Prego Profesh-ish

StyleNation, February is almost over and I’m betting MANY of you across North America are more than ready for the end of this crappy stormy month.

Outfit #1: Off-campus meeting

In other news, I’m on research leave but still occasionally have to get out of my pyjamas. For instance, I wore this relatively casual ensemble for an off-campus meeting with a research assistant:


Cotton jersey tunic: Boden (new to blog); White cotton cami: ??; Wool/acrylic stripe drape-front cardigan: (remixed, via Winners); Maternity under-belly dark-wash skinny jeans: Indigo Blue (via Motherhood Maternity – worst store name ever – new to blog); Black leather riding boots: Blondo (via Brown’s, remixed ad nauseum on this blog)

And here, just because I have it, is another view. Can you tell I’m trying to emphasize the baby belly? People keep missing that I’m pregnant. Case in point: upon learning that I am almost 7 months along, a woman I met at a meeting last week said, “Oh, that’s exciting! I thought you were just chunky!


Outfit 1: Things are exactly as they appear

I wore this for a fantastic but very long day on and off-campus during which I co-hosted multiple events with multiple guest speakers. I needed to be super-comfortable.


Wool/acrylic beige and silver cable 3/4 sleeve cardigan: H&M (very old but new to blog); Cotton jersey blue and grey stripe ruched maternity dress: Isabella Oliver (via the indie prego store down the street, new to blog – also, it can be worn post-pregnancy because of all the wicked ruching!); “Silver” bead necklace: craft fair (remixed, old); Brown tights: Hue (plus-size, for my prego comfort); Brown leather boots: Browns (remixed)

Here’s another view. Apologies for cutting out the bootage. It was very early, and I was in a HUGE rush:


Sadly, even with this fantastic dress, things got dire, comfort-wise, by hour 16. Also, tights are the worst if you are (a) pregnant (and thus have ridiculously sensitive skin on the back of your stupid legs), and (b) sitting on hard chairs for much of the day. That said, the dress held its shape all day. Also, its horizontal stripes emphasized the baby belly and minimized the “chunky” talk.

Do you use fashion to help others know/recognize things about you?

How so?

Pencil Skirts, Northern Division

Having woken early to the dulcet tones of a dog puking, I’ve found a whole extra hour with which to blog. How’ve you been, StyleNation? Things here at IPF North have been verging on frantic at least in part because this is now my fourth year at my job and I’m no longer contractually protected from service work at the faculty and university levels. This means I’ve a whole new set of meetings to map onto existing research, teaching, and department-level meetings.

I’ve also discovered that prepping adequately for every meeting (i.e. thoroughly reading ALL attachments emailed prior) cuts into necessary sleep and having-at-least-a-little-life time. I am, therefore, developing a survival strategy. Unless I’m prepping for someone else’s tenure review, I’ll be skimming what appear to be the most important documents in the 10-15 minutes prior to the meeting/s in which they’re to be discussed. I just don’t see any other way to survive the landslide of text-based documents this fall.

In outfit-related news, I’ve been trying to try. This is me saying good-bye to bare legs. The crisp autumn season is now firmly upon this city; but we had one last push of sun and warm breeziness last week:

1. Needs bigger shoes

I’m trying to channel me some E-Jo. Her flats seem to balance her ensembles better than these tiny gold ones. I’ll keep trying!


Black flowered tunic/blouse: ?? (I removed the scratchy tag, remixed); Black sleeveless T: H&M (remixed a LOT); Rose gold leather belt: Smart Set (new to blog); Cream satin-finish cotton pencil skirt: Jacob (remixed); Gold faux-snakeskin embellished flats: David Dixon (remixed)


2. Blacks and blues

This was my first attempt at styling this skirt. I’ve got bigger plans for it, but this is a reasonable warm-up.


Sheer black silk button-up blouse: Equipment (via Winners, new to blog); Black sleeveless T: as above: Silver medallion necklace: The Bay; Navy and blue polka dot midi pencil skirt: Zara: Black suede flats: Browns

How’s fall treating you, StyleNation?

Also, for those of you with meeting-rich professional lives, how do you do it?

