Fragility & Sartorial Self-Care

What do you when you start to feel fragile? In addition to transgressive women’s sexuality, my work examines the kidnappings and violent murders of negatively racialized poor women. In Canada, there are currently 520 confirmed missing Indigenous women, many of whom are also confirmed murdered in exceptionally violent ways.
After two-and-half months editing a manuscript on these enraging and distressingly immediate cases – and even as I recognize the cultural privilege that enables me to discuss and respond to these circumstances rather than experiencing them firsthand – I’m in need of some self-care. But the manuscript must be sent out before the fall term begins, so my efforts to address this personal fragility are necessarily limited.
This is all a very long way of saying, I’m using clothes to make myself feel better. Often I do this with soft fabrics in colours I find comforting. And I continue to be inspired by your blogs for this project, so thanks for being so awesome.
Todays’ outfit is part of my ongoing efforts to channel some Style Underdog. One of Bev’s many superpowers is accessorizing, and I want to learn. This is me trying to learn, while also doing some sartorial self-care:

Pale pink silk & lycra embellished cami: Le Chateau
White cotton cami: H&M (remixed)
Pale blue cotton & lycra boyfriend cardigan: Mexx
Cream cotton & lycra skirt: Jacob
(I’ve decided self-care does not involve ironing)
Brushed silver necklace: Foxy
Nude platform wedges: Nine West (remixed)
Watch: grandfather’s Pulsar (remixed)
Bracelets: various gifted & thrifted sources

Do clothes make you feel better?
What do you do for yourself when you start to feel fragile?

Wonder Woman – Not the Pose

My colleague looked at me in this outfit today and said, “Wow! That is one big belt!” I could have gotten all bloggery on her a$$ and explained how long-bodies blah, blah, need wide belts, blah, blah. But I held it together and instead told her it was my power source. I added that without it, I lose my superpowers. Then I turned and powerfully walked into the wall.

Not on purpose. I missed the doorway.

Gray cotton jersey top with off-centre neckline: Cassis

Blue cotton cardigan: Smart Set

Floral cotton skirt: Esprit

White leather Wonder Belt: Winners (remixed)

Pink t-strap platform flats: Kenneth Cole (remixed)

I’m still skipping accessories; it’s too hot, they’re too sticky, and I am too easily annoyed (by them and too many other things) in the heat.

Also, I know: the skirt should be an inch or two shorter. In my defence, it used to be. Thus far, I’ve been too lazy (and have not trusted the weight loss to stick) to bother having it altered. Instead, I wear it around my hips, but disguise its placement with long tops, etc.

And speaking of tops, this one needs a shave; it’s starting to pill because I wear it so much. But gun-metal gray is one of my favourite colours; it doesn’t wash me out quite as much as black. In addition, it looks great with fall colours like wine, rose, blueberry, teal, and chocolate brown. Oh goddess, I cannot wait for the release of the September issues of every fashion magazine known to humankind!

Until then, I’ll be wowing my colleagues with my grace.

‘Embarrassing work moments, anyone (else)?

Care to share? It’ll be like a support group.

(I promise to say sympathetic & encouraging things.)