Chambray, Two Ways

Hi all!  My brain is too fried from the Project that will not End to add anything substantive to A-Dubs’ recent post on self-esteem.  So, instead, I offer you two recent outfits that feature chambray shirts as their anchor pieces.  I’ve been on record about my love for all things chambray and that love has continued apace into the hellish sunscape that is IPF South summers.

Chambray & white v-neck: Old Navy; Shorts: Target: House flip flops: Old Navy

Chambray & white v-neck: Old Navy; Shorts: Target: House flip flops: Old Navy

Apologies for the crappy, mirror selfie but I forgot to take a picture with my regular camera.  I later added a necklace when I wore this out for some therapeutic wine drinking.  The saddest part of the bad quality of this picture is that it really undersells the brightness of these shorts.  I love them.  Unsurprisingly.  They have them in a bright teal but my local Targets only have that color in teensy sizes.  I’m still trying to decide whether to bite the bullet and order them online.

Chambray: Old Navy; Skirt: Target; Sandals: Birkenstock

Chambray: Old Navy; Skirt: Target; Sandals: Birkenstock

Ahh… that’s better.  Also, look who’s making his glorious return to outfit pictures!  (This is why there are two nearly identical photos of this outfit being posted: different dog placement.  A key and important difference.)  This was a recent coffee shop outfit that both addressed the realities of air conditioning strength in this area, but also allowed for breathability in the blazing heat between buildings and my car.


Anyone else finding a way to translate cold weather items you love into the summer?

Adventures in Pants

Ok.  So “adventures” is misleading.  Unless non-stop grading and emails about upcoming papers, and increasingly sloppy lectures count as adventures.  I thought not.  Today is the eve of a glorious near-week break for Thanksgiving, followed by my final two teaching days of the term.  I’ve got a ton to do in the next few weeks but the knowledge that I can do most of it in yoga pants or, even, my pjs with a certain naughty little dog curled up beside me makes all things possible.  As well, this is the first year in nearly 10 that I’m not traveling over the holidays so I’ve got nearly 10 days between my grades being due and family arriving which seems like a blissful period of working, baking, and watching ridiculous holiday fare.

For the time being, I’ve been wearing pants.  Or, more accurately, I did so a couple of weeks ago now.  This last week has been unseasonably warm so leg-covering tubes of fabric seemed unconscionable.

Blue cardigan: Gap
Black & white tie blouse: Old Navy
Jeggings: Old Navy
Gold flats: Nine West
Invisible, skinny patent black belt: Lane Bryant

This is one of my very favorite outfits from the last while.  Unfortunately, it didn’t photograph well — all my poses are weird and the belt refused to be visible.  This is what comes from trying to take outfits photos when I get home from class at 7:30 pm.

Navy & white cardigan: Gap outlet
Chartreuse tank: Target
Brown ponte pants: NY & Co.
Blue suede flats: Jessica Simpson
Multi-strand silver necklace: Loft Outlet

I don’t have much to say about this.  It was fine.  I like this cardigan.  I love the chartreuse-y-ness of this tank.  But, basically, meh.  

Are you traveling over the holidays, Style Nation?  Any tips for survival?  More importantly, what food/ drink I should be particularly indulging in while I stay grounded?

Leather Boots, Ceramic Balls

It’s almost midnight and I should go to bed; but I’ve been working for the last one zillion hours, and I want to do at least one fun, non-grant proposal-or-teaching-related thing before I pack it in. Without further ado, StyleNation, meet my new boots. 

They scrunch down like this, or they pull up over my knees. I wore them to teach today and am happy to report that they’re campus-hiking friendly, soft like black butter, and from France, dahling, France.

OTK leather boots: France Mode (via Shoe Heaven)
Dress: Tammy Mars (via Winners, remixed)
Heart Necklace/lip gloss compact on silk cord: 
Yves St. Laurent (gifted)
Pleather belt: C’est Moi 
Long cotton cardigan: Nygard (old)
Oops. ‘Cut my arm out of the photo, again. 
Let the record show that I have two arms. 
(But not nearly enough sleep.)

Boot close-up. I would have pulled them up instead of bunching, but my dress gets caught when I do that. Obviously this is a sign that I should wear shorter skirts.

You’ll notice a necklace change here. I switched this one out and added the cardigan after the first photo. But this picture’s included because I thought you might like, as a special Friday treat, to see the ceramic phallus.

Other necklace: thrifted (remixed)

Can you see it over there on your left? It was a wedding present. And now it’s a Friday present for you. (In fact, if you dig it, it can be a much more literal present for you. Just say the word.)

Canadians, who’s ready for the weekend? 
Americans, why is your Thanksgiving so late? 
It’s totally unreasonable that you get ZERO long weekends in October. 

This Just In (the mail): Coral Cardigan

On Fragile Thursday, a package came in the mail from D-Med, who is – despite the nipple talk in yesterday’s post– obviously a goddess. The package contained this brilliant coral cardigan and packet of the most delicious Traverse Bay Fruit Co. dried cherries. All other coral cardigans and dried cherries pale in comparison to these definitive items. In short, I am declaring them to be literal incarnations of the Platonic Ideal of each of these items.*

In celebration, I added my favourite casual skirt, the striped top I’ve only recently come to recognize as a neutral, easy shoes, and a load of accessories (still channeling Style Underdog, though in this case, I am the pale, pale copy of her Platonic Ideal). Then, I took a walk on the wild side and used a prop in one photo.