A Short Post

It’s hot and I’ve not got air-conditioning, but there’s also no drought or drought-famine here (yet), so I am thankful.*

In significantly less life-or-death-related news, how do we feel about shorts for work or play? Last summer I found these linen-cotten-lycra blend shorts and have developed a deep and abiding love for them. I’ve been wearing them to campus and out at night around the city.

As Sal over at Already Pretty is discussing today, others are wearing (much) shorter things with (much) higher heels. I did short-shorts in the nineties, however, and have no patience (or buttocks) to take on, again, all the little irritations that accompany such sartorial choices.

1. On-campus, Student Meeting (a casual one)

Lucite necklace: thrifted; Cardigan: Mexx (old, but new to blog); Billowy silk-look tunic: Winners (I cut out the scratchy tag); Shorts: Winners (new to blog); White-girl nude sandals: Naturalizer (purchased with D-Med on the way to Rinty the Crusher’s wedding); Puppy: the FR’s Dog, almost all grown up; Super-natural-looking pose: an attempt at shoe-highlighting. I am a natural both in front and behind the camera.

Next time, I’ll probably tack the cardigan over the straps of the top. Otherwise, I was pretty happy with the get-up as it maximized air flow. Also, I used the necklace to fill in the chestal expanse (FYI: the necklace isn’t lit from within and I am not pinching a small white thing between my thumb and pointer finger on my left hand. These are funky photo tricks. Yegads, I’m good with a camera.)

I wouldn’t wear this top for teaching because any bending for pages, etc., at the front of the class could bare a little cleavage.

2. Casual Evening Art Show and Out for Dinner

This is not a teaching top either. I used to think it was, but I’ve come to believe it’s a bad idea to take things this low in front of undergrads or older male professors.

Cotton blazer: Tribal (via Winners, remixed); Ruffle-front top: Zokai (via a shop in Steeltown, remixed); Shorts & Sandals: as above; Brown woven leather clutch: a little shop in Steeltown

Yeah, I know. This is kind of low key for evening. I tried to jazz it up with bright lipstick that matched my pedicure, but really, it needs a necklace, at least. Maybe also a little less cotton and some funner shoes. In my defence, I was zonked that day and couldn’t make myself care more than this.

What are your thoughts on shorts for work and play, StyleNation?

How much chestal expanse is too much for work?

* Let’s all be sure to give what we can for famine victims here and abroad. Let’s also continue lobbying government to make environmental responsibility a priority.

Rage and Safe Spaces in Fall

A Tale of Rage, satisfaction denied  (scroll down for outfit shots)
Once a year, my institution organizes an academic recruitment evening to which high school students are invited. Faculties and the programs and departments therein are required to set up and staff booths on this night, and then hand out pamphlets and other paraphernalia to encourage prospective students to declare us as their major when they get here next year. Usually, those of us who staff booths – and we know I have to do it every year, right? My program is teensy, so all full-time faculty are needed to staff our booth for the night – end up talking as much to parents as to teens.

Bear with me, people. I promise I’m going somewhere with this.

As you can perhaps imagine, in this age of job-training degrees and widespread post-feminism, Women’s and Gender Studies seems like a tough sell [*insert apology for consumerist language*]. But I’ve developed a spiel that includes, among other things, a list of jobs our graduates have gone on to do (lawyer, medical doctor, social worker, youth worker, international relations internship, university professor, etc., etc.).

I’d just finished the part where I talk about understanding and addressing the root causes of violence against marginalized and racialized groups, including First Nations people (women in particular), migrant workers (especially women, again), and gay, lesbian, transgendered, transsexual, and bisexual people. I began my brief outline of the research specialties of our faculty, which include examinations of issues directly related to same-sex desire, particularly lesbian people. At this point, the Semi-Interested Mom (SIM) to whom I was speaking interjected and we had the following ridiculous exchange:

SIM: Is that a big part of your classes?

A-Dubs (confused, suspicious): Is what a big part of our classes?

SIM: You know – that. How much of course time is taken up with that.

A-Dubs (thinking how I’m going to make her say “it”): Are you referring to issues related to same-sex desire and lesbian people?

SIM (besting me at this game): Yes. That. How much class time?

