Once More with Feeling

Happy End-of-term academics, and welcome, StyleNation, to the sweet buttery month of May, the lovely era that follows regularly upon The Watch That Ends the Night!

I really, really hope this is my last preggo post. As of tomorrow morning, I’ll be 41 weeks pregnant. That is more than enough, I think.

My maternity leave began May 1st, but I’m just going to work until the baby’s born – 3 papers done, 1 more to go! Also, my research team will keep working while I’m on leave, and I’ve got to supervise them until my research partner gets back from the other side of the world this June. In short, things are busy but this is good; I need the distraction from my extreme pregnancy-related discomfort.

And so, while it’s increasingly difficult to fit into professional(ish) clothing, I persevere.

#1. Worn for Student-run Event on Campus a Few Weeks Ago

Ha! This isn’t even a maternity dress; it’s a cheap super-stretchy jersey midi dress from H&M. I suspect its clinginess would render it inappropriate on its own in profesh settings when I’m no longer pregnant. But I like super-fitted preggo stylez. They highlight the bump without making me look more gigantic than I am.


Black jersey midi dress: H&M (new to blog); Leather and rhinestone rose cuff: mall anchor store in Florida (new to blog); Black plus-sized tights: Hue (via The Bay); Boots: Khrio (remixed)

In other news, my fellow model here is Foxy T, a friend of the Fuzzy Roommate and the Fuzzy Roommate’s Dog. She stayed with us for March and April while her people are away doing research.

#2. Worn for Off-campus Supervisory Meeting with Grad Students (Last Week)

The floral item here is technically a dress; on a long-body like me, and at this stage of my life, it’s most definitely a tunic. Foxy T kindly supervised the photo-taking, again. I miss her attentiveness and willingness to participate as she deems necessary. The FR and his dog are no longer into blogging with me.


Black floral maternity dress/tunic: New Look (new to blog); Black rayon knit twist-front sweater: Simons (new to blog, purchased with janey_em in Montreal in February; Black pleather and pointe knit maternity leggings: (remixed); Boots: Khrio (remixed)

DSC_0028 2

Silver Tiffany necklace: remixed; Bootage: (remixed)

What’s up with you, StyleNation?

Please send me contraction-centred thoughts this week!

New Guest Lecture Series: Professional Dressing (just) Outside the Academy

That’s right StyleNation. We’re introducing a new monthly Guest Lecture Series here at IPF, and we’re featuring none other than our stylish friend, partner in all great adventures, and Kelly‘s and my classmate from our M.A. years, janey_emm!! As always, we’re not quite organized enough to have a title for this new lecture series. Please feel free to make suggestions.

(We will, of course, feel free to use or not use said suggestions because we are awesome that way.

But we’ll credit you, if we use your words!)

Janey has lectured here before, of course, when we introduced her just over a year ago. I will, therefore, get out of the way so that janey can (re)introduce herself and get down to business(wear). Take it away, janey – and welcome (more permanently) aboard!:


Greetings, StyleNation! I’m janey_emm, and you may remember me from such guest lectures as 13 Ways of Looking at a Black Suit. If you don’t, you’re out of luck, ‘cause that’s the only one I did. But we press on.

I want to start this post off on the right foot by doing what I never did at the beginning of my M.A. thesis: thanking those who made this possible. I’m delighted to be here, IPFers; thanks for having me!

(Aside: was I really the only one who didn’t know that you were supposed to have an acknowledgements section? Why didn’t anyone tell me? I just launched right into my [tenuous] argument like I knew what I was doing, and no thanks to none of you for nothin’. That’s right: janey_emm, M.A. [with ingratitude].)

As I mentioned last time ‘round, I am not an academic. All the same, I like to think of myself as your sartorial sister. I don’t wear a uniform, but I don’t have a wardrobe of theory suits, either. I have to look both professional and personable. I understand that on any given day, my clothing choices signal my role, who I’m meeting with, and how cold it is in my office (VERY), so I think I get where you’re coming from. Also, I like boots and tights and excellent accessories. I’m pretty sure we’re going to get along.

With introductions out of the way, I want to get right to the clothes.

I’ve been following the Office Pajamas series with barely disguised naked envy over here at IPF DeskJob. My office environment is fairly conservative, which means that most days, I am being squeezed, smoothed, or otherwise jammed into some fairly uncomfy duds, except when I wear the wool pants that are far too big for me. (I refuse to give them up. See above, re: temperature of office.) The outfit below is the closest I get to living the Office PJ dream.


White blouse: 172 Grams; Sweater vest: H&M; Black pencil skirt: Michael Kors; Black tights: no clue; Black boots: pictured, Zara; actually worn at work and forgotten under desk, Kelsi Dagger’s Amarylis boot; Black pearls: remixed; BlackBerry: The Man; Pose: I-invited-my-friend-over-for-dinner-and-then-made-her-take-a-crazy-headless-pic-of-my-work-clothes (with a kick)


Postscript from A-Dubs: Watch for janey_emm’s posts here at IPF once a month from now on.

If you need a janey fix in between guest lectures, check her out at It’s So Involved Being Me.