Cotton & lycra cardigan: MAK (gifted)
Striped jersey top: Linea Domani (via Winners, remixed)
Army-green cotton embellished skirt: Smart Set
Necklace: gifted
Shoes: (label’s rubbed off) (via Shoe Heaven)
Grandpa’s Pulsar (remixed)
Bracelets: gifted & thrifted

Even though one of my most charming and capable former students dropped by to chat for a bit yesterday, it was still a tough day work-wise. So, after this post, I’m stepping away from the keyboard for 24 hours. I wish it could be more, but the deadline approacheth, so this is all I can afford.

* For philosophic sticklers, I acknowledge that a literal incarnation of a Platonic Ideal is impossible (at least that’s what my limited knowledge of Platonic philosophy tells me). But I’m using this phrase in its more contemporary popular sense (i.e. a basic internet search taught me that the Platonic Ideal of a sandwich had been discovered, recently, in Britain).

What’s the longest period you’ve been away from your work/computer?
Do you miss it when you’re gone?

Also, have you discovered any other Platonic Ideals on this plane?

Neutral Territory, Sartorial and Otherwise

In between discussions of seafoam lady crotch rockets, and coveting expensive and unethically produced yoga gear, I spent a good portion of the weekend feeling bad about what I thought, on Friday, was the culmination of some politically charged job-related negotiations. Then this morning, another email arrived asking my thoughts on another possible arrangement. This most recent suggestion seems exciting, but politically risky.

As a post-doc turned sessional, turned post-doc, turned faculty member, I thought I understood just how political space issues can be in the university. As it turns out, I know nothing.My new strategy, therefore, is to remain neutral. This way, I can watch and learn as (tenured) others make these decisions. Because I do NOT want to risk permanently pissing off those whose good will I most require down the road.

From now on, my line is, “I’m happy with whatever you decide is most feasible.” Today’s outfit reflects my new neutral position:

Navy & white striped jersey top: Linea Domani (via Winners, remixed); Khaki cotton skirt: Raindrops (thrifted); Brown leather belt: ?? (remixed); Khaki & silver-studded sandals: Steve Madden (via DSW)

Please note: I’m aware the pose in the image on the right is wonky, but I included the pic anyway because I like how thin I look in it.

Anyway, the wonky collar on this top is really starting to bug me.I see a visit to the tailor in its future. Otherwise, I’m happy with this ensemble.Next time, I might spice things up a little, though.And as always, I am open to your excellent suggestions. (Bring ’em!)

Also, what do you do when things get political at work?

This just in: April/End-of-term. In other news: Skirt Saves Instructor’s Career

How do you think about months? Do you picture them as calendars? And if you do, are those monthly calendars different colours? I ask, of course, because my months are colours.

Before I became an academic, February was cheap cherry red, March was deep shamrock green and April was bright kelly green. Now that my life follows the rhythm of the school year, again, February’s navy blue, March is (as noted above) bottomless black, and April is warm, sweet, buttery, bright yellow. This year, it seems even brighter and warmer than usual, in both real and symbolic ways.
Once again this exam period, I was appointed Chief Invigilator in my examination room, despite being one of the less experienced instructors on a campus full of Baby Boomer and Gen X faculty. But this time I arrived at my examination room only to discover that the Chief Invigilator was also the ONLY invigilator present. So this “Chief” had to supervise a room full of students alone, breaching university protocol left, right, and centre, as there was no way I could stay in the room AND supervise students on bathroom breaks, etc.
And as I struggled across campus to my car afterwards, bitter, alone, and balancing 150 freshly-filled exam booklets (plus the extra packets of booklets which, apparently, MUST be returned to the department because we PAY for those) it was sweet buttery April that kept me from dumping it all in the goose poop by the river and burning out of there once and for all. Well, April, the knowledge that I’ll never teach this many classes at once ever again, and my new yellow-skirt-based ensemble.
Thanks to your tips (especially one from a mysterious but awesome comment from “My”), I learned that stripes are neutrals. So I took this top, belt, & bangle:
and put them together with this skirt, jacket, & shoes. Then I posed in front of the barbecue so that my waist looks crooked and my feet look large. But I hope you get the idea. Because this outfit got me through today.
So thanks for your part in that. And thank goddess it’s April.
Top: Linea Domani (via Winner’s)
Belt: Chinese Laundry (Winner’s, again)
Bangle: The Bay (remixed)
Jacket: DKNY (remixed)
Skirt: Anthropologie (remixed)
Shoes: Clarks (remixed)*
* p.s. – These shoes get a serious fashion citation for blistering me horribly & for almost fracturing the balls of my feet. Which was totally unexpected as these are supposed to be my “comfortable” heels. In their defense, however, I wore them with bare feet while walking up & down the cement floor in the exam room for 3 hours without a break. So I’ll give them one more chance before they’re pushed to the “only with tights or trouser socks” section.