A-Dubs (smugly): An average amount. We try to talk about sexual desire in many contexts in order, for example, to understand and address cultural forces that prevent people (especially women) from leading full and satisfying lives.

(awkward pause; SIM gives me a dubious look; I try to think what to say next)

A-Dubs: So, it sounds like you’re alluding to the stereotype of feminists as man-hating, humourless separationist lesbians who set out to colonize unsuspecting young women, brainwash them, and thus transform them into man-hating, humourless lesbians who’ll revile and judge their parents, especially their mothers, for the rest of their lives. Is that it? 

SIM (without irony): Yes, exactly!

A-Dubs: Huh. (pregnant pause)

That’s not at all what we do. We’re NOT here to make your daughter into a lesbian. But we ARE here to support her, and we work to protect her and others from real or symbolic violence resulting from hers or others’ expressions of real sexual desires. For example, we work to understand and prevent the homophobic bullying that has caused so many child and teen suicides lately – like that one we heard about on our city news last week.

(I rattle on about anti-violence and valuing people, thinking I’m totally convincing her that Women’s and Gender Studies is awesome. She nods periodically, then interjects, again.)

SIM (big exhale, as though relieved): Well, that’s OK, then. I’m glad I asked because, you know, it could go either way.

A-Dubs (incredulous): You mean some departments would try to make your daughter a lesbian? That way?

SIM (knowingly, vaguely): Yes. It can go either way.

A-Dubs: No. It really can’t, and it doesn’t.

We went back and forth a little more in an unfunny “She said/She said” kind of way. Ultimately, she walked away, MAYBE convinced that the version of WGS at my institution is PERHAPS an exception to the rule she “knows.”

And I felt enraged, once again, at this evidence of the kind of dull, conservative, heterosexist and homophobic thinking that kills people’s kids, kids like the ones I see in my classes all the time. Kids like the one who recently wrote (in an assignment) that her WGS course is the only space in which she ever feels safe.

What kind of a ghoulish culture seeks to avoid and/or eliminate even these moments of safety, especially for its most marginalized members?

Teaching Outfits, worn while trying to establish, as much as I possibly can, safe classrooms:

Rose-printed black polyester tunic: Winners (new to blog)
Black puffed-sleeve cotton cardigan: Kensie (via The Bay, new to blog, but sooo old)
Studded black and brown leather belt: Mexx (remixed)
Black poly-rayon dress capris: NYC (via The Bay, new to blog, but also old)
Brown/black textured knee-highs: Hue (via Winners)
Black patent leather shoes: Clarks Artisan (via Shoe Heaven, remixed)
One-armed shoe-highlighting pose: stupidly difficult to achieve, even in this awkward iteration
Wonder Woman Pose: a timeless classic, especially here at IPF

#2. Velvet, tree bark, and fallen leaves look awesome together, n’est-ce pas?

Plum cotton velvet jacket: gifted from A-Dubs-Hubs ages ago (new to blog)
Black cotton T: H&M
Printed black cotton pleated skirt: Roxy (remixed)
Riding Boots: Aldo (remixed)
Ineffective boot-highlighting pose: just for you, StyleNation (and for the love of boots)
Have you any suggestions, StyleNation, 
for things I could have said to Semi-Interested Mom? 

Getting this Show Back on the Road

We interrupt IPF‘s unscheduled month-long hiatus in order to get this show back on the road. In the interest of starting slowly and retaining what sanity is available to academics at this ridiculous time of year, I bring you the following non-teaching-day ensemble:

 Just kidding.  

That’s what I wore to walk the dog this morning.  It’s the hellish part of Start-of-Term, so I plan to hide out in my office all day today. The coffee and lunch lines are too long, and there are too many lost students milling around in the hallways. I’ll just hunker down here with my thermos and lunch bag. And I’ll wear this to do so (This is the on-campus version of the above – in strange light that adds cool texture where it does not actually exist):

And in real light: 

DKNY tunic (with pockets!): new to blog
Mall anchor store tank dress: do we care? It’s a stretchy white undergarment.
Moonstone pendant: my cousin’s spa/shop in Tiny Town, Canada
Black microfibre leggings: remixed a LOT 
Fly London Yayas: remixed

How’ve you been, StyleNation? 
And how’s September treating you thus far?

