to blog); White-girl nude sandals: Naturalizer (purchased with D-Med on the way to Rinty the Crusher’s wedding); Puppy: the FR’s Dog, almost all grown up; Super-natural-looking pose: an attempt at shoe-highlighting. I am a natural both in front and behind the camera.

Next time, I’ll probably tack the cardigan over the straps of the top. Otherwise, I was pretty happy with the get-up as it maximized air flow. Also, I used the necklace to fill in the chestal expanse (FYI: the necklace isn’t lit from within and I am not pinching a small white thing between my thumb and pointer finger on my left hand. These are funky photo tricks. Yegads, I’m good with a camera.)

I wouldn’t wear this top for teaching because any bending for pages, etc., at the front of the class could bare a little cleavage.

2. Casual Evening Art Show and Out for Dinner

This is not a teaching top either. I used to think it was, but I’ve come to believe it’s a bad idea to take things this low in front of undergrads or older male professors.

Cotton blazer: Tribal (via Winners, remixed); Ruffle-front top: Zokai (via a shop in Steeltown, remixed); Shorts & Sandals: as above; Brown woven leather clutch: a little shop in Steeltown

Yeah, I know. This is kind of low key for evening. I tried to jazz it up with bright lipstick that matched my pedicure, but really, it needs a necklace, at least. Maybe also a little less cotton and some funner shoes. In my defence, I was zonked that day and couldn’t make myself care more than this.

What are your thoughts on shorts for work and play, StyleNation?

How much chestal expanse is too much for work?

* Let’s all be sure to give what we can for famine victims here and abroad. Let’s also continue lobbying government to make environmental responsibility a priority.

Dressing (Just) Outside the Academy: I’m Hot, Then I’m Cold

Greetings, StyleNation!

Has it really been two months since my last post?  I would refuse to believe it, but it seems that WordPress helpfully adds a date to the top of every entry.  Whoops.  To be fair, it’s well-known here at IPF DeskJob that if it ain’t in my BlackBerry, I ain’t showing up, so it’s pretty much a minor miracle that I found my way back at all.

Either that, or A-Dubs and I finally got ourselves in the same room long enough to a) catch up and b) photograph my outfit.  I’m delighted with the results of both.

Spring dressing is tricky for me.  Either I wear winter suits and get all overheated and grumpy on the way to work, or I try to bust out summer clothes too soon, both freezing and looking ridiculous in the process.  Nothing says, “hey, I’m a professional!” like arriving in a light dress and cardigan to find that the rest of your meeting has opted for the winter suit.  (Fortunately, they’re generally too overheated and grumpy to notice.)

The outfit below represents the best of both worlds.  Spring colours on the top, winter colours down below.  A mix of softness and structure, plus plenty of polkadots (for further alliteration).   Also, nude hose, because I don’t feel properly dressed for my job without it.

Cardigan: Ann Taylor; Cami: Smart Set; Pencil skirt: Banana Republic; Black pearls: remixed; BlackBerry: The Man; Pose: Post-Academic-Writer-Reunion-Casual-Kitchen-Hangout

Shoes: as pictured, Calvin Klein, but I felt they were slightly too fetishy for an office setting and swapped ‘em out for dark red Nine West round-toed heels.

PS: Can I reopen the nude hose debate, StyleNation?  Because I have views.

PPS: I feel you should know that in the process of posting this, my first independently formatted guest lecture, I managed both to mangle the alignment and to post a massive picture of my body (no text) to the public blogspace.  I removed it.  You’re welcome.

Fakin’ It; or Copy-cattin’ Anne

So today I wore a glorious new dress that Anne showcased on The Cohabitating Closet the other day, leading me to rush out to Target to buy it. It’s a little outside of my typical summer dress wheelhouse: it’s polka-dotted; it’s not made of cotton jersey; it’s more wearable to dressy occasions (ie. I’m pretty sure I’ll wear it at some of the wedding festivities to come).
Dress: Target
Flats: Joe
Blue necklace: F21
This is Target dress number two that I’ve bought because Anne had them in the last couple of weeks (the other dress will show up here shortly). Clearly, I’m well on target for my single-white-female-ing plan. I feel like the shape of the dress comes through better in the picture below — sorry for its crazy darkness. Mostly I just wanted to show off the hibiscus flower that’s pretty spectacular.
Where does the faking it part of the title come in? I threw this dress on today because I continue to feel like death warmed over thanks to a chest cold I picked up while at a conference last weekend (which went well — busy, but good) and which incubated nicely on the flight home. Between things like my annual review meeting with my department chair, having a senior colleague observe my class, and dealing with a plagiarizing student this week, this week has been a bit of a blur. A spring-y dress with cheerful accents was the only way to envision getting through today. It did the trick so far — getting me home early where I can have therapeutic cuddles with the mini-FR on the couch.

How do you dress to trick your body into forgetting it’s sick?

Copycat Outfit: Style Underdog Redux

The most excellent, edgy, and Forbes Magazinerecommended (go to page 2) Style Underdog recently did a series of Bada$$ copycat outfits. She then invited us, her faithful followers, to do some copycats of our own. I’m a little late to the party, but it’s too awesome a challenge to pass up. So, here goes.

In the final minutes of October, SU created this great look. And I thought, “Hang on, I’ve got a LOT of those things, too.” Then, this happened – on one of the last days before daylight savings gave us back the morning light:

Slightly clearer photos coming up. This one’s included because I couldn’t get the collar area into the indoor shots.

Blouse: Jacob (remixed)
Wrap wool sweater: Banana Republic (very old)
Jade & gold necklace: gifted from A-Dubs-Hubs
Pencil skirt: Jacob (remixed; purchased on shopping trip with Janey Emm)
Hose: Hue
Outdoor shoes: Liz Claiborne (remixed, then switched out because they were pinching)
Indoor shoes: Clarks Artisan (remixed)

‘Slightly better view of the necklace in this shot.

Sadly, I’ve no crazy-cool peep-toe booties; so my ensemble scales SU’s edge back significantly. That said, I’m not sure the booties would work for me in the classroom. But I want some. And I could be convinced on this point (the wearing to teach, not the wanting – the wanting I’ve got already).

‘Your thoughts, StyleNation?

Whose style are you channelling of late? Or are you making it up as you go along?