Belated Conference Report, Part 1

What is up, StyleNation? You are looking GOOD today. How DO you do it every time?
Let’s get right down to the posting, shall we? 

1. First, an Important Announcement: 

Congratulations to our illustrious Guest Lecturer  
Kelly Bean, Rogue Academic and now Mother of Two Gorgeous Kids! 
Visit Kelly in Beantown to check out the cherubic new Baby T. 
We love you, KB, and wish we could be there with you!

2. Next, a preamble:

In less exciting news, I’ve been holding out on the posting, having convinced myself that I need to take headsuit photos and a complete set of conference outfits pic’s before blogging, again. I’ve decided, however, that this is an unrealistic goal. Instead, things will have to get done in stages.

It is busy here. In the last two weeks I’ve:

* attended a conference (SO good – plus there was some wine drinking with a key contingent)
* visited all too briefly with Rinty the Crusher who lives too far away from me, which is stupid
* hosted my parental units and their dog for five days
* prepped for and attended a disciplinary meeting for a student plagiarist
* hired and started training two research assistants
* plowed through a good portion of The Project That Will Not End (end is in sight – hurrah!)
* looked at about seventy billion houses and put an offer on one (results pending)
* applied to another conference

Currently, there’s one huge and two smaller deadlines fast approaching, but I’m determined to get some blog-reading and posting done before I go back into the breach.

3. And now, the outfit post:

So, the plan to build all conference ensembles around my brown riding boots worked well. As did (IMHO) my effort to be comfortable and semi-professional every day of the conference. Here is Conference Outfit, Day One (a non-presentation day):


Tunic: Cha Cha Vente (via Winners)
Necklace: art show somewhere in southern Ontario
Leggings: Groggy (remixed ad nauseum on this blog)
Riding Boots: Aldo

Because the conference was on a university campus, not at a hotel, we all wore and/or carted around coats all day. For once, I managed to anticipate this important detail and planned all outfits to incorporate this spring coat. I wore this coat everyday, most of the time, because it was chilly indoors and out.

I forget what we call this style of jacket. Swing? Bracelet-length? Mostly I think of it as a necklace highlighter:

Jacket: (I forget but will update when I get home tonight)
I really wanted to style everything around this vintage double-breasted velvet trench, but it’s not a practical option for travelling. What if it gets even more crushed? It’s irreplaceable. So I include it here as the fantasy option. In reality, I wore the above-noted green cotton twill number.  
Trench: thrifted, then switched out gold brass buttons for these faux pewter ones
In closing, I offer the following awesome picture of the Fuzzy Roommate savaging his sock monkey on his new bed cover. My mother loves fabric stores; she shops for quilting materials. I enjoy the stores, too, but barely have time to blow my nose, so when I go to the stores with her, I try to avoid buying fabric for projects that I will never have time to undertake. But a pillow cover is an fast and totally easy thing to make – and who could resist this leopard print?
“Leopard print.” Do you see what I did there?
Conference Report, Part II to follow. 
In the mean time, tell us, all you professionals out there:
what do you do with your coat at professional events?
Wear it? Scrunch it into your bag? Hang it and hope no one swipes it?

Some Kind of Wonderful

Today is the last day of classes for the winter term. Barring the flurry of marking I will do in the next 72 hours, the Most Wonderful Time of the Year has officially begun. It’s too bad I kicked things off this morning with a slow-moving vehicle accident that was totally my fault. Fortunately, everyone’s fine and my tiny car is still driveable. Despite my stellar driving record (teen years don’t count), methinks the deductible for this morning’s damage may just blow my April relief-travel budget. Crap.

Blogwise, here’s what was up for in-class exam review earlier this week:

Jacket: (I forget. I’ll check & update later)
Silk tunic: Baia (via The Bay)
Necklace: mall anchor store
Bracelet: The Bay (remixed)
Leggings: mall anchor store
Boots: Aldo (remixed)

StyleNation, is it spring where you live? How are you coping with the crappy shoulder season?  

p.s. I am soooo looking forward to catching up on your blogs in the coming weeks. 

International Women’s Week

What’s up, StyleNation? How was your IWD (International Women’s Day)? At IPF Northern Division, we’re being treated to an entire week of celebratory feminist events. At a number of these events, reference has been made to IWW (International Women’s Week). So I thought it was a thing, a thing we’re all doing now.

But Google says no. Most of the world just gets IWD, apparently, then gets on with their lives. This is a sad thing, in my humble opinion. But I digress.

Thus far during my city and institution’s IWW, I have had the good fortune to experience the following:

a talk by an esteemed colleague whom various students have described as a “goddess”: she analyzed the under-representation of women in upper echelons of government-funded scientific research. I am not a scientist, but I am alarmed.

an inspirational feminist cabaret that included hilariously profane and perfectly choreographed radical feminist cheerleaders; fantastic cultural critique of racism & sexual ideology by an Aboriginal comedienne; a feminist utopian vision communicated via spoken word that lacked the earnest pretentiousness that too often characterizes this medium; and an educational song about the g-spot* accompanied by a moaning woman on the ukulele and sung by a woman wearing a quilted cloth vagina that squirted clear liquid by way of a “finale” 

*That’s right, porn seekers. Stumble across a bit of feminist sex talk right here at IPF North.

Phew! And it’s only Thursday.

Sadly, this week’s fashions have not attained the same level of excellence as the events to which they were worn. In fact, this has been a ‘learning’ week, fashion-wise. You’ve been warned.

1. First up: Monday’s non-teaching, non-campus-day ensemble in which I tried some of your suggestions (see comments section) for styling this sweater-tunic thingy:

Sweater-tunic: Groggy (remixed)
T-shirt: mall anchor store
Necklace: Jewellery Box (in Florida)
Leggings: Tahari (via Winners)
Boots: Fluevog Bondgirls (remixed)

 As much I luuurrve the Bondgirls, however, this (minus the hair that needs trimming and darkening – both of which happened on this day) is the only part of this outfit I might do again. The rest seems kind of blah to me. ‘Any ideas for improvement?

2. Then I tried styling this Bada$$ leather vest, but the pants part of things looked so bad that this is all I’m willing to show of the whole outfit:

Vest: Danier (gifted from sis-in-law)
Silk/cotton/lycra t-neck: Melanie Lyne
Terrible trousers: Tahari (via Winners)
Shoes: Who cares? The bad pants are way too distracting.

I’m more than willing, however, to offer this view of my favourite part of this ensemble. How great would this look with a grey or black wool pencil skirt, black tights, and Style Odyssey‘s sweet black Chie Mihara booties?

Necklace: The Bay
Exciting new prop: morning smoothie (soy milk, banana, frozen berries)
What did you do for IWD/IWW?

No Repeats: Hitting the High Points

So, I punked out of No Repeats. In fact, after this post, I pretty much fell into a fashion black hole filled with yoga pants, pyjamas, and before-bed showers (i.e. massive daytime bedhead). This happened in part because for three days of the holidays, I had a bedroom next door to my six-year-old niece who got all up in my business from the rising of the sun to the going down of the same. My niece may be awesome, but I am an old, grumpy, academic who takes ages to recover from such intense “quality time.”

In addition, my Fuzzy Roommate was gone for a month, staying with the Hubs’s family in Ontario as we couldn’t find anyone to care for him for the four days both the A-Dubs-Hubs and I were travelling, and because the airlines have a stupid month-long black-out period during which you cannot fly animals because they need the cargo space for all the holiday travellers. In short, I was bagged, the university was closed, and there was no awesome dog here to make me go outside.

Explanatory blah-blahs aside, I’ve begun to dress, again, so I have things to share. Here they are – and for what it’s worth, I’m not repeating until Anne, Rad, & Cynthia say I can.

1. I wore this out for dinner and then to a par-tay on New Year’s Eve. Well, this, plus a black cardigan and some hose, because it’s approximately a zillion below zero here. I bought the skirt for a song with D-Med in England in 2007, but this is the first time I’ve worn it. (I know.)

Top: H&M
Skirt: (I cut the tag out. I have enough itchy to deal with in the cheap lace and polyester. There’s no tolerance left for tags.)
Boots: The Bay (ages ago)

As you can perhaps tell, especially around the flounce in the rearview, this skirt is made of cheap, scratchy materials. But it seemed Vivienne Westwood-ish at the time, and I couldn’t afford the real Westwood. Plus, D-Med had this Westwood-y skirt (see the brown wooly tights pic), and I wanted to be all style-y, too.

Cardigan: Kenzie (remixed)

2.  The next time I actually got dressed (in a good way) was my first day of teaching this term, when I wore this:

Dress: Chapter One (via Winners)
Cardigan: (via Winners, remixed)
Belt: Mexx (remixed)
Tights: Hue (via Winniers)
Necklace: mall anchor store (remixed)
Boots: Rieker (via Shoe Heaven, gifted from my sis-in-law, a.k.a. Designer Shoe Whore)

Something about this pose, the boots, and the draped layers is making me think of Katie over at Interrobangs Anonymous. ‘Too bad I’m not even close to being as ridiculously photogenic as Katie. Because maybe then I’d be tempted to put my face in a shot or two.

In other news, here’s what the dress looks like on its own. Also, here’s what the belt looks like without a cardigan to hide that it’s a bit loose over this thin dress:

Look at all that greenery around me. It’s almost like I live in the tropics, no?

p.s. Welcome to the gun show.

3.  And finally, here’s my birthday suit. Or, what I wore out for my birthday dinner with the Hubs last night. Mostly, I was going for non-teachy, even though my wardrobe is heavy on the teachy stuff, and much lighter than I want it to be on the sultry/sexy pieces.

Sequined tunic: Forever Fashion (via Winners, remixed)
Cardigan: (via Winners, remixed from the necklace/blue tights day linked above)
Belt: Mexx
Skirt: Mexx
Tights: Hue
Boots: as above (awesome, aren’t they? And lined for winter, too. This is very important as I have to hike across campus to teach this term.)

You can see the sequins a bit better in this shot. Also, how awesome is that light glinting off my decolletage? It’s like I’m all dewy, or whatever. You know, instead of merely shitfaced tipsy from all the delicious wine at dinner and trying desperately to create a waist through posing alone.

That’s all I’ve got, StyleNation.
What up with you these crappy January days?
Also, what designer-ish duds do you own? Do you regret buying the knock-offs instead of the real things? 
Or are the “ish” things working for you? 

NSFW: The Vegas Report

As previously noted, I recently spent a weekend in Vegas. As requested, the report that follows details some key moments from this trip.

Night/outfit #1: Drinks & Dinner

We flew in on Friday, changed like lightning, then met the Hubs’s friend S and his lovely partner N for drinks and dinner. We see S & N about once a year, so we’ve a LOT of catching up and playing to do when we meet. This was our second meeting in Vegas. And we got a LOT done.

Sartorially, I was most excited about this first ensemble. I picked up the tunic at Winners the day before we left (Vegas requires sparkly things), and I planned to style it by following V’s skin-to-clothing ratio, but modifying it for evening, not workwear (see this and other excellent sartorial rules to live by at this Grit & Glamour post).
I bought the tunic in XL because the medium wasn’t long enough (possibly because it’s a shirt, not a tunic). In retrospect, however, I find this outfit to be the least exciting of the three. The tunic is doing that thing tunics tend to do: eliminating all curves and turning me into a puffy rectangle. In the mirror the night before we flew, and again the first night in Vegas, I perceived curves. But the camera says no, and that sucketh.
Sequin tunic: Forever Fashion (via Winners)
Leggings: [label rubbed off] (via Winners)
OTK boots: France Mode (remixed)
Wristlet/clutch: Mat&Nat
Let’s pretend it’s nighttime. After all, that’s when I wore it.
Hmm. ‘More sparkle, but still no real shape. . .
Wise StyleNation, I turn to you for counsel once again: how can this sparkly tunic/top thingy work in future? Or is it a lost cause?

Night/outfit #2: Buffett Ridiculousness
Regular concerts don’t do it for me. Also, I despise stadium concerts because I can’t see anything good, and then the sound disappears into the rafters, then comes back down to bounce off the concrete walls, so I can’t hear anything good either. But it was the A-Dubs-Hubs’s birthday, and he and S share a love of Jimmy Buffett music. The lovely N is a much better sport about this ridiculous preference than I am. I tried to follow her example on this evening.
In the interests of good sportiness, I agreed to go to dinner at Margaritaville, Jimmy Buffett’s restaurant (it’s a chain, for pete’s sake), before heading to the arena/stadium down the street for the concert. Thankfully, the margaritas over dinner were strong, and the bikini-clad woman who slides down a fake volcano into a giant margarita glass once every hour at this classy establishment appeared to have the night off.
Thinking about the concert we attended, the reason for which this whole Vegas trip was undertaken, inspires fatigue. Depression even. Maybe I’ll just sit down for a minute. . .
Studded pleather & viscose top: Sejis J (via Winners)
Skinny jeans: Revolt (via Winners)
Studded pointy Vegas walking shoes: Fugitive de Francesco Rossi (remixed)
Faux-wine & glass: included to recall multiple debilitatingly strong margaritas consumed pre-concert in effort to will self into Buffett-concert mindset (didn’t work); bonus side effect: giant nap during concert
Moving on: this ensemble breaks my recently-developed rule prohibiting the wearing of jeans and t-shirts out at night. But I dressed down a wee bit anyway as I was told that Buffett concerts are super-casual affairs.
As it turns out, I was still over-dressed. Or under-dressed, depending on your perspective. After all, I was not wearing a toy shark or parrot as a hat; and I was not dressed as a pirate (or a “sexy pirate wench” – whatever that is); nor was I – like many of the shit-faced soft-bodied middle-aged straight white men in attendance – wearing a grass skirt, fake-coconut bra, 16 plastic leis, and a straw hat with blinking lights threaded through it. (please note: neither the Hubs nor S was thus costumed; probably they would also disavow any association with middle-age and soft-bodiedness)
A-Dubs to N: “Seriously? It’s like a Jimmy Buffett-lead cult.”
N to A-Dubs: “Yes. It’s kind of great that they’re so into it. But it’s also kind of sad, if you think about it. ‘All these people dreaming of a better life, but not actually having it.”

Moving on once more.

Can you tell I’ve a new pointy-sided chin-length bob? It’s inspired by N’s awesome style. (Except hers is curly and blond.) I was tired of long hair. I don’t have the time to take care of or style it, so I just wore it up every day. And my face really needs a hair frame.
The jacket pictured below, and the clutch pictured above were involved with this outfit, too.
Also, tall shoes would be better here, no? But this night involved a LOT of walking. I can handle EITHER concert-related OR shoe-related discomfort. Not both. The concert rage discomfort was inevitable; the flat shoes were, therefore, an additional inevitability.
Earrings: The Bay

I keep forgetting to pose with – not drink from – the wine glass. Each time I sip in these photos, the grape juice creates disappointment. And yet, I keep lifting the glass through sheer force of habit.

Night/outfit #3: Tapas, “Love,” Dinner
By far my favourite of the three Vegas nights, this evening saw our happy crew drinking champers over early-evening tapas, then attending “Love,” the Cirque de Soleil show inspired by The Beatles music (a show in which, I’m told, the indomitable Yoko Ono had a creative hand, as this brilliant woman owns the rights to a number of Beatles tunes), then talking into the wee hours over late-night dinner and drinks.

(Still drinking, not posing. Kind of like drowning, not waving.)

Items in this sequence were much smoother when they appeared in Vegas. Today, they’re fresh out of my (just-now-unpacked) suitcase. I do not iron things I’m not wearing into the (real) world.

Blazer: Mexx
Green silk blouse: Banana Republic (gifted from Designer Shoe Whore two xmases ago)
Skinny pants: Mexx (remixed)
Kitten heels (the only ones that have EVER worked for me): Moda (via Shoe Heaven)

Dangly earrings: The Bay
Bunch of bracelets: The Bay (remixed)

In short and to sum up, StyleNation, we should go to Vegas, wear sparkly things, be merry, and take piles of photos doing it all. I had a great time with the crew last weekend; but you and I both know that together, we could make a party bomb.